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Exhaust systems, mufflers, E4 systems, drag pipes, crossover systems, headers

Gasket Kit Exhaust

Gasket Kit Exhaust Mounting 66-83 Shovelhead by James Gaskets 667097 Copper Firering Gunshot & Chrome Acorn Nut 280018 Steel Pipe Baffles 8"-long universal steel pipe baffles with mounting bolt. Sold each. 280018 1-3/4"-diameter baffle 280019 2"-diameter baffle 11230 12" Drag Pipe Baffles These replacement drag pipe baffles are extra-long. Sold each. 11230 Fits 1-1/2"-diameter pipes 11231 Baffle (sold each) 1 3/4’’ 7 Gasket Kit Exhaust Mounting by James Gaskets 667103 66-83 Shovelhead, Copper Firering Gunshot & Allen Head Nuts 11228 11229 11238 Gasket Kit Exhaust Mounting by James Gaskets 667100 w/ Knitted Wire Gaskets & Chrome Acorn Nuts, All Models 4" Mini Pipe Baffles Short length, full-performance, all-steel baffles for all pipes between 1-1/2" and 2" in diameter. Sold each. 11238 2"-diameter baffle 11229 1-3/4"-diameter baffle 11228 1-1/2"-diameter baffle Gasket Kit Exhaust Mounting by James Gaskets 667099 w/ Graphite/ Knitted Wire Gaskets & Chrome Acorn Nuts, All Models Chrome Flexible Exhaust Covers Originally used on the early Panheads and Knuckleheads, these 12"-long exhaust covers give your bike a ‘vintage’ look. Fits most 1-3/4" two-piece pipes. Sold each. 15981 Flexible exhaust Heat Shields by Paughco Classic styled universal heat shields available in 5 1/2" or 9” lengths. Sold each. 632272 9" long heat shield with clamp 632273 5 1/2" long heat shield with clamp Khrome Werks HP-Plus Drag Pipe Baffles The ultimate drag pipe baffles. They feature all-steel construction and dampen the sound without impeding the flow. They’re designed on the same principles as the baffles found in the popular ‘AR II’ exhaust systems, and will fit any 1 3/4" or 2" drag pipes. 31481 For 1 3/4" drag pipes, pair 31574 For 1 3/4" drag pipes, each 31482 For 2" pipes, pair 31575 For 2" pipes, each 631804 For 2 1/4" drag pipes, pair 631803 For 2 1/4" drag pipes, each ‘Bridge The Gap’ Heat Shield for Touring Models by Kuryakyn Take the “blues” away with this perfectly designed heat shield. Quickly and easily installed, this piece integrates seamlessly and bridges the ugly gap left between the stock heat shields. Take a good look at your bike and you won’t know how you were able to live without this part. 600456 Fits all Touring models with stock front head pipes and heat shields from 93-08 7.96

EXHAUST APPAREL 893639 893640 893641 893642 Flexible Heat Shields by DEI • Flexible Heat Shields to include additional sizes and premium finishes • Upgraded construction builds on the strengths of existing DEI Shields but adds more rigidity with a cleaner look • Being flexible, these shields can be adjusted to fit a range of diameters. • Great as OEM replacements, over exhaust wrap, or even doubling up existing metal heat shields for the ultimate protection. 893639 3.5” x 6.5” Onyx 893640 3.5” x 6.5” Titanium 893641 4”x 8” Onyx 893642 4”x 8” Titanium SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL 603254 EXHAUST 280033 603251 INTAKE Exhaust Pipe Heat Shields for FL Models Fits stock exhaust pipes on 4-speed FL models from 70-84 with single or dual exhaust. Includes shield and clamps. 280033 Front pipe heat shield (repl. OEM 65561-70) 280037 Rear pipe heat shield (repl. OEM 65563-70) 280038 Lower 8" long rear heat shield, also great for universal applications (repl. OEM 65565-70A) Chrome Heat Shields for FX and FXE Models from 73-83 These chrome heat shields will fit FX and FXE models from 73-83 and most drag or muffler systems. 280094 Sold in sets DEI Flexible Heat Shield Thinking beyond the traditional stainless steel or carbon fiber heat shields, DEI developed a flexible heat shield solution that outperforms other shields available today. This enhanced performance starts by joining two durable materials together forming a dual-layer design. The outer layer is made from heat-treated glass fiber that is bonded with molten aluminum made into a tight weave for durability and strength. The inside material is made of a special high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica) designed to withstand some serious exhaust heat. The result is a product with unmatched thermal performance good up to 1350°F and finished off with a pleasing rich black finish. Universal fitment to fit from 1-3/4” up to 2-1/2” pipes for many applications since the shield remains flexible. Includes stainless steel hardware. Measures 8” long x 4” wide. Made in the USA. 660835 Black heat shield Universal Exhaust Heat Shields Leather Covered by LaRosa Design. Universal exhaust heat shields fit most bikes with 1-3/4” and 2” diameter pipes. Made from 14 gauge steel, covered with high quality cow hide leather. Easy to install with the stainless hose clamp. Made in the USA. Sold each. Black Leather 603250 6”, circle cut 603251 9”, circle cut 603252 12”, circle cut 603253 6”, solid 603254 9”, solid 603255 12”, solid 603260 603257 Antique Brown Leather 603256 6”, circle cut 603257 9”, circle cut 603258 12”, circle cut 603259 6”, solid 603260 9”, solid 603261 12”, solid ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES Chrome Flame Universal Heat Shields Turn a normal exhaust system into something unusual with chrome-plated steel heat shields cut into the shape of flames. Includes clamps. Sold each. 78400 For 2" pipes, 11-3/4"-long 78401 For 1-3/4" pipes, 8"-long Bullet/Drilled Holes Heat Shields Bullet holes, tapered holes and drilled style heat shields in several lentgh as high temperatur black painted, chromed or stainless steel polished version. To mount on exhaust systems from 1 3/4” to 2” outer diameter. Sold each. 683089 Bullet holes heat shield short black Exhaust tips by Biltwell Biltwell exhaust tip sets are machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and press fit inside any 1-3/4-inch O.D. straight pipe perfectly. We recommend drilling and screwing the tip to the pipe to complete installation. Sold in pairs. Silver Anodized Tips 889228 Mohawk LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 7.97

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