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Exhaust systems, mufflers, E4 systems, drag pipes, crossover systems, headers

11128 Santee Baffled

11128 Santee Baffled Fishtail Extensions These 36"-long universal Fishtail extensions can be easily added to existing headpipes. Sold each. 15971 1-3/4"-inlet 08780 7 Santee Fishtail Straight Pipes A set of unmuffled, 30"-long Fishtail straight pipes with 1-3/4"-inlets. 11402 Fishtail straight pipes, Sold in pairs 08781 Classic Fishtail Muffler Show-chrome muffler with an antique-style tip. This clean, bracketless muffler allows left or right side mounting and has a 1-3/4"-inlet, and is 35"-long. Sold each. 11419 Fishtail muffler Santee 2-1/2" ‘Slip-On’ Mufflers These low-restriction mufflers are available in two popular styles. They feature all-steel muffler cores and show-chrome plating. Available to fit most bike they add great looks and improve sound and performance. Sold in sets. For Twin Cam 88 Softail Models 00-06 Designed to bolt to the included chrome plated bracket that replaces the OEM bracket with built-in crossover. 08780 Tapered style 08781 Slash-cut style For Dyna Glide Models 95-05. Attach to the stock mounting bracket. 08752 Tapered style 08753 Slash-cut style For Sportster Models 80-03. Attach to stock mounting bracket. 11128 Tapered style (repl. OEM 80010-85) 11127 Slash-cut style (repl. OEM 80013-85) Chrome Exhaust Heat Shield 7" chrome-plated heat shield for all 1-3/4" diameter exhaust pipes. A unique integrated clamp mounts this shield for a neat custom appearance. 15980 Chrome solid heat shield 688083 Chrome drilled heat shield 688078 Black solid heat shield Universal Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield 7"-long universal heat shield fits a range of pipe sizes from 1 1/2" to 2". Ideal for protection on Shotgun or upswept systems. Sold each. 15990 Universal heat shield Floorboard Adaptor Required for use when installing some Santee exhaust systems on 4-speed FL models equipped with floorboards. When properly installed, it provides additional clearance between the front pipe and the right floorboard. Sold each. 26312 Floorboard adaptor 7.66 Exhaust systems shown are intended only for restoration purposes or to be used on closed areas such as race tracks. The use of this items on public roads may be against local, state and/or federal/EU laws. Note: No warranty on exhaust chrome plating blueing or discoloration. All EFI models must be remapped! Please ask your local dealer.

EXHAUST APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS 892246 HAND CONTROLS 892243 2:1 Fat Shot 892242 SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs Features a triple chrome plated or black ceramic coated mild steel tunable disc system for increased noise absorption and durability. Dyno tests have shown the new 2:1 system outperforms all 2:1 systems on the market. Mounting system is bracketed to transmission so it floats with the assembly, eliminating flexing and potential cracking. Each set includes a three piece heat shield. 664070 For Touring models 10-16*, Chrome 664071 For Touring models 10-16*, Black 280435 For Touring models 07-08*, Chrome 664042 For Touring models from 07-08*, Black 280434 For Touring models 85-06, Chrome 664043 For Touring models from 85-06, Black 664080 For Dyna Glide models 12-17, chrome 664081 For Dyna Glide models 12-17*, Black 280437 For Dyna Glide models 06-11*, Chrome 664046 For Dyna Glide models from 06-11*, Black 280429 For Dyna 91-05, Chrome 664044 For Dyna from 91-05, Black 664083 For Softail models 12-17*, Black 280436 For Softail models 84-11*, Chrome 664045 For Softail models from 84-11*, Black 664084 For Sportster models 14-19* (except Superlow 1200T models), Chrome 664085 For Sportster models 14-19* (except Superlow 1200T models), Black 664047 For Sportster models 04-13*, Chrome 664048 For Sportster models 04-13*, Black Note: * Includes O2 sensor port LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES 910660 FRAMES 2:1 Fat Shot for Softail, Dyna and Touring • Huge Performance Gains across the board, bottom end stump pulling torque • Tunable 4” External Disc Based Muffler featuring a 2.5” Core • 1.75” Primary pipes flow into a TRUE 2.5” collector (not a cheap merge style) • Full Coverage Heat Shields FITMENT BLACK CHROME Touring 10-16 910662 892242 Dyna 06-11 910663 892243 Dyna 12-17 910664 892244 Softail 84-11 910665 892245 Softail 12-17 910666 892246 Softail 18-19 910660 910659 Touring 17-19 910661 FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 7.67

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