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Exhaust systems, mufflers, E4 systems, drag pipes, crossover systems, headers

651373 651363 651364

651373 651363 651364 651361 651367 7 Upsweep Drag Pipes for Evolution Softails by Paughco Want that classic upswept look for your Evo chopper? Look no further! You have three styles to choose from. Brackets included. Fit 86-99 Softails. 651364 Upsweep goose drags 651366 Upsweep slash drags 651367 Upsweep straight drags 651363 Unsweep headers only 651373 Replacement mounting strap only for 651363 upsweep headers 651362 651400 632283 Drag Pipes for Dynas by Paughco Chrome 40” long drag pipes for Evolution and Twin Cam Dynas. Made in the USA. Includes O2 sensor plugs. 651400 91-98 Dyna drag pipes 632284 Paughco Upswept Headers for Shovelheads 1 3/4"-diameter upsweep header set for Shovel-heads in swingarm frames. Will work with FXE battery boxes, and mounting brackets are included. Use with our exhaust extensions or mufflers which are sold separately. 632285 Upswept header set for Shovelhead models from 70-84 Paughco Pipes for Shovelheads 1 3/4"-diameter, 3-piece ‘S’ style side-by-side headers, upswept headers, upswept slash pipes and a gooseneck pipe set for all Shovelheads in rigid frames with kickstart only from 66-84. The exhaust extensions for the header sets are sold separately. Some pipes may require the fabrication or purchase of separate brackets. 632283 3-piece side by side headers 651362 3-piece upswept headers 651361 3-piece upswept headers 632284 3-piece gooseneck pipe set (hardware included) 651396 2-piece gooseneck pipe set 70-84 651424 Hanger bracket for 651396 7.84 Exhaust systems shown are intended only for restoration purposes or to be used on closed areas such as race tracks. The use of this items on public roads may be against local, state and/or federal/EU laws. Note: No warranty on exhaust chrome plating blueing or discoloration. All EFI models must be remapped! Please ask your local dealer.

EXHAUST APPAREL 651406 SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS 651407 Drag Pipes for 4-Speed FL Models with Kick or Electric Start Designed to clear factory fiberglass saddlebags or rear highway bars, these 1 3/4" drag pipes are available in straight cut version to fit 4-speed FL’s with kick or electric start. The rear pipe is an under-the-transmission style for a tucked in look. Each set includes a chrome mounting bracket. Made in USA by the Paughco crew. 11263 1 3/4” Straight-Cut Drag pipes 11231 Baffle (sold each) 1 3/4’’ LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST 651353 INTAKE 651408 ENGINE GASKETS 651355 TRANNY & CLUTCH 651399 DRIVELINE 651356 WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS Exhaust Systems for Shovels by Paughco Choose from four different styles of 2 into 2 exhaust systems for your Shovel. 651406 34” Drags for 70-84 FLH 651407 34” Goose drags for 70-84 FLH 651408 38” Slash muffler system for 70-84 FLH 651388 38” Tapered muffler system for 66-69 FX 651399 38” Tapered muffler system for 70-84 FX Shotgun Pipes for 66-69 Shovels by Paughco These shotgun pipes will fit generator shovels in rigid frames or swingarm frames. Headpipes intended for use with universal mufflers which are sold separately. 651353 Shotgun headpipes rigid 651355 Shotgun dragpipes swingarm 651356 Shotgun dragpipes rigid SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 7.85

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