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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

36251 36265 36270 6

36251 36265 36270 6 Accel Generator Repair Kit Top-quality American-made generator repair kit for 12-volt, 2-brush generators. Fits FL models from 65-69 and Sportster models from 65-81. Kit includes a pair of brushes, gasket, seal and packet of grease. 25515 Repair kit Accel Generator Brush Sets Premium-quality, American-made generator brush sets for two- and three-brush generators. Sets are pressure-molded and precision-ground for long life from carbon-graphite. Retaining springs are made from piano-grade tin music wire, with brass terminals fitted to copper alloy braided cable leads. 12341 FL, FLH Twins, XL, XLH, XLCH Twins 58-64, Generator #58 & 61/6V, OEM 30426-58 Chrome Generator End Cover Kit This die-cast end cover is the perfect finishing touch for the generator on both stock and custom motorcycles. It installs easily in minutes and fits all Sportster models from 57-81 as well as 58-69 Big Twins. 28607 Replaces OEM 31081-83T Generator Mounting Hardware from Colony High quality generator mounting hardware made in USA by Colony. Fit Big Twins & Sportsters as noted. Chrome Sockethead Screw Kits 36251 Fits Sportster models 71-E84 36270 Fits Big Twins 36-57 36265 Fits Big Twins 58-69 15927 660511 26160 26161 25020 19772 19782 19324 54061 15927 25306 Generator Parts Listed below in CC part number order 15927 12-volt field coils. Fit 65-81 Sportster and Big Twin models (repl. OEM 30201-65T) sold in pairs 19324 12-volt armature. Fits 65-81 Sportster and Big Twin models (repl. OEM 30851-65TA) 19772 14-tooth drive gear. Fits 63-E84 Sportster models (repl. OEM 31073-63TA) 19782 13-tooth drive gear. Fits 58-69 Big Twin models (repl. OEM 31070- 58T) 25020 Bearing, drive gear. Fits 58-81 Big Twin and Sportster models (repl. OEM 9007) Starter Pinion Gears 66T Starter Pinion Gears 893656 Big Twin 90-06 (except Dyna 06) 84T Starter Pinion Gears 893657 Big Twin 90-93 893658 Big Twin 94-06 (except Dyna 06) 102T Starter Pinion Gears 893659 Big Twin 94-06 (except Dyna 06) 106T Starter Pinion Gears 893660 Big Twin 07-16 and Dyna 06 25306 Oil seal, end cover. Fits 61-73 Big Twin and Sportster models (repl. OEM 12002). Pack of 5. 26160 Oil deflector (repl. OEM 31035-58) sold each 26161 Washer, oil deflector (repl. OEM 31067-63) Pack of 10. 54061 Oil seal, drive gear. Fits 46-81 Sportster and Big Twin models (repl. OEM 30145-46A) pack of 10 660511 Gasket. Fits 58-E84 Sportster and Big Twin models (repl. OEM 30143-58). Pack of 10. Starter Ring Gear Replacement ring gear for the clutch drum. Fits electric start Big Twins (except diaphragm clutch) from 65-E84. 17402 Replaces OEM 33163-65B Compu-Fire 1084 Gear Set Engineered to increase the starter motor torque by lowering the gear ratio of the pinion gear to the clutch ring gear. When used as a replacement for the 9:66 ratio gear sets, a 15% increase in torque is obtained. Can also be used as a re-placement for the weak 10:102 ratio gear sets which are prone to breaking. 610302 Fits all Big Twins from 98-06 (except 06 Dyna) 6.70

ELECTRICAL APPAREL PMGR 1.6 kW Starter for Early Big Twins by Compufire Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction (PMGR) Starter Motor for all 65-88 Harley-Davidson Big Twins. Mates to the OE starter gear case and output shaft. 1.6 kW of cranking energy. 610328 PMGR starter All Balls Early Model Starters New, up to date 1.4 KW designs that replace Hitachi and Prestolite type starters. They are more compact, but generate twice the shaft speed and 50% more power than the original versions. Available in with black or chrome finishes. A great remedy for those hard to start big-inch motors! Spyke ‘Stealth’ Starters These new 1.4KW output starters have concealed bolts and gentle curves that contribute to a smooth, sleek design like no other, while sporting dependable Spyke gears and gear ratios. Fit Big Twin Models from 94-06 (except 06 Dyna) 640393 Polished finish with push button 640394 Chrome finish with push button 640395 Black finish with push button SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING Black 030396 Hitachi starter (repl. OEM 31570-73) 030398 Prestolite starter (repl. OEM 31458-66TA) ELECTRICAL Chrome 030397 Hitachi starter (repl. OEM 31559-89T) 030399 Prestolite starter (repl. OEM 31463-88T) 28679 28675 28664 28666 EXHAUST 030394 INTAKE ENGINE All Balls Late Model Starters Starters feature all new construction and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Available in black or chrome/polished finish. Starters include a special conversion jackshaft bolt that allows these starters to fit all Big Twins from 89-05 (except 04-05 Softail & Touring models). 030393 Semi-Gloss Black. 1.4kw rated 030394 Chrome/Polished. 1.4kw rated 030395 Chrome/Polished. 1.7kw rated (high output) BDL High-Torque Starter Features a full 1.4kw rating, which is up to 25% more torque than Original Equipment. Increased cranking speed and low amperage-draw design delivers fast, reliable starts with less battery drain. 42847 Fits BDL Shovelhead 2” and 3" open belt drive kits 70-78 and 89-99 Big Twins (except Twin Cam 88 models) 693870 693871 M.E.S. Starters for Late- Model Twin Cams 1.4kw gives your bike more cranking power. Starters feature M.E.S. lifetime starter clutch. Available in either a chrome-plated or black finish. Fits all 06-17 Dyna and 07-17 Softail and Touring models 693870 Chrome 693871 Black Spyke SuperTorque 1.4KW Starters High-performance motors demand high-performance starting power, which is exactly what Spyke starters are built to provide. Full 1.4 KW rating, which is up to 25% more torque than stock. Increased cranking speed and low amperage-draw design delivers fast, reliable starts with less battery drain. For Big Twins from 94-06 (except 06 Dyna) 28661 Black 28671 Chrome 28596 Polished For Big Twins from 89-93 28660 Black 28670 Chrome 28595 Polished For Big Twins from 86-88 28663 Black 28679 Chrome 80-86 FXWG-FXSB, 84-Early 86, FXST 82-Classic, 83-85 FLH-80, 80-84 Solid Mount w/Rear Belt 28946 Polished For Big Twins with Rear Chain Drive (except rubber-mounted Models) from L79-85 28664 Polished For Rubber-Mounted Big Twins (except enclosed rear chain) from 80-85 28675 Polished For Big Twins with Rear chain Drive from 65-E79 28666 Polished For Sportster and Buell models 81-19 28669 Black 28668 Polished GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 6.71

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