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Rheinhessen Rumble 2022

Rheinhessen Rumble, the first event after the Covid time has been a great success. See the HRF report online with nice event shots and bike show images. The bike show was sponsored by Custom Chrome Europe which has its headquarter near the event location in Grolsheim.

Rheinhessen RUMBLE Rockin‘ Rhein-Main and beyond! There were times on Saturday when even parking a motorcycle became difficult. However, visitors arriving on two wheels always foud a space left... With their decade-long experience, Maniac MechaniX has a long experience not just with customizing, but also with organizing their traditional extensive “Summer Parties”, traditionally held at the Rhine river ferry port from Ingelheim to Oestrich-Winkel. The connection with ClassicX Landhaus & Hotel eventsite, home of the Nahetal Arena for concerts, allowed them to go the next bigger step: The “Rheinhessen Rumble” was born. The October 2021 “testrun” did end with success, despite the then active Covid restrictions, so the original envisioned “Spring opener” date was set – and not just all exhibitors re-booked but demand for the event went wild! Planing soon included a much bigger music program, more booth space and - Custom Chrome Europe’s HQ just 5 km away - the return of Somebody left his sign at the nights aftershow party... 19 a Story a Story 20

Rheinhessen RUMBLE Rockin‘ Rhein-Main and beyond! Austria’s BSL presented a lot of new bikes at the event! Custom Chrome Europe’s Ride- In type Bike Show, in this case as part of the new event that had such a promising start. H H H As “hot” as organizers and bikeshow team went into planing, exhibitors were equally exited to meet their customers again in a likely “after-Covid” environment with little if any restrictions and additional “action” promised by the extended program and longer opening hours of the event. Again, many local motorcycle shops, customizing services, national and even international customizers followed the call to the Nahe river – and they did not regret it! H H H Friday opened with several cool music performances, highlighted by “Mytallica”. No need to explain who they tributed to. With warm and great weather all weekend, the bikes started rolling almost immediately after the gates opened – and so did registration and ühotographing of already present bikeshow competitors. Nahetal Arena and the exhibition area on the parking of Hotel and Restaurant are perfectly suited to host the event, but planning did not go without problems. Obviously, local authorities, now out of “covidmode” came out in force to “enrich” the planing with new restrictive orders and regulations – including to re-paint the parking lot spaces from 2.5 to 2.3 meters width on Thursday. Not to mention that half the fire-brigades from the surrounding towns stood guard to watch the event and concerts in case of whatever could happen. Not really good news for any event orgainzers in Germany, as safety and security regulation paperwork and permits chew up a lot of budget money even before an event is Entrance into the Nahetal Arena and more custom service booths passing the Indian’s of SK-Bikes, Bad Kreuznach biggest Motorcycle shop! happening and maybe, just maybe earning some money. H H H The Rheinhessen Rumble offers a great mix of exhibitors, offering something for everybody who is interested in customizing and custombike lifestyle: You can get a haircut at the “Barberknecht”, several Tattoo artists work all weekend to ink the skin of the visitors – and to encourage the visitors to use the services: Show host Christian Denstedt himself is using some of them as the hectic event shedule allows him to do so! This year he had “Rheinhessen Rumble” tattoed into a remaing space at his shoulder. His comment: “We did it – and that’s worth the tattoo to remember!” H H H Saturday was “Showtime” for the Custom Chrome Europe team and the first bike show since European Bike Week 2019 in Faak. Prepared for what ever was coming, about 20 bikes had already signed in online – and more came riding in Saturday until registration closed at 3 pm. Following all of “mainstreet”, then passing the food court into the “Bike Show Arena”, regulations asked to leave a big space open for fire trucks - and the local firemen also did check out the custombikes themself! Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde, Harley-Davidsn Würzburg Village, Twin’s Inn, Custom Corner were among the competitors, so about one third of the bikes stayed in the particular booth locations. Austria’s BSL Exhaust, Wunderkind, V-Team handlebars, Parts Europe/Drag Specialties, were among the “Newcomers” to the Rumble, yet there seemed a lot of space available for additional entries if it wasn’t for (do we really have to state it again?) regulations. H H H Saturday’s highlight was the trophy ceremony for the bike show in front of the main stage, bringing together all winning bikes and their owners/ builders. Axel Scherer of Custom Chrome Europe handed out trophies and CCE parts credit vouchers to the winners before German cult band “Ohrenfeind” hit the stage. When the gates closed Sunday afternoon, all looked back to a busy and successful event – and nothing ever happend... Text: HRF; Fotos: Motographer 21 a Story a Story 22

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