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Complete engines, engine parts, pistons, cylinders, oil pumps, cams, pinion gear, valves, engine covers, rocker boxes

45957 9 S&S 96" Hot Set

45957 9 S&S 96" Hot Set Up Kit for Evolution Big Twins The ultimate high-performance combination to bring out the beast in your Evolution Big Twin. This 96 cubic inch Hot Set Up kit is one of S&S’s most reliable and includes: • 3 5/8"-bore cylinders with forged pistons, rings, wrist pins, retainers and gaskets • 4 5/8" stroker flywheel and rod assembly complete with sprocket and pinion shafts, assembled, trued and balanced. • Heavy-duty valve springs, collars and ‘561’ camshaft • Adjustable pushrods and hydraulic lifter limited travel kit • Super “E” carburetor with manifold, chrome air cleaner and installation hardware 45959 Fits 93-99 Big Twins with 80" engines S&S 93" Hot Set Up Kits for Shovelheads Take the guess work out of machining your mill with these Hot Set Up kits from S&S. Backed by S&S’s trademark research and testing, this kit yields 93 cubic inches with an approximate 8.75:1 compression ratio. • Balanced 4 1/2"-stroke flywheel assembled with heavy-duty connecting rods and shafts and trued to within .0005" lateral runout • 3 5/8"-bore cylinders with matching pistons including rings, wristpins and retainers • ‘510’ camshaft, adjustable chromemoly pushrods with adapter cups and heavy-duty valve springs with aluminum retainers • Super “E” carburetor with special manifold and chrome teardrop air cleaner assembly • Heavy-duty top engine bracket, assembly lube and instructions included 45957 Fits Big Twins with 3 gallon tanks from 73-77 (kit will not fit chassis with 5 gallon tanks) 45958 Fits Big Twins with 3 gallon tanks from late 78-E84 (kit will not fit chassis with 5 gallon tanks) S&S 124” HOT SET UP KIT The 124" Hot Set Up Kits are available. They contain a dished Piston designed to provide a 10.8:1 compression ratio with stock cylinder heads. There are a several advantages to installing this kit as opposed to installing a Complete 124" S&S engine. The first advantage is that you don’t have to pay for a complete engine! Many of the stock engine components such as the crankcases, Oil pump, cam cover, and tappets are reused, saving hundreds of dollars. Also, S&S does not offer complete engines to replace Twin Cam 88B engine. Another consideration is that since the stock crankcases are used, the engine will retain the Original serial numbers. This could mean less hassle with registration and insurance. 99-06 Twin Cam 88B 614577 Black for OEM Heads 614578 Natural W/Super Stock Heads Gasket Set Cylinder Head & Base .050 MLS Head & .020” by James Gaskets 667113 RCM Base, 4-1/8” S&S T.C. 9.24

ENGINE APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 011177 51113 51112 FOOT CONTROLS Cylinders for Evolution Models Our replacement aluminum cylinders feature cast iron sleeves for excellent wear and heat dissipation. Bored for standard 80" or 1200cc pistons. Final honing is required. Fits front and rear on Evolution engines listed. Sold each without piston. Natural Finish 51112 Fits Big Twins 84-99 (3 1/2" bore) 51113 Fits XL 1200cc 88-19 (3 1/2" bore) Black with Polished Fins 011177 Fits XL 1200cc 88-19 (3 1/2" bore) S&S Super Stock Cylinder Heads for Evolution Big Twin Engines • 2.00" intake valves and 1.605" exhaust valves • Special “cast-to-shape” intake ports with a special directional fin for improved air flow • Precision CNC-machined from heat-treated aircraft-quality aluminum castings • Complete assembled heads contain premium valves and S&S .640"-lift valve springs • Fits all Evolution Big Twins with stock bore and stroke from 84-99 601726 Natural finish HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST Original Equipment Cylinder and Piston Sets These are Original Equipment parts. Sets are available to fit all Evolution models and include one cylinder, one piston, and one ring set. 75500 Natural aluminum for Big Twin models from 84-99 (repl. OEM 16510-83A) 75501 Black with machined fins for Big Twin models from 84-99 (repl. OEM 16512-86A) RevTech High-Performance Shovelhead Big Bore Cylinder Set RevTech cylinders are cast from a specially-formulated iron alloy that’s charged with a much higher chromium content than is typically used, this results in improved ring compatibility and much better wear resistance. This cast iron alloy demonstrates greatly increased strength at elevated temperatures and resists thermal shock loads 2.4 times greater than conventional cast iron. The RevTech cylinder design strengthens the casting’s ‘foundation’ and its greatest ‘weak point’... the base. Even the cooling fins have drawn the attention of our engineers – they have been re-designed for greater heat dissipation and the gaskets are created with a special design and material that is formulated to adhere under the most extreme heat and pressure. Fits Shovelhead engines from 66-84. Sold in pairs. 58030 3 5/8"-bore, stock length. Fits Shovelhead engines from 66-84 13155 Replacement set of two head and two base gaskets INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES S&S Big Bore Cylinders for Evolution Big Twin Models These aluminum cylinders fit Evolution models from 84-99 feature cast iron sleeves for excellent wear and performance characteristics. Includes front and rear cylinders bored for 3 5/8" big bore pistons. Raw finish. 45785 5.565"-long works with 4 5/8" stroke flywheels FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS 011110 011111 SHEETMETAL Kibblewhite Cylinder Dowels Precision-machined cylinder locating dowels for all Evolution Big Twins, Evo Sportster and Twin Cam models. Sold as a set of 4. 55137 Fits Evolution Big Twin models 84-99 and Sportster models 86-19 (repl. OEM# 16573-83A) 622201 Fit Twin Cam models 99-UP (repl. OEM# 16595-99A) 3 5/8" Big Bore Cylinders for Shovelheads Cast iron 3 5/8"-bore cylinders offer a lower cost alternative to engine builders. Available in standard length for stock strokes (3 31/32", 4 1/4") or 4 3/8" flywheels. Fit Shovelhead models from 66-84. Sold each without pistons. 011110 Standard-length front cylinder (5.330"-tall) 011111 Standard-length rear cylinder (5.330"-tall) INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 9.25

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