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Exhaust systems, mufflers, E4 systems, drag pipes, crossover systems, headers

7 BSL History 2018

7 BSL History 2018 Adding to the established Euro 4 homologated exhaust systems by BSL® Products you can now enjoy the BSL®- Design, BSL®-Technology, BSL®-Performance and BSL®-Quality also for all Harley-Davidson® Softail, Breakout, Softail Dyna, Destroyer and Touring Milwaukee-Eight‘s. As customary from the Austrian manufacturer: Fully „hand crafted“ and in highest technical level. Fully homologated and road legal, all systems offer the exciting BSL-typical sound! BSL® systems are offerd with the surface finish options Polished, Chrome, Black, Outline and Satin, included are brackets, gaskets and small parts. Further customizing details are different endcap styles, sealed with Viton O-Rings, offering perfect fit avoiding formation of soot – and two different heat-shield designs in „Smooth“ and „Hole“ look. For the 2-in-2 exhaust systems, the included balance/crossover pipes grant more power, better acceleration and immediate throttle response. 2016/2017 Breaking away from the mainstream, from uniform surfaces which make all exhaust systems on the market look alike – THAT was the idea behind the development and realisation of BSL Products extraordinary „Made in Austria“ exhaust systems! Initial research and studies in form of the first prototypes were realized more than a decade ago: BSL Products always continued the research, evaluation and testing before starting mass production for worldwide introduction in 2016. The uniqueness of the design is reflected in what can be explained as the „Visible Seam“: A production step which, as almost every phase in the manufacturing process of BSL exhausts, is performed with meticulos and skilled craftsmanship, mostly by hand. In this case, the tubes are cut and grinded to size in perfection, then – with the help of a special forming gas – welded together by hand. The resulting "colouring" of the exhaust, adding to each systems individual character and style is performed by advanced and complicated manufacturing procedures under constant temperatures. New products, as well as the long established product line models such as Hot Shot Pipes, Skull Headers, 96 Headers and others, are now available with this new surface design and constitute the new OUTLINE-NON- MAINSTREAM product line. Well established at BSL, the customer can choose between different end caps and heat shields – the new OUTLINE product lines start with the design options „Smooth“ or „Hole“ and surface options „Raw“ or „Black“. Which are, of course, like all other BSL-products, fully homologated and street-legal, following the latest EBE-regulations and -requirements. HD Sportster, HD Dyna, HD Softail, HD Breakout JUST FOR FUN ! 2013/2014 Slip On Gun ... just for fun! Innovative handcrafted quality mufflers by BSL are offered with the „Slip On Gun“ branded model line. A great variety of "Slip On's" is available in different surfaces and styles. These handcrafted Euro 3-muffler stand out by utilizing a sandwich-style mounting, allowing muffler and stock pipes to fit so tight and close that no seam is visible. As a new feature, BSL is announcing the utilization of VITON O-RINGS, which now are used in all BSL end caps. These rings grant perfect and precise fit. Other important benefits and characteristics of Viton O-Rings are: • Extreme heat resistance up to 200 °C • Minimized permeability for exhaust gas • No passage/emission of soot particles • Excellent durability • Advanced resistance against deformation • Excellent resistance against mineral oil and acid Available in surface options polished, showchrome and black – optional, selected models are also available in trendy "cast" finish – BSL made "Slip On" mufflers offer outstanding product quality and performance for a fair price! Fully street-legal, according to the latest EBE-regulations and -requirements. 7.8

EXHAUST APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS 2011 Skull Headers already indicate by their aggressive shaped look where the idea for this exhaust system really originated: The American Muscle-Scene! Beside the unique design, numerous technological extras can be emphatized: The system is assembled by slipping one part tighly over each other, VITON O-RINGS grant perfect fit and easy mounting as well as sealed gas tightness against leaking exhaust gas and soot. Joints are invisible and bolt-on heat shields add to the perfect fit and prevent the conneted subassemblies from loosening. Equipped with the “Five-Windows Soundsystem”, the sound level can be adjusted manually. For all HD Touring-models the “Touring Bomb Muffler” has been developed, combining the best in design and technology. The product range of „The Bomb“ was extended in 2015 featuring new designs! Available are surface options polished, showchrome and black, as well as variations in heat shields: Fully street-legal, according to the latest EBE-regulations and -requirements. HD Sportster, HD Dyna, HD Softail, HD Touring HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST 2011 96 Headers – the radical design of this product line has been influenced by the American Hot Rod scene. A top seller – in particular highly appreciated by Customizers! Technolgical highlight is a special "Soundmaster", which is controlled by disc-shaped sound diffusers. Typical for this design are the "Sucked" style end caps. Available in surface options polished, showchrome, black and cast finish as well as variations in heat shields: Fully street-legal, according to the latest EBE-regulations and -requirements. HD Evo-Softail, HD Twin Cam-Softail INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS 2007/2008 Hot Shot Pipes Euro3 – fundamental reason for the further up-grade development of the popular BSL Drag Pipes has been the introduction of the latest and bigger displacement Motors by Harley Davidson and Euro3 standard regulations. Exsisting and new BSL exhaust system designs are now available for HD Rocker, Rocker C and HD Night Rod Special models. New heat shield and end cap desings multiply the options for a cool looking exhaust. In 2012, more new designs were added and additionally the fitting systems for the HD Breakout models. Available in surface options polished, showchrome, black as well as variations in heat shields: Fully street-legal, according to the latest EBE-regulations and -requirements. HD Softail Twin Cam, HD Dyna, HD Sportster, HD Rocker, HD Rocker C, HD Night Rod Special, HD Breakout TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES 2005/2006 Hot Shot Pipes Euro2 – First in Europe and the truel spearhead of the market, BSL Products has succeeded in offering street-legal "Drag Pipes" – in design lines that soon became iconic! More than 30 different base designs, supplemented by a huge variation of end caps and heat shields are further varied with surface options polished, showchrome, black and satin. Fully street-legal to the latest EBEregulations and -requirements. FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL 1996/1997 Monster Systems – the "first borns", marking the start of development and production of BSL Products exhaust systems – then still under the old brandname „Bike Shop Linz“. The „Days of Thunder“ saw the premiere of these innovative Austria-made Headpipes and Muffler that soon rocked the scene! Technological advantages included the use of 2 mm thick muffler walls for durability and reliability and the immediate devlopment of individual customizing solutions for "Right Side Drive" gearboxes and 300 rear wide tire applications, not to forget the mechanical sound system. Available in surface options polished, showchrome, black as well as variations in heat shields: Fully street-legal, according to the latest EBE-regulations and -requirements, optional Euro2 or Euro3. HD Evo-Softail, HD Big Twin-Softail, HD Dyna, HD Sportster, HD V-Rod for more details check INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 7.9

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