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Rheinhessen Rumble 2022

Rheinhessen Rumble, the first event after the Covid time has been a great success. See the HRF report online with nice event shots and bike show images. The bike show was sponsored by Custom Chrome Europe which has its headquarter near the event location in Grolsheim.

Rheinhessen RUMBLE Rockin‘ Rhein-Main and beyond! C ustom services of all types were present at the Rheinhessen Rumble! No matter if you were looking for sheet metal work, pinstriping, tattoo artists, airbrush or powder coating, here you can find it – and talk directly to the craftsmen! Plus almost all important custom motorcycle brandnames showed up! 15 a Story a Story 16

Rheinhessen RUMBLE Rockin‘ Rhein-Main and beyond! All day traffic at the entrance to “Main Street” of the Nahetal Arena and Rheinhessen Rumble. The eventsite is on a busy road between A-61/60 and Bad Kreuznach. Following two years of almost “no show” conditions in Germany and pretty much the rest of Europe, a lot of events are “back in force”, especally as all motorcycle riders are “hot” to be back on the road, back to events and back to meet their friends! Motorcycle riding is a “all body” experience – and so is visiting a motorycle event! Following the first October 2021 “test run”, the “Rheinhessen Rumble” is starting into difficult times, as Germany’s federal and state gouverments are trying to re-educate and re-shape economics and environmental issues in a never before seen manner. Biker events will feel the impact too, as did the “Rheinhessen Rumble” in May 2022. A great start however –and thanks to an experienced team-up! Cool Moose from Munich: leatherwork and more. Pinstriping by Neil At the “Mainstreet” of Rheinhessen Rumble, Maniac MechaniX booth also serves as “event office”. 17 a Story a Story 18

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