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Exhaust systems, mufflers, E4 systems, drag pipes, crossover systems, headers

1-3/4" Shotgun Drag

1-3/4" Shotgun Drag Pipes Classically styled high quality Shotgun Drags are made of 16 gauge steel with beautiful chrome plating, great bends and hot performance. Optional baffles may be used if a quieter exhaust note is desired. 11047 For Softail models 84-06. 650152 For Softail models from 07-11, w/18mm O2 Bungs 11229 1-3/4"-diameter baffle Note: The installation of this pipe set on Fat Boy and FLSTN models will require the removal of the stock rear exhaust pipe mounting bracket. 7 For FX Models 71-84 and 4-Speed FL Models 81-84. Clear all Original Equipment footpeg and control positions and provide superior fit with excellent ground clearance. Complete with concealed channelmounts, chrome mounting bracket, exhaust port gaskets, sockethead exhaust port screws with lockwashers, and installation instructions. Optional baffles may be installed when a quieter exhaust note is desired. 11075 2” Slash-Cut Drags For 4-Speed FL Models 70-84 (with kick or electric start) 40"-long drag pipe set has an inside-the-frame front pipe that fits with factory floorboards and forward-mounted master cylinder. The under-the-transmission rear pipe clears the large battery, factory safety bars and saddle bags. Easily mounted using optional ‘P’-clamps. Floorboard models require an optional Floorboard Adaptor. 11038 1-3/4" Drag pipes 26312 Floorboard adaptor 11216 P-Clamps 1 3/4" 11229 1-3/4"-diameter baffle 1-3/4" ‘S’-Style Drag Pipes These slick looking drags have an ‘S’ shaped rear pipe that crosses the transmission stacked above the front pipe. Available in a variety of styles, they are constructed of 16 gauge steel and feature flawless chrome plating Each set uses hidden channel mounts and includes all necessary hardware and brackets except where noted otherwise. ‘Shorty Kickdown’ Drags for Softail Models from 86-06. Includes an innovative chrome plated exhaust bracket that replaces the tubular Original Equipment part 11323 Slash-Cut Drags for Softail models 86-06. 7.64 Exhaust systems shown are intended only for restoration purposes or to be used on closed areas such as race tracks. The use of this items on public roads may be against local, state and/or federal/EU laws. Note: No warranty on exhaust chrome plating blueing or discoloration. All EFI models must be remapped! Please ask your local dealer.

EXHAUST APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 11048 FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS Santee 2-Into-1 Headpipes for Softail Models 86-06. Modeled after the early-style 2-into-1 exhaust systems, the two separate front and rear 1 3/4" headers are joined with a tooled slip-fit connection for a snug, leak-resistant seal that requires no external clamping. This pipe set allows you to build a custom system and includes a muffler clamp and mounting bracket. Provides generous ground clearance and won’t interfere with Original Equipment floorboards, controls, footpegs or saddlebags. 11180 2-into-1 headpipe set 11049 Santee 1-3/4" Upswept Drag Pipes for 71-84 FX Models These drag pipe sets are reminiscent of the ‘chopper’ pipes from the 60s. Available two ways; ‘Kick-Out’ style with a slick turned out look, or for real nostalgia choose the ‘Trim-Tail’ system. Chrome mounting bracket and hardware is included. Dyno Power pipes feature smooth, even mandrel bends and fully-polished high-quality chrome-plating. 11048 ‘Kick-Out’ Drags 11049 ‘TrimTail’ Drags LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE Santee 1-3/4" Drags Dyno Power drag pipes add both style and performance. These smooth bracketless pipes may be mounted with ‘P’-clamps or with the universal chrome exhaust mounting brackets listed below. Dyno Power drags accept baffles when quieter exhaust note is desired. GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE 11034 651380 For Sportster models 57-85. 40"-long drag pipes mount using the universal drag pipe mounting brackets listed below. 80 and later models require optional Brake Pedal Stop. Will not fit XLCR, 79, or XR-1000 models. 11034 1-3/4" Drag pipes 40” long 651369 1-3/4" Straight drags 34" long 651380 1-3/4" Goose Cut drags 34" long 11229 1-3/4"-diameter baffle Santee Shotgun Pipe Builders Kit For Pandemonium & Jammer 88” Shovelheads or Pan/ Shovelheads with STD Cylinder Heads This is the perfect starting point for those one off Shotgun pipes you are looking to build. They are designed to work perfectly with our Pandemonium, Jammer 88” Shovelhead or any Panhead/Shovelhead with STD cylinder heads. This kit comes complete with a front & rear pipe with flanges pre-welded on and 2 channel mounts that can be welded on where-ever you need them. The pipes come in a raw steel so you can cut and weld them up and chrome, paint, or wrap them up however you like. Made in the U.S.A. 650155 Santee Shotgun pipe builders kit. Note: No warranty on exhaust chrome plating blueing or discoloration. All EFI models must be remapped! Please ask your local dealer. WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 7.65

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