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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

Thunderbolt Coil The

Thunderbolt Coil The internal windings are 100% immersed in an oil-filled jacket. The oil insulation cannot become brittle with age or crack from heat like conventional jelly materials. Includes wire-core ‘yellow jacket’ spark plug leads with black 90° plug boots, a chromed coil bracket, hardware and a “THUNDERBOLT” sticker. 25588 12-volt coil with 5.0 Ohms of resistance for use with point-type ignition systems Chrome-Plated Original- Style Coil Original-style square coil complete with copper core wires, connectors and bracket. Available to fit many models from 48-E82. They’re not compatible with electronic ignitions on 80-Up models. Plug wires are 13” and 23” long. Sold each. 17132 12-volt 09100 6 Black Ignition Coils Performance coils have high-impact plastic cases come in your choice of chrome or black finishes to fit 12-volt ignition systems fitted to Big Twin and Sportster models from 65-03. 40,000 volt high-performance coil for Big Twin models from 83-99 and Sportster models from 83-03 (repl. OEMs 31653-97, 31654-97 and 31620-88A) 24890 Black Fit Big Twin models from 84-99 and Sportster models from 85-03 with V-Fire III electronic ignitions (repl. OEM 31614-83) 24892 Black Fits 12-volt Big Twin and Sportster models with points or Prestolite electronic ignitions from 65-79 (repl. OEM 31609-65A) 24896 Black Stock Replacement Coils by Powerband While these coils all share the same physical configuration as the current production late-model electronic ignition coil, they all feature the exact same electrical specifications of their respective Original Equipment counterparts. Note: These coils are not interchangeable. Misapplication may shorten point life or damage other components. Fits all 12-volt Sportster or Big Twin models from 65-79 with points or Prestolite electronic ignitions. 25412 Replaces OEM 31609- 65A Fits Big Twin models from 84-99 and Sportster models from 85-03 with V-Fire III ignitions. 25414 Replaces OEM 31614-83 09413 Dynatek ‘Twin Fire’ High-Output Coils The perfect complement to digital electronic ignition systems. Each unit packs two individual 40,000 volt coils into one high-performance single fire unit, for FXR, Dyna Glide and Softail models in stock locations using stock brackets and covers. • No exposed lamination to rust and degrade performance • Terminals machined from solid brass • High impact thermoplastic housings are ultrasonically welded and sealed against moisture • 3-Ohm resistance with peak gap current in excess of 500ma • Accepts 7 to 8mm sparkplug wires • Made in the USA. For Single Spark Plug Heads Easily fits under the gas tanks of Sportster and Touring models. 09100 Two output towers (MFG #DC6-5) For Dual Spark Plug Heads Slightly larger than a stock coil and features high and low mount output towers. 09413 Four output towers (MFG #DC6-4) Note: These single fire coils were designed to be used with digital electronic ignitions with dwell control such as the Dyna 2000 Digital. EFI Twin Cam Coil by Daytona Twin Tec High output ignition coil for fuel injected Twin Cam models from 00-06. Mounts in stock location. Sold each. 672537 EFI Twin Cam coil 672493 672494 672477 High Output Coils by Daytona Twin Tec 672493 3 Ohm primary, compatible with all Twin Tec and most aftermarket single fire ignitions. Fits Shovelhead models 70-84, Sportster models 71-84 and Evolution Big Twin models 84-99 (except those equipped with fuel injection). 672494 0.5 Ohm primary, fits 99-06 carbureted Twin Cam and Sportster 04-06. Replaces OEM 31655-99 (WILL NOT replace OEM 31639-99) 672477 3 Ohm mini coil , compatible with most single fire ignitions, includes bag with terminals (ARB O.E. number D-641-2) Sold each. Dynatek Ignition Coils Dynatek coils for Harley-Davidson applications are high-quality American-made performance coils designed to provide spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and spark energy second to none. Coils may be installed in conjunction with Original Equipment V-Fire III and compatible after-market electronic and point-type ignition systems. Available in four 12-volt versions with single and dual towers, these coils are the perfect answer for two or four plug heads. Additional brackets will be required for installation. Sold in pairs. 09422 12-volt, 3.0 Ohm coils with single towers (MFG #DC-3) 09423 12-volt, 3.0 Ohm coils with dual towers (MFG #DC-1) 09417 12-volt, 5.0 Ohm coils with dual towers (MFG #DC8-1) 09418 12-volt, 5.0 Ohm coils with single towers (MFG #DC10-1) 12381 Dynatek Dyna-Mite Coils Feature the same dependability and performance as the original ‘Dyna’ coils and produce spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts with spark energies second-tonone. All ‘Dyna’ coils are covered by a Limited Manufacturers Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 12381 3.0 Ohm for electronic ignitions (MFG #DC6-1) 12382 5.0 Ohm for use with point ignitions (MFG #DC7-1) 6.48

ELECTRICAL APPAREL Ignition Coil for Twin Cam Models by S&S Designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications for maximum output. This package has the same shape, size and mounting system as the OEM 31655-99 coil. Fits carbureted Twin Cam Softail and Dyna Glide models from 99-07. 640274 Sold each Single-Fire Coil by S&S Delivers 15% greater spark energy and 50% longer spark duration. 3 Ohm coil for use with single-fire electronic ignitions and is designed for maximum spark energy output with S&S HI-4 and HI-4e ignitions. Also works with most aftermarket single-fire ignitions. Fits Shovelhead models from 70-84, Sportster models from 71-97 and Evolution Big Twin models from 84-99 (except those equipped with fuel injection). 24529 Sold each Motor Factory 12-Volt Coils Quality replacement coils for 12-volt applications. Engineered to the exact specifications and design as the Original Equipment parts they replace. They’re available for 65-79 models or 80-84 models equipped with V-Fire II or V-Fire III electronic ignitions. Note: These two coils are not interchangeable. Installation of the 80-84 coil on earlier models, or the installation of the 65-79 coil on later models, may shorten point life or damage other electronic components on the vehicle. 17130 Fits 12-volt models from 65-79 with points or Prestolite electronic ignitions (repl. OEM 31609- 65A) 17131 Fits all Shovelhead models from 80-84 and Sportster models from 80-82 with V-Fire II electronic ignition, as well as Sportster models from 83-84 with V-Fire III ignitions (repl. OEM 31609- 80) RevTech Coils High-output, 80,000 volt coils that work with 3 Ohm electronic ignitions on most Big Twin models from 80-99 and Sportster models from 80-03. Available in single or dual fire versions that fit under Original Equipment coil covers. 28714 Dual fire 28673 Single fire Twin Cam Ignition Coil by Blue Streak Designed for a stock replacement ignition coil on 02-06 Touring, 01-05 Dynas, 00-06 Softails and 04-06 Sportsters. Carbureted models only. Sold each. 668345 TC repl. ignition coil Single Fire Ignition Coil by Blue Streak High Quality coil for use with most single fire applications (except Twin Cam). 3 Ohm primary resistance. Sold each. 668344 Single fire coil Dual Fire Ignition Coils by Blue Streak Blue Streak coils feature quicker rise times and more spark energy than factory coils. Durable designs and compact packaging with vibration resistant housings provide uncomplicated installations and long life. 17722 2.7 Ohm dual fire ignition coil for Big Twins 80-99 (except Twin Cam) 17723 4.6 Ohm dual fire ignition coil for Big Twins 65-79 ACCEL Stealth Supercoil The all new ACCEL Stealth SuperCoil is the hottest looking and best performing ignition coil on the market. The ACCEL Stealth SuperCoil eliminates the need for ignition wires forever by mounting the coil directly to the spark plug. A beautiful cast aluminum cover holds the coil in place and acts as a functional heat sink to pull heat away from the cylinder head. All wiring is hidden in the fins of the head for a clean and custom look. • Patent pending design mounts the coil directly to the spark plug • Custom, clean, wireless appearance • Proven automotive technology for your air cooled Twin Cam • Maximum spark energy to the plugs • Limited Lifetime Warranty 656070 Black for EFI Softail models 01-17, EFI FL models 09-16 and EFI Dyna models 06-17 656071 Natural for EFI Softail models 01-17, EFI FL models 09-16 and EFI Dyna models 06-17 668367 668368 Accel Super Coils for Twin Cams These ACCEL Motorcycle Super Coils are designed to produce the maximum amount of spark energy, fast coil rise times and a voltage output that is 45% higher than the OEM coil. The ACCEL Super Coil is our highest output motorcycle coil. The Electronic Super Coil is easily installed in the OEM location using stock (later model year) coil covers on electronic ignitions. 668367 Accel Carbureted Twin Cam -06 668368 Fits fuel injected Softails 01-06, Dynas 04-05 and 2011 and Touring models 02-07 Accel Power Pulse Coil Accel performance coil with a unique design that provides longer spark duration with a greater KV rating and faster rise time than the stock coil. Molded in bright yellow epoxy, it is guaranteed to improve starting, mid-range response and top-end performance. 25507 Fits 12-volt models with point-triggered or Prestolite electronic ignitions from 65-79 (4.2 Ohm primary resistance) Accel Single Fire 3 Ohm ‘Super Coil’ This ‘Super Coil’ is just as powerful as the original. Makes for a perfect replacement or upgrade and will bolt right on with no modifications to your bracket. Fits all Big Twin and Sportster models (except Twin Cam models or fuel injected models) with aftermarket single fire ignitions from 65-06. Comes in black and ‘Accel Yellow’. 668002 Yellow 668033 Black 668058 Chrome Accel Super Coils These coils produce up to 67% more voltage than stock coils. They also have a faster rise time and longer spark duration which provide quicker starting, an improved idle and crisper throttle response. Other features include a finned top which acts as a voltage dam to prevent arcing, carbon-tracking and “flashover”, as well as improved configurations to permit simple bolt-on installations. Come in black or ‘Accel Yellow’ or chrome. Fits all 12-volt models with pointtriggered or Prestolite ignitions from 65-79 (4.7 Ohm primary resistance). 25410 Yellow 668031 Black 668056 Chrome Fits all models with electronic ignitions (except Twin Cam engines and fuel injected Evolution engines) from 80-03 (2.3 Ohm primary resistance) 25411 Yellow 668032 Black 668057 Chrome Note: These coils may not be used in conjunction with CC #’s 15205 or 15206 coil covers due to interference problems. 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