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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

08958 618388 618387 6

08958 618388 618387 6 Polished Billet Aluminum Coil Brackets by Yankee Engineuity Frame Mounted Polished Aluminum Coil Brackets 09464 Fits dual Dyna or RevTech “Post Type” coils on 4 speeds from 48-E82 (stock location) 680017 680016 Vulcan Engineering Coil Brackets These billet aluminum coil brackets come in both powder coated gloss black and chrome and are designed to work with two post style Dynatek or RevTech coils in single tower design. These gothic style brackets are destine for overnight success and fit all Big Twins with coil mount top motor mounts. Ignition Switch Relocation Brakets for Sportster by ODC 618387 For Sportster 04-13 (on primary) 618388 For Sportster 92-03 (on battery case) 680019 Powder Coated Gloss Black with Machined Edges 668120 With ignition switch hole and starter button hole 668122 With ignition switch hole 668121 Plain Chrome 668123 With ignition switch hole and starter button hole 668125 With ignition switch hole 668124 Plain Cylinder Brackets for Dyna by ODC With this bracket, relocate your coil and horn between the cylinders. 656150 For Dyna 99-17 09477 Accessories 668126 Starter push button switch 12286 Ignition switch (repl. OEM 71425-77T) 618386 618383 Vulcan Engineering Top Motor Mounts These motor mounts are made of 6061 billet aluminum and available in chrome plated or gloss black powder coat. They come complete with stainless steel hardware and an optional 1” spacer to clear big fin heads. These motor mounts work great with the Vulcan Gothic Coil Mounts. Powder Coated Gloss Black 668190 Fits Evolution Big Twins from 84-99 – Black 668191 Fits Panhead & Shovelheads from 48-84 – Black 668192 Fits Twin Cams from 99-05 in stock frames – Black Chrome 668164 Fits Evolution Big Twins from 84-99 668165 Fits Panhead & Shovelheads from 48-84 668166 Fits Twin Cams from 99-05 in stock frames 668167 Choke Bracket Coil Mounting Accessories by Yankee Engineuity Polished Key Switch Holder and Ignition Switches 08958 Motor mount key switch housing (designed to fit motor mounts CC #’s 09472, 09474, 09475, 09476, 09335, 09470 and 680010) 12203 Ignition switch, water resistant, flat switch style with spring-return start, 12-volts Polished Choke Knob Brackets Designed to fit motor mounts CC #’s 09472, 09474, 09475, 09476, 09335, 09470 and 680010. 680016 Long choke knob bracket 680017 Short choke knob bracket 25236 651307 Chrome Coil Bracket Heavy-duty chrome plated coil brackets for Big Twins 48-82. Can also be used for custom builds with frames having the coil mounts on the left hand side of the down post. 25236 Coil bracket repl. OEM 31728-78TA 651307 Coil bracket repl. OEM 31725-48A 619662 619661 Cylinder Brackets for Sportster by ODC With this brackets, be free to relocate your choke, coil or ignition switch on your Sportster. 618383 For Sportster 92-19 618386 With choke relocation for Sportster 04-06 619662 With coil relocation for Sportster 07-19 619661 With coil and ignition switch relocation for Sportster 07-19 (must be used with a tank lift) 6.54

ELECTRICAL APPAREL Coil Relocation Bracket by Cult Werk Steel bracket black powder coated to relocate the coil under the tank section. No change of wiring needed! Fits 06-19 Sportster 893742 Coil bracket Coil & Key Switch Relocation Kit Black powder coated. 888406 XL 04-06 690831 XL 07-13 888407 Coil Relocation Kit Black powder coated. 894414 XL 91-03 888407 XL 14-19 888406 690831 893877 893877 Coil Relocation Kit Bracket 893877 XL 07-19 (except 883C, 1200 C/R/L, XR 1200/R) 893837 Coil Relocation Kit 893837 XL 95-03 Accel ‘300+’ Plug Wire Sets 8.8 mm core has 300% greater current capacity than most other ‘high-performance’ ignition wires, yet still suppresses radio frequency interference that electronic ignition systems demand. 23788 Fits all Softail models from 91-99 23826 Fits Dyna Glide models from 99-06 (except models with Delphi fuel injection), Fits all Buell models from 99-06 23782 Fits Dyna Glide models from 91-98; Softail models from 84-90; FX models from 85-86; Sportster models from 71-85 23785 Fits all FXR models from 82-99 23827 Fits Touring models from 99-06 (except models with Delphi fuel injection) 23789 Fits Touring models from 91-98 23787 Fits Evolution Sportster models (except XL1200S models) from 86-06 23828 Fits 4-plug Sportster XL1200S from 98-06 23783 Fits 4-speed FX models from late 78-84 and 4-speed FL models 65-84 23793 Universal 2-plug applications (except Twin Cam 88 models with Delphi fuel injection) 893837 Universal Black Spark Plug Wires by Compu-Fire For use with all custom applications utilizing single or dual plug heads and any coil combination. 23232 8mm spiral wound plug wire set for four-plug applications 895104 895105 895106 895107 895108 895109 • Made in the USA 893837 895110 7mm Solid Core Cloth Spark Plug Wire Sets • Vintage-style braided cotton spark plug wire sets • Modern stranded copper conductor with pvc insulation for top performance • Kit of a full 48“ of 7mm plug wire with the rajah clips for your spark plugs installed, a pair of rubber boots and a pair of high tension terminals for the ends of the wires • No supressor core wire, you could have radio interference with accessories on bikes that are running electronic ignitions. 895104 Red With Black & Yellow Tracers 895105 Oak With Red & Black Tracers 895106 Yellow With Black & Red Tracers 895107 Black With Red Tracers 895108 Green With Yellow Tracers 895109 Black Satin 895110 Black With Orange Tracers SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES Ignition Coil Relocation Kit​ • Converts the position of the coil up and closer to the engine • OEM bracket needs shortening PART# FITMENT COLOR FINISH 912725 18, 19 Softail Black Powder Coated for more details check LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 6.55

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