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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

23235 17030 19284 19282

23235 17030 19284 19282 6 Compu-Fire High Performance Series Voltage Regulators • New generation series regulator obsoletes outmoded shunt regulators • Black powder coated, bolt-on replacements • Voltage output is suitable for maintenance-free batteries • Reduces load on stator and extends stator life • Reduces engine drag for extra power • Delivers high performance at an exceptional cost! 17030 32 amp for Evolution Big Twin models from 89-99 17031 22 amp for Big Twin models from 81-88 17035 22 amp for Sportster models from 91-99 and Buell models (except Blast and Firebolt models) from 93-96 Alternator Plug Retainers Standard and chromed heavy-duty retainers prevent rectifier/regulator plugs from working loose. Fit all Big Twin models (except EFI and Twin Cam models) from 70-99. 19284 Standard retainer, stainless steel (held by engine case bolts) card of 5 19282 Chrome-plated heavy-duty model (held by front motor mount bolt) card of 5 Universal Voltage Regulator Mounting Bracket Use front motor mounts and bolts. 25481 Fits custom applications Regulator Brackets These chrome brackets mount solid-state regulators on models with solidly-mounted motors. 19261 Fits Big Twins including Softail models from 76-86 (repl. OEMs 74533-75, 74534-80) Chrome Regulator Cover for Touring Models by Kuryakyn A two-piece design that uses a stamped steel base and a chrome composite top to cover your stock voltage regulator. Routing holes for the wires and a well-vented design keeps your regulator running cool. Two functional and decorative chrome fasteners add the finishing touch. 600393 Fits all Touring models from 97-07 Compu-Fire Chrome Billet Series Voltage Regulators Offering the same sophisticated technical features as their line of OEM-style regulators, but in an attractive “bullet-proof” chrome billet case with mounting bracket. 23235 32 amp for Evolution Big Twin models from 89-99 12492 12493 18900 Accel Mechanical Regulators Top-quality American-made units feature heavy-duty shock mounted steel bases, vibration-resistant internal wire connections, fiber and mylar insulated pads, and large diameter contact surfaces. 12-Volt Bosch-Style Fits XLH from 65-66 and XLCH from 65-77. 12495 Black (repl. OEM 74511-65) 12492 Chrome 12-Volt Delco-Style Fits FL models from 65-69 and XLH from 67-77. 12493 Chrome (repl. OEM 74507-85T) 6-Volt Delco-Style Fits 54-64 KH, XL and XLH models, and 52-64 6-volt FL models. 18900 Chrome (repl. OEM 74508-85T) Alternator Plug Retainer Comes with self-tapping screws unlike the Original Equipment part it replaces. Fits Big Twins from 70-99. Sold on a card of 5. 19281 Replaces OEM 29954- 71 Generator Oil Filter Adapter This adaptor allows you to install an oil filter in place of the generator on 36-69 motors as well as our Pandemonium or S&S Shovelhead engines with generator/alternator bottoms. Use OEM 63796-77A or equivalent aftermarket oil filter. Chrome finish. 632025 Generator oil filter adapter Chrome Rectifier Regulator Mounting Bracket Fits rubber-mounted 5-speed models from 80-03 (except Dyna Glide models). This reproduction steel bracket has an extra set of holes for a second mounting position when relocating the rectifier/regulator on custom applications. 19283 Replaces OEM 74529-79T Regulator Cover for Softails by Kuryakyn A stock voltage regulator normally fades into the background, but with this sharp new Voltage Regulator Cover it will be right in the spotlight! Deep fins & beautiful chrome, it really stands out! For 01-17 Softails. 605208 Softail regulator cover 640912 640911 Voltage Regulator Covers All are chrome finished with all necessary mounting hardware. Just bolt it on. 640911 Fits Softail models from 89-99 (repl. OEM 74578-97) 640912 Fits Softail models from 01-10 (repl. OEM 74597-01) 640913 Fits Dyna Glide models from 91-03 (repl. OEM 74577-97) 640914 Fits Sportster models from 85-03 (repl. OEM 74579-97) 6.68

ELECTRICAL APPAREL Motor Factory Generator Regulator with Integral Charging Monitor Cure electrical system reliability problems with the Motor Factory solid state regulator with integral charging LEDs. It attaches directly to the end of the generator and is enclosed in a die-cast aluminum housing with polished fins on the end. Solid state components are completely sealed in epoxy to eliminate moisture and vibration problems giving completely reliable service. Green and red LEDs give continuous readout of system performance. Green wire to field, red wire to armature and black wire to battery. Requires battery. 28092 Fits all Sportster models from 65-77 and FL models from 65-69 with 12-volt generators 12V Generators by Cycle Electric Quality generators made in the USA. Available with or without built in regulator. Model without regulator requires current limiting regulator (10 A) to prevent damage due to excess current draw. 685470 Generator with regulator 685471 Generator only 685472 Repl. regulator Accel Generator Armature This American-made 12-volt armature features: heavy gauge copper wire windings; precisionmachined and finished shafts; long-life, solid copper commutator and heavy service lamination segments. 25502 Fits Sportster models from 65-81 and Big Twins from 65-69 (repl. OEMs 30851-65A, 30851-86T) Battery Eliminator Kit by Accel Boost spark voltage at cranking and eliminate flickering lights at low speed with ACCEL Motorcycle battery eliminator. Includes shock-resistant mounting clamps and attachment hardware. Made in the USA 668371 Battery eliminator SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE 668420 GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH Generator Brush Set by Standard Replacement brush set for all two brush generators from 58-64. 668343 Brush set DRIVELINE 668421 WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES Motor Factory Solid- State Regulator with Chrome End Cover American-made, solid-state regulator has screen-printed circuit boards and ceramic components to lower operating temperatures and insure longer life. Installs in minutes and eliminates mounting problems. 28615 Fits all Sportster models from 65-77 and FL models from 65-69 with 12-volt generators All Balls 12V Generators These premium units fit Big Twin and Sportster models. They feature machine wound armatures, hardened shafts and premium bearings are used throughout. Available in standard black finish or show quality chrome. Fits 65-69 big twins and 65-81 Sportsters with 12V systems. 668420 Generator 12V black 668421 Generator 12V chrome Precision Starter Cover​ PART# FITMENT COLOR FINISH 776416 17-19 Touring, 17-19 Chrome 776446 Trike Black Gloss FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 6.69

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