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Complete engines, engine parts, pistons, cylinders, oil pumps, cams, pinion gear, valves, engine covers, rocker boxes

Wrist Pin Bushings For

Wrist Pin Bushings For Twin Cams “Engine Builder” Series Designed and manufactured by Kibblewhite to original OEM dimensions with quality and precision. Made from SAE660 bearing bronze. The bushings have excellent anti friction qualities, as well as good hardness, and resistance to wear and deformation under high loads. These bushings are made to exact tolerances and will meet or exceed fitment and wear ability of all other replacement bushings available. Fits Twin Cam models 05-Up. Sold in pairs. 622309 Standard 1.0190” in Note: These wrist pin bushings do not include oil holes. They must be drilled after installation. Motor Factory Wrist Pin Bushings Premium grade bushings are machined from high phosphor bearing bronze that’s up to two times as stronger than cast bushings. They have excellent hardness, strength and will help minimize wear and provide a much longer service life than plated steel backed bushings. Americanmade. Sold in pairs. 021011 Fits Sportster models from 57-10. Replaces OEM 24331-36 021013 Fits Big Twin models from 36-99(except Twin Cam). Replaces OEM 24334-36 9 Jims Piston Pin Bushing Twin Cam 88 Bushings are sold in packs of 2. For removal and installation, use JIMS tool No.1051. To ream to correct size, use JIMS No.1726-3 wrist pin reamer. Bushing O.D. is 1.017"+-.0005, I.D. is .927” (repl. OEM# 24316-99). Use on all Twin Cam 88 models. 696587 Piston pin bushing Wrist Pin Bushing by Kibblewhite Made from solid U.S. Mill certified SAE 660 bearing bronze bar stock. This material is resistant to impact, wear, and corrosion, and has superb anti-friction properties. It also has excellent machinability, meaning a high quality surface finish can be achieved. This combination of mechanical properties creates a tough durable bushing that will meet or exceed the fitment and service life of all other replacement style bushings available. Wrist pin bushings come in standard size or 0.002” oversized. Designed for Panhead 48-65, Shovelhead 74” 66-77, Shovelhead 80” 78-83, and Evolution 84-99. Sold in pairs. 622236 Standard 0.897” in. 622237 Oversize 0.899” in. Engine Roller Bearings American-made rollers. Sold in resealable bags of 100. Short Rod Rollers Fits 1952 K-models and OHV Big Twins 51-72 (36 used) CCI # Jims Size OEM # 49002 +.0004 9103A Fits Sportster and KH models 54-E86 and Big Twins from 73-86 (34 used) CCI # Size OEM # 49029 +.0008 9445A 49031 +.002 9418 49032 +.003 n/a 49033 –.0002 9450A Long Rod Rollers Fits Big Twins from 73-86 (17 used) CCI # Jims Size OEM # 696580 +.0002 9180 696581 +.0004 9181 49019 696582 +.0006 9182 696583 +.0008 9183 696584 +.001 9184 696585 +.002 n/a Crankcase Rollers for Big Twins Fits the left case of OHV Big Twins 30-57 (24 used), and the right case 58-86 (28 used). Also fit all early wheels. CCI # Jims Size OEM # 696607 +.0002 9221A 49052 696610 +.0008 9224A 696611 +.001 9225A 696612 +.002 n/a Right Side Crankcase Rollers for Sportster and Big Twin Models Fits 57-76 Sportster models and 55-57 OHV Big Twins (13 used) CCI # Jims Size OEM # 49043 +.0002 9422 49046 696604 +.0008 9425 49047 696605 +.001 9426 9.42

ENGINE APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 20778 20782 FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS JIMS Crank Pins These crank pins feature a 16 micron finish or better on the flywheel shafts and all diameters ground are concentric to at least .0003". The crank pin kits include a precision Americanmade 2- or 3-hole crank pin, two crank pin nuts and a woodruff key. 2-Hole Crank Pin Kits 20778 Fits Big Twins from 41-E81 (has late 1"-20 threads) repl. OEM 23961-41 20779 Fits Big Twins from late 81-99 (repl. OEM 23961-80A) Note: Pre-1956 motors should be checked for nut-to-crankcase clearance when installing CC #20778. 3-Hole Crank Pin Kits 20777 Fits Big Twins from 41-E81 (repl. OEM 23961-41) 20780 Fits Big Twins from late 81-99 (repl. OEM 23961-80A) 3-Hole Crank Pins ONLY 20041 Fits 41-E81 Big Twin models (repl. OEM 23961-41) 3-hole crankpin 20422 Fits Evolution Big Twins from late 81-99 (repl. OEM 23961-80A) 22332 Oversize +.001" for Big Twins from late 81-99 (3-hole crankpin) 22333 Oversize +.002" for Big Twins from late 81-99 (3-hole crankpin) 20042 Fits Sportster and K models from 54-E81 (repl. OEM 23960-54) 3-hole crankpin 20420 Fits Sportster models from late 81-99 (repl. OEM 23960-80A) Crank Pin Keys (packs of 10) 20924 Fits Sportster and Big Twin models from 36-E81 (repl. OEM 23985-18) pack of 10 20926 Fits Big Twins from late 81-99 (except Twin Cam 88 models) and Sportster models from late 81-99 (repl. OEM 11218) pack of 10 JIMS Pinion Shaft Kits American-made replacements for the Original Equipment pieces. Each kit includes the shaft, nuts, keys, washers, and retaining rings. 20782 Fits Big Twin models from 73-E81 (repl. OEM 24006-73) 20783 Fits Big Twin models from late 81-E86 (repl. OEMs 24006-80, 24006-83). Also for aftermarket flywheels with common-taper design 22335 Fits Big Twin models from 87-89 (end oiling) (repl.OEM 24006-87) Note: For 90-92 models choose the 81-89 shaft and match oil pump gear, pinion gear, spacer and nut designs to the shaft. Pinion Shaft Keys (packs of 10) 20925 Fits Big Twin models from 54-89 (repl. OEM 23985-54) 20926 Fits Big Twins from late 81-99 (except Twin Cam 88 models) and Sportster models from late 81-99 (repl. OEM 11218) pack of 10 Pinion Gear Spacer (pack of 5) 20932 Fits Big Twins from 54-89 (repl. OEM 24703-54B) Oil Pump Gear (sold each) 20934 Fits Big Twins from 84-90 (repl. OEM 26349-84) 12113 Replacement Engine Nuts Fit many Big Twin and Sportster models from 30-90. Sold each. 12113 Fits Sportster models from 70-85 (repl. OEM 40387-70) 20055 Fits Big Twins from 55-90 (without compensating sprocket) repl. OEM 24003-55 Jims Connecting Rod Bearing Sets for Single-Cam Big Twins These American made Torrington rod bearing sets consists of three packaged bearings with 16 rollers in steel cages. They will retro fit back to 1941. They are available in a standard size only. 696586 Conrod bearing set, 41-99 Big Twin (except Twin Cam) 20272 20284 20273 Crankshaft Nuts American-made replacements for the Original Equipment pieces. Face-ground to a 32 surface finish that is square to the threads within .0005". Sold each. Pinion Gear Shaft Nuts Fits Big Twins from late 81-89 (3/4"-20 threads). 20271 Replaces OEM 24016-80 20271 Fits Big Twin models from 54-89 (5/8"-24 left hand threads). 20645 Pinion shaft nut, left hand thread. (repl. OEM 24023-54) Sold each. Crank Pin Nut Fits Evolution Big Twin models from late 83-99 (1"-20 threads). 20284 Replaces OEM 23969-83 (set of 2) LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS 668128 668129 Sprocket Shaft Nut Fits Big Twins from 72-E85 (1 1/8"-16 threads). 20272 Replaces OEM 24017-80 Pinion and Sprocket Shaft Nut Fits Big Twins from 30-E81 (3/4"-18 threads). 20273 Replaces OEM 24023-36 SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES Vulcan Engineering Sprocket Shaft Spacer Heat treated & ground 4141 tool steel. Made in the USA. 668128 01-02 Twin Cam 668129 03-06 Twin Cam Except 06 Dyna Bearing Retainer Cage Right crankcase bearing retainer and cage for all Big Twin motors 58-86. Does not include sized needle bearings. Sold in pairs. 18669 Replaces OEM 43578-35 LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 9.43

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