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Exhaust systems, mufflers, E4 systems, drag pipes, crossover systems, headers

641620 641621 641622

641620 641621 641622 641623 Exhaust Manifold Clamp Fits Evolution Big Twins from 84-99, Sportster models from 86-19 and Twin Cam models from 99-17, 17-19 M8 (see CCI #11426 for exhaust retaining rings). Sold each. 090012 Replaces OEM 65328-83 689421 Exhaust Flange Kit for S.T.D. Shovelhead/Panhead by Vulcan Engineering • These are perfect for building a oneoff custom exhaust system for our ‘Pandemonium’ or Shovelhead motors • Designed to fit all S.T.D. 3-bolt Shovelhead and Panhead’s • Made in the U.S.A. • Sold each 668255 S.T.D. 3-bolt Shovelhead/Panhead exhaust flange 7 Exhaust Flanges Want to build a custom exhaust for your Evo, Shovelhead, Panhead or Ironhead? Theses exhaust flange set are exactly what you need; Team these up with the Biltwell exhaust builders kit CCI #632735 and you have everything you need for the perfect start on those custom exhaust pipes that are bouncing around in your mind. Mild steel 16-gauge tubing is 1.75” diameter with appropriate flange on each end. 641620 Evo Flange Set 641621 Shovelhead Flange set 641622 Panhead Flange set 641623 Ironhead Flange set Late Style Exhaust Flange Set Reproductions of the OEM late style exhaust flanges used on 04 and later models. The altered design prevents warping that was common for the earlier style exhaust flanges. 688178 Late style exhaust flange set Exhaust Retaining Rings for Evolution and Twin Cam Models These American-made retaining rings are used to join the exhaust flange and pipe to the cylinder head on all Evolution and Twin Cam Big Twin models from 84-17, and Evolution Sportster models from 86-17, 17-19 M8. 11426 Replacement retaining rings (repl. OEM 65325-83) pack of 10 Biltwell Trumpet Exhaust Tip This high quality 16-gauge rolled steel exhaust tip is the perfect finishing touch to your DIY exhaust pipe(s). This tip is shipped in raw steel and ready for welding. 642974 Exhaust tip, raw steel Exhaust Flange Kit for Evolution and Twin Cam Models Ideal for dress up or exhaust system installations. Contains 2 chrome exhaust flanges, retaining rings, exhaust gaskets and chrome acorn nuts with washers. Fits Big Twin models from 84-19 and Sportster models from 86-19 090021 Complete kit Chrome Flange and Retaining Ring Kit for Evolution and Twin Cam Models This kit includes two new chrome-plated exhaust flanges and a pair of retaining rings. This kit is ideal for anyone building a bike from the ground up, or to upgrade the existing flanges on stock bikes. Replacement retaining rings are also available separately. It fits all Big Twin, Twin Cam and Evolution Sportster motors from 84-17, 17-19 M8. 11425 Chrome exhaust flange kit 11426 Replacement retaining rings (repl. OEM 65325-83) pack of 10 Exhaust Crossover Gaskets These knitted steel gaskets are used in the crossover tube between the front and rear exhaust pipes. They fit sportster and FXR models from 82-99 as well as Fat Boy and FLSTN models from 90-99. 54229 Replaces OEM 65781-82 (pack of 10) 25111 Stage 8 ‘Shur-Lock’ Exhaust Port Fasteners Each set consists of specially formulated and machined head port bolts designed to interference-fit with special ‘E’-clip locks and custom-patterned offset washers. The bolt holds the pipe secure, not merely by thread tension but by clamping the pipe to the head by wedging the patterned washers against the pipe while the washers are, in turn, wedged between the pipe and the ‘E’-clip locks fitted to the bolt heads. 25110 Fits Shovelheads from 66-84 (includes copper/asbestos gaskets) 25111 Fits Evolution motors from 84-99 7.94

EXHAUST APPAREL 12095 SEATS & TOURING High-Performance Exhaust Gaskets These high-tech gaskets feature a stainless steel-clad, heat-resistant material. They also have a tough, alloy ring around the inside edge to keep exhaust gasses from escaping and to insure a faultless seal between the pipe and the exhaust port of all Shovelhead engines from 66-84. Pack of 10. 12099 High-performance exhaust gaskets (repl. OEM 65835-86T) 12106 Motor Factory Exhaust Port Gaskets These knitted wire-mesh crush gaskets are available in either the early-style or the later-style which has been used since 1991. They may be installed in all Evolution or Twin Cam motors when fitting Original Equipment or aftermarket exhaust systems. Packs of 10. 12106 Early (repl. OEM 65324-83) 12095 Late (repl. OEM 65324-83A) Gasket Kit Exhaust Mounting by James Gaskets 667101 w/ Knitted Wire Gaskets & Flange Nuts, All Models FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS Motor Factory ‘Tuff Seal’ Exhaust Port Gaskets The finest exhaust port gasket available. Born on the track, they inherited their racing lineage from head gaskets used in high-horsepower applications. The ‘Tuff Seal’ is a metal-core, silicone-impregnated material that has a tough alloy ring around the inside edge to keep exhaust gases from escaping and to ensure a faultless pipe-to-head seal. Fit Shovelheads from 66-84. Pack of 10. 12100 Tuff Seal White Bros. Exhaust Port Gaskets Virtually indestructible super-high quality, spiral wound stainless steel gaskets will not impede exhaust flow. Ensures maximum horsepower, and will not leak. 07874 Pack of 10 Gasket Kit Exhaust Mounting by James Gaskets 667098 w/ Copper Crush Rings & Flange Nuts, All Models TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS Exhaust Stud-Nut and Gasket Kit for Shovelheads Included in this kit are two ‘Tuff Seal’ exhaust port gaskets. These new-style gaskets make all others obsolete. The kit also prevents thread stripping in the heads by using two permanent studs. Includes four studs, two ‘Tuff Seals’ and two chromed nugget nuts with lockwashers. Fits Shovelheads from 66-84. 25067 Sold on a card of 5 sets Muffler Joint Gaskets These copper gaskets are used to seal the joints between the mufflers and the headpipes on all FLT, FLHT, FLHS and Road King models from late 85-94. Pack of 10. 54230 Replaces OEM 65721-85 Exhaust Gasket for V-Rod Exhaust by James Gaskets 618432 Gasket, exhaust pipe to cylinder head for V-Rod models 09-17 SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 7.95

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