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Complete engines, engine parts, pistons, cylinders, oil pumps, cams, pinion gear, valves, engine covers, rocker boxes

Tappet Guide for

Tappet Guide for Sportster Models Aluminum guide for all models 57-85. Sold each. 20009 Replaces OEM 18607-57 S&S Hydraulic Lifter Update Kit for Shovelhead Engines Upgrade your Shovelhead with a modern hydraulic valve train. These kits include new and improved S&S tappets similar to those used in Evolution engines, tappet guides, gaskets, hardware, pushrod cover keepers, and a set of Quickee pushrods. These kits require the use of one of the S&S cams for Evolution engines to complete the installation. 601812 Use with stock Shovelhead rocker arms U.S. Des. Pat. #344,274 9 Chrome Lifter Blocks for Big Twins Chrome lifter block set for Pan head and Shovel-head Big Twins from 53-84. Complete with two sets of chrome-plated sockethead capscrews, 1/4"-20 for models from late 76-84 and 1/4"-24 for 53-E76 models. 26170 Complete set of lifter blocks and screws 25118 1/4"-24 socketheads for Big Twins from 53-E76 (set of 8) 25119 1/4"-20 socketheads for Big Twins from late 76-E84 (set of 8) Tappet Blocks for Early Big Twins These late style tappet blocks fit Big Twin models from 53-E84. When fitted to 53-E76 models with stock 1/4"-24 tapered screws, a conversion tappet block screw set is required. Screws sold separately. Available with black or chrome finish. Will also fit models from 48-53 without hydraulic lifters. Sold in pairs. Note: Tappet blocks do not have vent fitting found on some 81-82 models. 020020 Black Chrome Tappet Block Cover Sets for Evolution Big Twin Models These unique covers are available in stamped steel that fit over the Original Equipment tappet blocks like a second layer of skin, maintaining the stock appearance. Each cover has a hidden slot in the back permitting it to be installed without removing your pushrods. Just lift the pushrod tube covers and slip them on. They’re held in place with silicone adhesive which is provided. Four 12-point chrome screws are included to replace the four zinc-plated Original Equipment screws which protrude slightly thru the holes in the fronts of the covers. Fits all Evolution Big Twin models from 84-99 26171 Chrome tappet block cover Tappet Block Covers for Evolution These die-cast tappet block covers have been re-designed to completely cover the original block mounting bolts for a custom look. Installation is easy with supplied silicone adhesive and does not require tappet block removal. Fits Evolution Big Twin models from 84-99. 020028 Tappet block covers JIMS Handcrafted Covers JIMS has integrated a precision machined set of covers to outfit your late model HD with this new latest look - RawCut & Welded. These are the same precision machined billet covers you would expect from JIMS - just hand welded. When combined with JIMS tappet covers,and a JIMS pushrod tube cover set these new JIMS covers will update your bike to a tough new handcrafted look. 619288 Cam cover for 01-17 Twin Cam models 619289 Tappet cover set for 99-17 Twin Cam models 619290 Pushrod cover tube set for 99-17 Twin Cam models 619291 5-speed transmission side cover for 99-06 Big Twins (except 06 Dynas) 619292 6-Speed Tranny Side Cover mech. 06-17 Dyna, 07-17 TC 9.66

ENGINE APPAREL Dome Lifter Block Bolt Covers Don't ignore the lifter blocks when going for the full custom look. Set of eight covers install in seconds with included silicon adhesive. 66004 .Fits Big Twins from late 76-99 (except 99 Twin Cam) SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS S&S Quickee Pushrods without Cover Keepers The S&S Quikee Pushrod Design permits a simple, trouble free installation that does not require removal of the gas tank, rocker assemblies, or even the rocker box cover! OEM pushrods may be cut to permit removal without rocker disassembly. The threaded adjuster screws into the pushrod until the threads disengage and the adjuster simply slides into the pushrod, making installation or removal a snap. Once the pushrod is installed and adjusted, the locknut prevents the adjuster from moving. Works with stock pushrod covers and Adjustable to work with all stock and aftermarket cams. 601753 Fits Twin Cam engines up to 124" from 99-17 601757 Fits Shovelheads up to 103" with stock rocker arms from 66-E84 601752 Fits Evolution Big Twin engines up to 98" , and 124" S&S engines from 84-99 Pushrod Tube Cover​ PART# FITMENT 912675 99-17 Dyna, 99-19 Softail, 99-19 Touring COLOR FINISH Black Gloss Chrome Twin Cam Lifter Block Hardware. Add a little shine to your lifter blocks with these chrome hardware sets. Available in knurled or smooth allen head 1/4 - 20 x 1” screws. Fits Twin Cam models 99-17. Sold in set of 8. 32077 Chrome knurled hardware set 32078 Chrome smooth hardware set LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE Note: These pushrods may not be used with solid tappets. Tappet Guide Puller for Sportster Models Removes press-fit tappet guides from the crankcase after tappet body adjusting screw is removed. Fits Sportster models from 57-78. 20104 Replaces OEM 95724-57 GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES Crankcase Tappet Oil Screens These are the Original Equipment parts. Can be used in aftermarket applications as well. Fits all Big Twin models from 70-99 (except Twin Cam models). 75585 Tappet oil screen. (repl. OEM 24981-70) Pack of 5. Tappet Block Screw Sets Replace your worn screws with a new chrome-plated set that replaces the originals perfectly. Packs of 8. 93148 1/4"-24 12 6-point countersunk heads for Big Twins from 53-E76 93149 1/4"-20 12-point heads for Big Twins from late 76-99 (except 99 Twin Cam) S&S Adjustable Pushrods for Twin Cam Models 99-17 Manufactured from rigid chromemoly steel tubing. Retainer clips and upper pushrod covers have been designed to provide a more stable, rigid cover assembly. Kit includes pushrods, required gaskets, O-rings and replacement pushrod covers and retainer clips. For stock height Twin Cam engines. 46754 Complete pushrod kit S&S ‘Time-Saver’ Adjustable Pushrods for Twin Cam Models and Evolution Big Twins These 7/16"-diameter, aircraft-quality 4130 chromemoly adjustable pushrods permit quick installation and removal without disassembling the engine because they have a full 2" of adjustment. The adjusting ends are 9 mm in diameter (.354"), which is 40% larger than 1/4" adjusting ends. Set of four. 24574 Fits Twin Cam models from 99-17 24161 Fits all Evolution Big Twin hydraulic and mechanical lifters, and all Shovelhead mechanical lifters FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 9.67

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