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Complete engines, engine parts, pistons, cylinders, oil pumps, cams, pinion gear, valves, engine covers, rocker boxes

Premium Tappet Set

Premium Tappet Set Reduced valve train noise from start up to shut down. Close tolerances for low leak down rates - fast pump up and superior high rpm performance. Low mass, bearing grade, silicon nitride check ball and lighter check ball spring - enhances fast pump up and quiet operation. 100% tested to ensure that leak down and top end oil flow are within specification. *HL2T - Travel limited tappets PART# FITMENT DESCRIPTION 900391 00-19 Sportster, 99-17 Dyna, 99-19 Softail, 99-19 Touring Tappet, Hydraulic, with HL2T*, Premium 900392 00-19 Sportster, 99-17 Dyna, 99-19 Softail, 99-19 Touring Tappet, Hydraulic, without HL2T*, Premium 010551 Hydraulic-to-Solid Lifter Conversion Kit Converts hydraulic lifters to solids and still uses the factory pushrods. A very easy and inexpensive way to convert to solid lifters. Set of four. 36108 Fits Big Twin models from 53-84 (except Evolution models) 9 Motor 010581 Factory American Made Tappet Assemblies Top quality American made tappet assemblies available for Sportster, Panhead and Shovelhead models. Sold each. Note: Adjusters and lock nuts sold separately. 010551 Std. for Sportster models from 52-85 010552 +.005" for Sportster models from 52-85 010564 +.005" for Panhead models from 48-52 010581 Std. for Panhead and Shovelhead models from 53-84 (hydraulic) 010580 +.005" for Panhead and Shovelhead models from 53-84 (hydraulic) Feuling Roller Series Hydraulic Lifters Fit Twin Cam 88 engines from 99-17 and Sportster 00-19 and 00-10 Buell (except 1125 Models) 17-19 M8, engines. Sold in sets of four. • Optimize valvetrain stability, increase engine RPM, horsepower and torque output • Decrease valve float • Made from 8620 steel with a hardened surface and held to aerospace tolerances • Designed to exceed the needs of performance engines running high RPM using large lift camshafts and higher spring pressures, while maintaining proper and critical oil flow to valves, springs, rockers, shafts & valve guides • Maintain maximum valve lift • CNC-machined, precision ground and pressure tested • Recommended for both strip and high performance street engines • Made in the USA 622160 Standard diameter Tappet Roller Kits Fits all OHV Big Twin models (except Evolution models) from 36-84, and Sportster and K models from 52-85. Each kit includes axles. Sets of four. 20051 Replaces OEM 18534-29A 24079 Replacement roller axles (pack of 4) Tappet Roller Kit by S&S High quality rollers and axles for stock replacement on all Evolution Big Twin models and 86-90 Sportster models. Includes tappet axles and rollers. 24570 Set of four S&S Hydraulic Unit for Big Twins A high quality hydraulic unit from the Original Equipment manufacturer for 53-84 Panheads and Shovelheads. 56149 Replaces OEM 17920-53A (sold each) Motor Factory replacement Hydraulic Unit for Big Twins Low priced alternative. Fits Panheads and Shovelheads from 53-84. 56140 Replaces OEM 17920-53A (sold each) ‘HP+’ Lifters for Twin Cam Models by Feuling High-flow, standard bore hydraulic roller lifters provide increased oil flow to the top end. Fit 99-17 Twin Cam, 00-19 XL, 00-10 Buell (except 1125 Models), 17-19 M8 • CNC-machined and precision-ground • Increases critical oil flow to valves, springs, rockers, shafts and valve guides • Cooler oil and reduced wear • Extends life of top end valve gear • Recommended for use with the Super Pump’ by Feuling • Drop in replacement for stock lifters • Dyno developed and track tested 600146 ‘HP+’ lifters for Twin Cam models 20053 20052 20088 Tappet Adjusting Screws and Nuts 20053 Screws. Fits OHV Big Twin models (except Evolution models) from 36-84 (repl. OEM 18555-36) pack of 4 20052 Screws. Fits all Sportster models from 57-85 (repl. OEM 18554-57) pack of 4 20088 Nuts. Fits all Sportster models from 57-85 and OHV Big Twins (except Evolution models) from 38-84 (repl. OEM 18570-38) pack of 10 9.64

ENGINE APPAREL 654196 SEATS & TOURING 654197 10-Gauge Design Lifter Block Covers by Arlen Ness A unique style to change the look of your engine. These lifter block covers matches the other 10-Gauge Design parts from Arlen Ness and looks real nice with the matching pushrod covers. Machined from 6061-T6 forged billet aluminum. Available in chrome or gloss black armor coated that will never fade from heat or UV exposure. Fits all Twin Cam models 99-17. Sold as a pair. 654196 Chrome lifter block covers 654197 Black lifter block covers Tappet Block Accents Add some chrome to the area around your stock chrome tappet blocks with this simple to install cover. 778389 Fits: All ’99-’17 Twin Cam Engines (ea) Jims Lifter Block Covers These are the ultimate in hi-tech lifter block covers with extra smoothlines. These covers are CNC machined from billet 6061- T6 and utilize the best chroming procedures available to guarantee the precision tolerances that JIMS is known for. Covers comes with gaskets and chrome hardware. (repl. OEM#25369-01) 696569 Lifter block covers, chrome for all Twin Cam models from 99-17 JIMS Billet Tappet Blocks Polished billet tappet blocks are precision-machined from 7075- T651 aluminum. Tappet bores are held to centerline tolerance of .002" and are perpendicular to the mounting flange to within .0002". They will accommodate a cam with .550" gross lift (.350" at the tappets), and may be easily modified for higher lift cams. Sold in pairs. For Panheads and Shovelheads from 53-84 Replace OEMs 18602-80A and 18603-80A. 20605 Polished tappet blocks ONLY Note: It is recommended that you use OEM 18522-53 tappets (or equivalent) with CC #20605. 20605 Anti Rotation Tappet Cuffs Factory tappet guides are constructed of plastic and are at risk for allowing the tappets to twist under heavy stress. S&S Tappet Cuffs capture the tappets without impacting vertical motion and keeping them perfectly aligned, even in high stress, high RPM situations. • Stronger material eliminates distortion • Improve tappet stability in high lift and high rpm situations • An easy upgrade when changing tappets or doing a cam change PART# FITMENT COLOR FINISH 18, 19 Softail, 17-19 Touring 906733 Due to variances between cam and tappet Black manufacturers, always be sure to check the Anodized tappet to tappet cuff clearance. Chrome Tappet Block Set for Evolution Big Twin Models Chrome-plated, aluminum tappet blocks for all Evolution Big Twin models 84-99. Includes eight chrome sockethead screws. 26173 Chrome Evo front & rear tappet block set. Includes hardware. Replaces OEMs 18540- 83A, 18622-85A (rear) and 18542-83A, 18623- 85A (front) 658161 Offset Evo front & rear tappet block set. For Evo engine cases with 1/4” offset cam cavity (Revtech Gen 3 & Gen 4 cases and other aftermarket off set cam cavity cases) JIMS Big Axle Powerglide Polished Billet Aluminum Tappet Block Kit Panhead or Shovelhead engines can now have all the benefits of the hydraulic tappets fitted to Evolution engines eliminating the total oil loss of the stock hydraulic units. Made of 7075-T651 aluminum rated at 83,000 psi, twice as strong 6061-T6 aluminum. Capable of the highest rpm's engines can safely turn, at a valve lift of .700". Machined to the center line of the cam and held to a tolerance of ±.002". Bores are held ±.0002" perpendicular to the mounting flange. Includes front and rear tappet blocks, 4 Big Axle Power glide tappets, tappet block gaskets and instructions. 20839 Fits Panhead and Shovelhead engines from 53-84 Tappet Block Screws (sets of 8) 93148 1/4"-24 12 6-point countersunk heads for Big Twins from 53-E76 93149 1/4"-20 12-point heads for Big Twins from late 76-99 (except 99 Twin Cam) S&S Tappet Blocks S&S tappet blocks are designed to be stronger, wear better and last longer than stock. They’re cast from 356-T6 aluminum alloy and given a burnished finish to match other S&S engine components. Kits includes front and rear tappet blocks, and hardware and gaskets. 45725 Fits all Evolution Big Twin models from 84-99 Vulcan Engineering Evolution Style Hydraulic Lifter and Lifter Block Conversion Kits These Billet aluminum CNC lifter blocks convert your Panhead and Shovelhead motors to a Evolution style hydraulic lifters without changing over to a Evolution style cam. The lifters have the proper .856” roller diameter with a big axle and full compliment of needle bearings. Not the Evolution size roller(.994”) which changes cam timing. These kits include the billet aluminum lifter blocks, hydraulic lifters, OEM style adjustable pushrods, stainless steel hardware and gaskets. Made in USA. 668205 Polish lifter block set. Fits Shovelhead models from 66-84 668206 Gloss black lifter block set. Fits Shovelhead from models 66-84 668207 Polish lifter block set. Fits Panhead models from 48-65 668209 Replacement hydraulic lifters for the above kits (Set of 4) FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 9.65

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