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INTAKE APPAREL S&S ‘Super E’ and ‘Super G’ Carburetors and Carburetor Kits The ‘Super E’ carburetor has a 1 7/8" throat. The ‘Super G’ carburetor’s throat is 2 1/16" and is designed for high performance use on 100 cubic inch and larger Big Twin models with modified heads, cams, stroker flywheels and big bore cylinders. Both the ‘Super E’ and ‘Super G’ carburetors have a fully adjustable idle and interchangeable midrange and high speed jets. All carburetor kits include: S&S teardrop air cleaner, fuel line, clamps, extra main jets, intake manifold for stock-length cylinders, bracket and complete instructions. S&S Carburetors ONLY Jetted for stock 80 cubic inch applications. Other applications may require carburetor re-jetting. 260195 “Super E” for all models 260196 “Super G” for all models S&S Carburetor Kits For Big Twin Models Crank Position Sensor Kit Fits S&S IST Ignition & 84–07 Big Twins. 607826 Sensor Kit, Crank Position Carburetor Body Rebuild Kit Fits Super A & B Series Carbs. Include stainless steel throttle shaft bushings fits forked or wire type float. 607822 Rebuild Kit, Carburetor, Body, Super A/B 45801 Super E Carburetor Kit for XL models Complete kit with manifold for standard tanks. 04-06 XL models 607830 Carb, Kit, Super E, 04-06 XL models SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL Super E Super G Fit Information 45708 n/a Fits Panhead and Knucklehead models with O-ring intake seals 040577 040575 645820 EXHAUST 8 Float Bowl Cutaway Enrichener Detail Venturi Cutaway Accelerator Pump Cutaway 45815 n/a Fits Shovelhead models with O-ring manifold seals from 66-E78 45821 n/a Fits Shovelhead models with rubber band manifold seals late 78-84 45672 45677 Fits Evolution Big Twin models from 84-92 45670 45675 Fits Evolution Big Twin models from 93-99 (except fuel injected) 45979 45978 Fits Twin Cam 88 models from 99-06 (except fuel injected) 912408 n/a Fits Big Twins 84-05 Standard Venturi Super B Super G Fit Information 632185 n/a Fits Shovelhead models with rubber band manifold seals late 78-84 For Sportster Models Super E Super G Fit Information 45822 n/a Fits Sportster models with O-ring manifold seals from 57-E78 (without magneto) 45817 n/a Fits Sportster models with rubber band manifold seals late 78-85 45674 n/a Fits Evolution Sportster models from 86-90 45673 n/a Fits 5-speed Sportster models from 91-03 607830 n/a Fits XL models 04-06 Black S&S Super E/G Carburetors Because of popularity, S&S has decided to continue to offer the black carburetor in their product line-up. So if you didn’t get one last year, you won’t have to wait for the S&S 110th Anniversary for another chance. They are not offered as a complete kit, but as a carburetor only. That gives you complete freedom to work this carb into any custom or racing application. Contact your nearest S&S Dealer to get your hands on one of these black carbs! Fits 55-05 Harley-Davidson Big Twin models & 86-06 Sportster Models. Proving it Since 1958 • Exclusive black satin Enduraguard coating – heat and chemical resistant • Increased venturi diameter! – specially machined for 7% more flow – See flow chart 642986 S&S Super E carburetor, black 642987 S&S Super G carburetor, black Accelerator Pump Rebuild Kit Fits Super E & G gas carbs. Includes diaphragm, diaphragm spring, check balls, check ball spring, pump pushrod, required hardware and o-rings 607824 Rebuild Kit, Carburetor, Accelerator Pump Basic Rebuild Kit for Super E & Super G Carburetors For low mileage Super E & G carbs. 607825 Rebuild Kit, Carburetor, Basic, Super E Carburetor Master Rebuild Kit Super A and B gas carbs with everything needed to completely rebuild one carburetor 1983 and earlier fork type mechanism carbs. 607823 Rebuild Kit, Carburetor, Master, Super A/B 8.12 for more details check 8.13 260090 S&S Carb Rebuild Kits Body Rebuild Kit Kits contain all the necessary parts needed to rebuild S&S carburetor bodies. 19503 Fits ‘Super A’ and ‘Super B’ (1 7/8") carburetors (imported) 45801 Fits Super ‘E’ carburetors 45802 Fits Super ‘G’ carburetors Master Rebuild Kits Everything for a complete rebuild including the throttle shaft and plate with screws and needle/seat assembly. 260090 Fits ‘Super A’ and ‘Super B’ (1 7/8") carburetors (imported) 45695 Fits ‘Super E’ carburetors 45696 Fits ‘Super G’ carburetors 040595 040578 040583 040582 040576 040580 040581 040579 S&S Super “E/G” Replacement Parts Individual replacement parts for popular S&S “E/G” model carburetors. Refer to S&S instruction sheet. All items are sold in packs of 10 unless noted otherwise. 040575 O-ring, accelerator pump cap (S&S #371) 040576 Check ball, accelerator pump (S&S #272) 040577 Diaphragm, accelerator pump (S&S #282) sold each 040578 Seat, float needle (S&S #465) sold each 040579 Needle, float bowl (S&S #195) sold each 040580 O-ring, carb-to-manifold (“E” models only, S&S #387) 040581 O-ring, carb-to-manifold (“G” models only, S&S #356) 040582 O-ring, injector nozzle (S&S #287) 040583 O-ring, float needle seat (S&S #345) 645820 Bowl gaskets (Pack of 10) Braided Stainless Steel Throttle Cables for 96-06 Models For use when installing S&S “E and G” model carbs on all 96-06 models. Sold each. Throttle S&S Throttle Cable Guides for Stock Cables It is no longer necessary to change throttle cables for Super “E” or “G” carburetor installations on Big Twins. The new longer cable guide CC #040595 fits 90 and later “CV” (constant velocity) throttle cables for Big Twins. The original short throttle cable guide fits the 81-89 style stock H-D and S&S “butterfly” style throttle cables for Big Twins 040595 Fits 90-06 Big Twins with CV carburetors 040596 Fits Big Twins with Butterfly carburetors from 81-89 Note: Not for Sportster models. Fit Information 040824 45º, 38" long, stainless steel 040825 45º, 44" long, stainless steel INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

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