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Exhaust systems, mufflers, E4 systems, drag pipes, crossover systems, headers

899865 899866 7 899867

899865 899866 7 899867 899868 899869 Feuling O2 Sensors • Precision made • Meet or exceed OE specifications • Assembled in the USA Part# Description Fitment OEM# Unit 899865 12mm Oxygen Sensor, Black Connector 29“ OAL, 4 Wires OE Replacement Twin Cam Bagger Each 899866 12mm Oxygen Sensor, Grey Connector, 29“ OAL, 4 Wire OE Replacement Twin Cam Bagger Each 899867 18mm Oxygen Sensor 12.5“ OAL, 2 Wire Sensor 07-08 Touring (incl. CVO) front, 09 Touring (incl. CVO) rear 27719-07 Each 899868 18mm Oxygen Sensor 16.25“ OAL, 2 Wire Sensor 08-10 FXDF front/rear, 06-09 FXDL front/rear, 06-11 FXDB front/rear, 06- 09 FXD front/rear, 06-11 FXDC front/rear, 06-11 FXDWG front/rear, 07-09 FLSTSSE front/rear, 07-09 FXSTSSE front/rear, 10-11 FLSTSE front/rear, 09-10 FXDFSE front/rear, 07-08 FXDSE front/rear, 09-11 FLSTSB front/ rear, 07 FLSTSC front/rear, 08 FXCW/C front/rear, 07 FLSTN front/rear, FXSTD 07-11 front/rear, 07 FXST front/rear, 07-08 FXSTB front/rear, 07-11 FLSTC front/rear, 07-11 FLSTF/B front/rear, 07-11 Sportster front/rear, 09 Touring (incl. CVO) front, 07-08 Touring (incl. CVO) rear, 09 V-Rod front 27683-06 Each 899869 18mm Oxygen Sensor 22.25“ 0AL, 2 Wire Sensor 08 V-Rod front/rear, 09 V-Rod rear Each 7.60 Exhaust systems shown are intended only for restoration purposes or to be used on closed areas such as race tracks. The use of this items on public roads may be against local, state and/or federal/EU laws. Note: No warranty on exhaust chrome plating blueing or discoloration. All EFI models must be remapped! Please ask your local dealer.

EXHAUST APPAREL Chrome Billet End Cap Pipe Full-Radius Heat Shield SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS 650043 LIGHTING 07177 ELECTRICAL 650160 EXHAUST Santee 2-1/2" ‘Snub Nose’ Exhaust Pipes Subtle as a nuclear blast — these pipes rock! Featuring fat 2-1/2" maximum coverage heat shields for a huge look that keeps your pipes looking new and virtually eliminates blueing. Each pipe is constructed of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel and include heavy-duty mounting brackets and chrome billet end caps with integral baffles complete the package. Like all Santee pipes these beauties are engineered to survive. 07177 Chrome for Softail models 86-11, w/18mm O2 Bungs 650382 Black for Softail models 86-17 650086 For Sportster models from 04-19 650162 Santee “Designer Series” ‘BOA’ Created with 2" pipe then beautifully chromed, the BOA is a lethal combination of performance and style. For Softail models. 650160 Chrome for Softail models 86-06 650162 Optional chrome heat shield set with hardware 650389 Santee 'Lake Pipes' Styled after the classic Street-Rod side pipes, they must be seen and heard to be believed. They feature 2” head pipes constructed of 16 gauge steel and are available in a choice of 2 outlet lengths 5” or 11” (except Touring and Dyna models are only 11”-long outlets) as well as in either a chrome or black finish. Includes heat shields and O2 sensor plugs. Softail Models 650389 Black 5"-long outlet for Softails 86-17, w/18mm O2 Bungs 650143 Chrome 11"-long outlet for Softails 07-17 650043 Chrome 11"-long outlet for Softails 86-17, w/18mm O2 Bungs 650390 Black 11"-long outlet for Softails 86-17, w/18mm O2 Bungs Note: Will not fit models with floorboards INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL 650384 07721 INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES Santee Drag Pipes for Touring Models Distinct dual exhaust systems featuring 2-1/4" straight pipes to deliver wicked sound and all the power you can handle. The ‘Crossover’ system has one pipe exiting on each side. 07721 Chrome Crossover exhaust system 89-06 650384 Chrome Crossover exhaust 10-16 650385 Black Crossover exhaust 10-16 650023 Optional baffle for 2 1/4" pipes (sold each) for more details check LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 7.61

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