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SEASON SALE 2022 - 2 VALID TO AUGUST 31 ST 2022 SEASON SALE 2022 - 2 VALID TO AUGUST 31 ST 2022 Double Groove Slip-On Muffler 15% The FALCON Double Groove gives the ultimate chopper style to your bike: Nicely outlined high gloss polished stainless steel manifolds with groove style endcaps are blowing off dull and deep choppersound. With EG-BE. • With welded mount • Removable dB killer Fitment Note: The use of exhausts without dB-killer is not allowed in public traffic., : 2 in 2, Material: Stainless Steel, Unit: Set, Qty.: 1.0 Part# Fitment Color Finish Certification 642848 14-16 Sportster Polished Euro 3 900310 17 FXSB, 17 FLSTC Polished Euro 4 900317 06-16 Dyna Black Satin Euro 3 901976 18-20 FXBB, 18-20 FLSL, 18-20 FXLR, 18-20 FLFB, 18 FLFBS 114 ANV, 18-19 FXBR, 18 FXBRS 114 ANX, 19-20 FLFBS 114, 20 FXBRS 114 Black Satin Euro 4 ThunderMax Engine Control System (ECM) Would you like to have full control of your EFI system, freedom to make major or minor adjustments without the need for a dyno or a degree in computer technology? Here is a simple solution - ThunderMax with Auto-Tune! The ThunderMax is a product that replaces the factory module and is not an add-on box or signal modifier. The ThunderMax is purpose built to deliver uncompromising performance. Just how easy is it? Installation is a straightforward replacement of the factory module and oxygen sensors. The ThunderMax software contains hundreds of base maps that cover over 80% of popular factory and aftermarket combinations, each dynodeveloped on real motorcycles. Choosing a basemap is a quick & easy process thanks to the software’s sorting filters; loading a map takes less than a minute. After that you’re ready to start the motorcycle, let the bike warm up at idle to operating temperature and you’re ready to ride! During your ride, the ThunderMax Auto-Tune system analyzes the air/fuel ratio read by the wide-band oxygen sensors at warp speed after every cylinder fire and makes any necessary adjustments to the injector pulse width to achieve the desired air/fuel ratio while compensating for variations in injectors, fuel pressure, throttle body or exhaust flow. With every tank of fuel, at any temperature or elevation, your engine’s tune is optimized by ThunderMax. Simply put, ThunderMax is the most advanced, yet user friendly, performance engine management system you can buy for your Harley. Using the supplied ThunderMax software and communication cable allows you to adjust and monitor virtually every parameter in the system. Installation and How-To Videos are available on-line • Quick & Easy Installation • Enhanced Overall Engine Performance • Improved Throttle Response & Rideablity • Cooler, Smoother Running Engine • Automatically Tunes As You Ride • Grows With Your Bike • Adjustable AFR Targets, Adjustable Idle Speed & Rev Limit RPM (minimum idle should be never less than 800 RPM!) • Adjustable Spark / Ignition Timing 20% • Automatic IAC Calibration, Speedometer Calibration • Reduces or Elimates Exhaust Decel Pop • Diagnostic Code & Digital Tech Compatible • Running Statistics & Logs • Start Fuel Pulse, Engine Temp Alarm Setting • Injector Size Compensation • Live Engine Tuning, Monitoring, Recording • Map Analysis & AutoMapping • Nitrous & Supercharger Compatible • One-Button Support : With Integrated Auto Tune System, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 Part# Fitment 906786 18-20 Softail 922722 21-22 Touring 645529 XL 10 15% Air Cleaner Mounting Bracket Replace the Original Equipment black plastic air boxes when installing custom air cleaners with flat backing plates. 629303 Fitment: 88-06 Sportster, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 15% 20% Milwaukee Eight EFI Breather Kit This Milwaukee Eight bracket and Breather Kit, in conjunction with the CV Keihin - Milwaukee Eight EFI Adapter Kit, allows you to mount any CV Keihin Air Filter on your Milwaukee Eight Touring or Softail. Fitment: 18-22 Softail, 17-22 Touring, 17-22 Trike, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 Part# Color 915935 Black 915936 Chrome 15% OEM Style Replacement Air Filter Superior filtration through a unique open-cell polyurethane foam for greater air flow and improved dirt holding capacity. Drop in air filter with inner screen to hold its form. Made in USA. 11904 Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 SALE.14 for more details check for more details check SALE.15

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