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Exhaust systems, mufflers, E4 systems, drag pipes, crossover systems, headers

3.5’’ Round

3.5’’ Round Power-Tour in Jet-Hot Black with Chrome End Caps • Maximum Performance • Increased performance with great sound – make even more power with an S&S air cleaner and/or camshaft upgrade • Bolt-on – economical installation • Made in the U.S.A. 618037 Mufflers Power-Tour with chromed billet end caps 3.5”, Jet Hot Black coated for 95-16 Touring models 7 Power Tune Dual Headers • Independent dual-look with „under the bike“ cross-over • Hidden crossover passage between front and rear pipes for maximum performance • Full heat shields with 220° coverage • Black header features a Jet-Hot® ceramic finish • Compatible with 95-16 style slip-on Dresser mufflers • Made in the USA PART# FITMENT COLOR 900870 17-18 Touring Chrome 900871 17-18 Touring Black 666402 666401 7.80 Power Tune Dual Headers Because of its style and power, the S&S Power Tune Duals header has been very popular with performance bagger enthusiasts. Now they’re available with black heat shields, finished with the same Jet-Hot process as their black mufflers. Since the heat shields have 220° coverage, they create a black exhaust system. In fact, if you already own a set of chrome Power Tune Duals, we offer the black heat shields separately, so you can switch to commando mode with very little effort or expense. Same hidden crossover and pipe routing that takes the heat off your passenger. You still gain up to 8 hp over stock headers. • Moves the rear cylinder header under the bike to reduce radiated heat to the passenger • Full heat shielding with 220º coverage • Oxygen sensor bungs* • Durable 16 gauge construction • Spherical inlet design for improved sealing and exhaust gasket durability • Hardware included to mount crossover pipe • Compatible with all slip-on mufflers 666403 Fits all 99-08 FLT models 666404 Fits all 09-16 FLT models 618045 Fits all 09-16 FLT models with black ceramic shields 618043 Chrome shield kit for Power Tune Duals 95-08 Touring 618044 Jet Hot black shield kit for Power Tune Duals 95-08 Touring 618046 Chrome shield kit for Power Tune Duals 09-16 Touring 618047 Jet Hot black shield kit for Power Tune Duals 09-16 Touring Note: Has both 12 mm and 18 mm oxygen sensor fittings in the stock locations. Caps are included for both sets of ports! SPO Slip-on Mufflers by S&S The newly restyled S&S SPO mufflers give your dresser a distinctive custom look, enhanced midrange torque, and a sound reminiscent of the low rumble of a late1960’s muscle car. These mufflers feature alloy end-caps in show chrome finish or coated with high-temp black Xylan. Doublewalled construction virtually eliminates bluing. 666401 Chrome with chrome endcap 95-16 FLT models 666402 Chrome with black endcap 95-16 FLT models 618041 Jet-Hot black with chrome end caps 95-16 FLT models 618039 Replacement SPO muffler end caps, chrome (2 Pack) 618040 Replacement SPO muffler end caps, black (2 Pack) S&S SPO Exhaust System 2 into1 Unique collector and core design eliminates other 2 into 1systems torque dip at lower rpm. One-of-a-kind style with side-by-side “Super Sidewinder”dual head pipes. Collector inside of muffler body for sleek look and superior performance. Cool sound: Low rumble at idle, big power growl at full throttle 607834 Exhaust System, SPO, 2 into 1, Chrome, 95-16 Exhaust systems shown are intended only for restoration purposes or to be used on closed areas such as race tracks. The use of this items on public roads may be against local, state and/or federal/EU laws. Note: No warranty on exhaust chrome plating blueing or discoloration. All EFI models must be remapped! Please ask your local dealer.

EXHAUST APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 631490 FOOT CONTROLS 631489 631491 HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING 631488 631492 ELECTRICAL EXHAUST 631480 631479 INTAKE ENGINE 631478 GASKETS 631481 631482 TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE 631493 WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES Khrome Werks 3” HP+ Mufflers Our original HP-Plus 3.00” diameter slip on touring absorptive mufflers. Designed for increased power and torque with our distinctive deep, throaty exhaust note. Updated to feature the same construction as our 3.50” HP-Plus Touring Lites, except a one piece smaller shell. Straight through perforated core with our patented HP-Plus resonator wrapped with stainless steel wool and high temperature fiberglass. Significant gains in horsepower and torque. 631489 3” Hp-Plus Slant Muffler, chrome, FLSTN 07-17, FXS 11-13, FLS 07-17 631490 3” Hp-Plus Slant Long Muffler,chrome 06-17 FXD, excl. FXDF,FDL, 10-17 FXDWG 631491 3” Hp-Plus Taper Long Muffler,chrome 06-17 FXD, excl. FXDF, FDL, 10-17 FXDWG 642302 3" HP-Plus Taper Mufflers chrome XL models 14-19 631488 3” Hp-Plus Slant Muffler, chrome FLSTC 07-17, FXCW 07-13, FXSB 13-17 631492 3” HP-Plus Slash Mufflers, chrome XL 04-13 642300 3" HP-Plus Slash Mufflers, chrome XL models 14-19 642301 3" HP-Plus Slash Mufflers, black XL models 14-19 631479 3” Hp+ Slash Shorty Mufflers, black FXD 95-17 631478 3” Hp+ Slash Muffler, black XL 04-13 631480 3” Hp+ Slash Mufflers, black FXDF 08-17, FXDWG 10-17 631481 3” Hp+ Slant Mufflers, black, 07-16 ,FLSTN, FLS, 11-13 FXS 631482 3” Hp+ Slash Long Mufflers, black FXD 06-17 631493 3” HP-Plus Slash Mufflers, black XL 04-13 FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 7.81

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