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Complete engines, engine parts, pistons, cylinders, oil pumps, cams, pinion gear, valves, engine covers, rocker boxes

684639 Oil Pressure

684639 Oil Pressure Bypass Shim For 99-06 Twin Cam engines (except 06 FXD models). Increases spring pressure on oil bypass valve. Use to raise low rpm oil pressure. Reduces lifter noise on engines with low oil pressure at low rpm, increases oil flow 614762 Oil Pressure Bypass Shim, Sold each 9 S&S Billet Aluminum Oil Pumps for Big Twins CNC-machined to maintain close tolerances and strict quality control, these billet oil pumps all feature the same oiling pattern as 81-99 engines. This results in a split oil path that applies more pressure to the top end for longer component life. Each pump features multiple oil ports for a variety of plumbing options. Kits include: billet oil pump, supply and return gears, drive shaft with keys and snap rings, check ball and spring, pressure relief valve and spring, check ball and relief valve cover screws with O-rings, gaskets, fittings, and hardware. No provision for rear chain oiling. 45827 Fits Big Twin models from 36-72 45811 Fits all Big Twin models from 73-91 45810 Fits Evolution Big Twin models from 92-99 45775 Paper gasket kit for 92-99 style pumps (except Twin Cam 88 models) 45766 Paper gasket kit for 36-91 style pumps 20840 Drill fixture for use on Big Twin models from 36-99 (except Twin Cam 88 models) Note: S&S Oil pumps on this page require the gasket kits sold above. Not compatible with OEM style gaskets. RevTech Hi-Flow Oil Pumps These polished Revtech Hi-Flow oil pumps have 9 tooth gears for better flow and scavenging. Helps elevate most sumping problems. The bodies are made out of forged aluminum and are precision CNC machined. Comes in two styles and widths. The standard width 2.00” pump body with .625” wide return gears features the 92-99 end cover while the wider tooth pump body 2.18” with .80” wide return gears has a multiple input and output fittings end cover to configure to any custom bike. Includes chrome hardware & fittings and gaskets. 684639 Wider gear Hi-Flow Oil Pump used on RevTech Gen 4 motors and Harley Evolution Big Twin models 92-99 658140 Standard width Hi-Flow Oil Pump used on RevTech Gen 3 motors only ( not recommended for Evo motors) Replacement RevTech Hi-Flow Oil Pump Gasket Kits 658138 Fits RevTech 115” & 125” Gen 4 motors oil pump CCI# 684639 658139 Fits RevTech 100” 4 x 4 & 110” Gen 3 motors oil pump CCI# 658140 25206 Chrome Oil Pump Plugs for Big Twin Models An assortment of chrome-plated sockethead plugs for the oil pump on most OHV Big Twin models from 36-99. Plugs are complete with O-ring seals when required. 25206 Tappet screen, relief valve and check valve plug set for Big Twins from 70-80 25207 Tappet screen, relief valve and check valve plug set for Big Twins from 81-99 (except 99 Twin Cam) 31700 Chrome Oil Pump Covers for Big Twins Designed to bolt-on to stock aluminum oil pumps and made from the finest materials available. Guaranteed to deliver unsurpassed styling and ease of installation. They fit most Big Twin models 68-99. 31503 Fits all Evolution Big Twin models (except Dyna Glide models) without a fitting for the primary chain oiler 68-91 31570 Fits all Big Twin models with a fitting for the primary chain oiler from 68-91 31700 Fits all Evolution Big Twin models from 92-99 Bearing Retainer Plate by Feuling This high quality bearing retainer plate can be used on all 99-06 Twin Cams except 06 Dynas. Hardware included. 622163 Bearing Retainer Plate, Sold each 9.94

ENGINE APPAREL Relief Valve Remover Tool by Feuling Use for easy removal and installation of relief valve and spring. Holds spring away from roll pin. Fits all Twin Cam engine plates. 622171 Relief Valve Remover Tool, Sold each Chrome ‘Tight Spot’ Sockethead Oil Pump Fitting by Rivera No more custom wrenches, scraped knuckles, damaged fitting edges or leaky oil pump fittings! • Uses a 5/16" sockethead wrench to tighten or loosen • Precision machined from solid brass and show-chromed • Replaces the 90º fitting on top of the oil pump body • Replaces Original Equipment 26338-68 667499 Fits Big Twin models from 68-91 S&S Crankcase Breather Valves for Twin Cam 88 Models By installing pressure sensors in the crankcase, cam chest and rocker covers S&S determined the source and solution for the problem of “oil carry-over”, or in other words, oil out the breather. The result is an ingenious valve that is installed over the pinion shaft and inside the pinion bearing boss. It’s contained between the pinion bearing outer retaining ring and the oil pump. Also increases midrange horsepower and torque very slightly. 601115 Fits all Twin Cam 88 models (except Softail models) from 99-02 622164 Pressure Relief Valve Plunger Kit by Feuling Camplate pressure relief valve plunger, spring and roll pin. Increase the oil pressure at low rpm with this complete kit. 622164 Pressure Relief Valve Plunger Kit complete, 99-17 Twin Cam 622170 Pressure Relief Spring only 99-17 Twin Cam High Pressure Oil Pump Spring by S&S Installing high-performance valve train components can strain the Original Equipment oil system. This spring increases oil pressure by 2 to 3 lbs. and is ideal for high-performance applications. Made in the USA. 24572 Fits Big Twins from 36-95 688250 688251 Oil Line Retainers for Twin Cam Models Every time the oil lines are removed from the oil tank these retainers should be replaced in order to avoid any leakage. 688250 Oil line retainers (pr) to engine OEM 63632-00 688251 Oil line retainers (pr) to tank OEM 63783-00 Breather Valves for Big Twins These are Original Equipment plastic breather valves for Big Twin models. 75201 Late 77-99 (except 99 Twin Cam) (repl. OEM 25310-82A) JIMS Breather Valves Aerospace-quality steel breather valves with very precise breather timing. An excellent upgrade for stock plastic breather valves. Oversized versions allow repair of worn case without welding and machining. 20936 Fits all Big Twins (except Twin Cam 88 models) from late 77-99 (repl. OEM 25313-77) 20935 +.030 oversize for Big Twin models (except Twin Cam 88 models) from late 77-99 20937 Fits Big Twin models from 48-E77 (repl. OEM 25313-73) 20938 +.030 oversize for Big Twin models from 48-E77 U.S. Patent #4,869,213 RevTech Adjustable Breather Valves Permit the engine builder to alter breather timing to match the displacement of the motor. Increasing the stroke or cylinder bore changes the total volume of the crankcase. If the breather is not modified, the cylinders fight the pressure build-up in the lower end that a stock breather cannot relieve. RevTech offers an all-steel breather valve for Big Twins from late 77-99. It’s designed to replace the stock steel or plastic breather valve and with its removable gear, permits you to dial in the exact timing needed to ensure proper scavenging. Includes a selection of four different-sized thrust washers. Fit engines from late 77-99 (except Twin Cam 88 models). 58076 RevTech breather valve, stock duration. 58077 RevTech breather valve, +10° duration. 58079 RevTech +.030" oversize breather valve, +10° duration. S&S Breather Valves These steel breathers for Big Twins are designed to replace and outperform their Original Equipment counterparts. Special Design Features: • Steel vs. plastic means greater durability and strength. Particles are less likely to get imbedded in the gear which can damage the crankcase breather gear cavity. • A screen vs. slots means better protection. Particles are stopped from getting to the gear cavity where they may damage the gears or pump. • S&S steel gear with welded in screen with larger diameter holes vs. stock steel gear with screen with smaller holes held in with a clip means improved air flow/oil scavenging from the flywheel side. • Crankcase flywheel cavity vacuum and oil scavenging in late 77-99 engines further improved with synchronizing refinements. 45845 Breather valve with shims for Big Twin models from 77-99 (except 99 Twin Cam) (repl. OEMs 25313-77A, 25313-77B) 45716 Breather valve ONLY for Big Twin models from 77-99 (except 99 Twin Cam) (repl. OEMs 25313- 77A, 25313-77B) 45717 Breather valve ONLY for Big Twin models from 54-77 (repl. OEM 25313- 73) S&S Crankcase Breather Reed Valves for 93-99 Engines The S&S breather reed valve for 93-99 EVO big twins replaces the standard rotary breather valve. Installation is fast and simple. Remove the originalbreather gear and insert the new S&S reed valve assembly into the breather valve cavity. No aligning timing marks, and no rotating parts. The S&S crankcase breather reed valve can be used to replace the stock style rotary breather valve in engines with minor breather cavity damage, and there is a +.030” oversized reed valve for engines with heavily damaged breather bores. Standard Diameter 614581 Standard 614582 +.030” Oversize SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 9.95

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