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SEASON SALE 2022 - 2 VALID TO AUGUST 31 ST 2022 SEASON SALE 2022 - 2 VALID TO AUGUST 31 ST 2022 Bike-Power GEL Battery The heavy-duty bundle of energy copes well with the strongest road shocks and engine vibrations from Harleys or other largedisplacement bikes and also starts two-wheelers with a high demand for electrical energy (e.g. with ABS). • Perfect for Harleys and other high displacement 2-cylinder engines • Highest cold currents • For two-wheelers with high energy requirements, e.g. ABS safety technology • Extremely vibration resistant, plate packs compressed and accurately fitted in the battery box • Robust housing made of impact-resistant plastic for heavy mechanical stresses • Leak-proof, can be installed at any angle, electrolyte bound as gel • Absolutely maintenance-free Battery Type: Gel, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 10% Part# Fitment OEM # Capacity Cold Cranking Amps Length mm 919316 97-02 M2, 97-99 S3, 99-02 X1, 91-17 Dyna, 91-20 Softail, 65989-97A 20.0 350 176.0 07-17 V-Rod, 97-03 Sportster 919317 97-22 Touring, 09-22 Trike 66010-97A 32.0 445 166.0 919318 15-20 Street, 04-20 Sportster, 09-10 1125 65958-04A 14.0 255 149.0 919319 80-84 FL Shovel, 86-96 Touring 66010-82B 24.0 410 205.0 919320 02-06 V-Rod, 07 VRSCR, 03-10 XB 65948-00 14.0 255 149.0 25% Radical Exhaust System High-quality exhaust systems with double wall construction and three step design. These systems are made with removable baffles. They are TÜV approved and beautifully chromed. 681520 Fitment: 04-16 Sportster, Color: Chrome, Certification: Euro 2, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 15% 2 into 1 Header These head pipes are 1 3/4” diameter and will accept most universal mufflers in this section. They are 2 to 3 piece sets depending on application. 651402 Fitment: 70-84 FL Shovel, Material: Steel, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 25% 3“ HP-Plus Slip-On Mufflers High Performance mufflers for all current HD models. Khrome Werks HP-Plus patented steel construction baffle, which now features more high temperature fiberglass packing, provides significant gains in both horsepower and torque and exhibits a distinctive, deep throaty sound. All models retain factory crossover features and utilize factory brackets, clamps, gaskets, and mounts. 642301 Fitment: 14-20 Sportster, Color: Black, Material: Steel, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 Speedometer Cylinder Bracket • Relocates OE speedometer to left side of the engine 15% 619662 Fitment: 07-19 Sportster, Color: Black, : With coil relocation, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 20% Upswept Performance Exhaust System A true “classic” is back in a modernized version! Fred Kodlin “Upswept Performance” brings back the classic “Kodlin Look” and elevates it to a new level. Modern technology and new styling result in a combination of aggressive look and cool sound! • Aggressive look • Spring mounted mufflers • Removable dB-Killer for racetrack use • Stainless steel 918356 Fitment: 18 FXBR, 18-20 FXBRS 114, 18 FXBRS 114 ANX, 18-20 FLFB, 18-20 FLFBS 114, 18 FLFBS 114 ANX, 18 FLFBS 114 ANV, 19-20 FXDRS 114, Color: Black, Certification: Euro 4, Material: Stainless Steel, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 Exhaust Wrap Motorcycle exhaust wrap for custom, stock or racing applications. It helps keep exhaust cooler giving you more horsepower. Can be used to cover blued exhaust. Available in tan, black or titanium colors. Black and tan wraps withstand 1200ºF direct / 2000ºF radiant. Titanium Wrap withstands 1800ºF direct / 2000ºF radiant. Field of Application: For all Models., Length mm: 15240.0mm, Unit: Each, Qty.: 1.0 Part# Color 660805 Black 660809 Titanium 15% SALE.12 for more details check for more details check SALE.13

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