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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

25447 6 6.44 Roller

25447 6 6.44 Roller Bearing Advance Kit Smooth advance for ignition timing has reached a new level of performance and reliability with our roller bearing advance kit. Roller bearings at the pivots of the advance weights gives the proper amount of ignition advance at the right time every time. Included are all the parts to make the ignition up-to-date with better-than-new performance. Includes the roller bearing weights installed on a quality advance unit shaft and plate, circuit breaker base plate, points cam, wiring harness, springs and timing screw. Fits 70-E78 Big Twins or 71-E78 Sportster models as well as many models from late 78-03 when converting to point-style ignitions. 12402 Complete kit 12413 Replacement advance weights with roller bearings, pair (only fits CC #12402 kit) 895423 895424 895422 Points & Condenser Kit 895422 Sportster And K Models Except Magneto 54-70 and Big Twins 48-69 895423 900 CC XLHC With Magneto 58-69 895424 Sportster 71- Early 78 and Big Twins 70-Early 78 Static Timer This static-timing device permits you to lock your advance position while you static-time it. Helps reduce kickback while promoting easier starts and smoother running. 20134 Fits all models with point-type ignitions from 70-78 17192 17191 Blue Streak High- Performance Points and Condenser These Blue Streak lubri-points feature heavy-duty construction, lubriwick, oversize ventilated contacts and copper shunt. Available in a kit or individually. Point and Condenser Set 17190 Fits Sportster models from 71-E78 and all Big Twins from 70-E78 (repl. OEMs 32661-70, 32726- 30, 30801-47) Points Only 17191 Fits Sportster models from 71-E78 and Big Twins from 70-E78 (repl. OEM 32661-70) Condenser Only 17192 Fits all Sportster and K models (except magneto) from 54-E78 and Big Twins from 30-E78 (repl. OEMs 32726-30A, 30801- 47) Sensor Plate Studs These are Original Equipment parts. Fit all electronic ignition sensor plates and cone electronic ignitions. Pack of 5. 75499 Replaces OEM 32606-82, pack of 5 25446 25492 Accel Tune-Up Kits/ Components The tune-up kits include matched point sets with a compact mylar-insulated condenser and a packet of point cam lube. Sold each. Fits Sportster Models from 71-E78 and Big Twins from 70-E78 High-performance point set has a heavy-duty 32-oz. spring to resist ‘point bounce’ at high RPMs. 25490 Tune-up kit 25446 High-performance point set Fits Sportster and K Models (except Magneto) from 54-70 and Big Twins from 48-69 25491 Tune-up kit 25447 Condenser (repl. OEMs 32726-30A, 30801-47) Fits 58-69 Sportster Models with Magneto 25492 Tune-up kit Jammer Automatic Advance Unit A high-quality advance unit that fits all cone motors. One-piece base and shaft are machined from 4350 chrome moly tool steel, and ground to .0001" accuracy. Pivot pins are tool steel and heat treated to 58RC. Weights are machined from 4140 billet bar stock and heat treated. This advance unit is one quality piece and made to last a lifetime! 632026 Complete advance unit Vulcan Engineering Auto Advance Parts 668144 Auto advance weight set. (repl. OEM 32522-70). Sold in pairs. 668145 Auto advance unit pivot pin set (repl. OEM 32629- 70). Sold in pairs. 668146 Auto advance spring set (repl. OEM 32605-70). Sold in pairs. 668147 Auto advance timing bolt (repl. OEM 3570). Sold each. Motor Factory Advance Unit with Blue Streak Points and Condenser Custom Chrome has combined it’s Premium advance unit assembly with hi-performance Blue Streak points and condenser. This kit is ideal for the replacement of worn out units or conversion to points from the electronic ignitions used on many models from late 78-03. These Blue Streak components are of the highest quality making this one of the finest-quality point conversion kits on the market. 17193 Fits Big Twin models from 70-E78 and Sportster models from 71-E78 Ignition Wiring Cover This kit has everything you need to braid the wire coming our of the cam cover. 893426 For all EVO ignition harnesses

12325 12321 12326 12327 12322 12323 12335 12328 ELECTRICAL 12324 17193 Motor Factory Advance Unit Assembly and Point Conversion Kit With countless thousands of units on the road, our advance unit assemblies offer Original Equipment-quality and easy repair or replacement of worn-out stock parts. They are perfect for converting complicated late-model electronic ignition systems to a simpler point ignition. Kits are 100% complete, with points and condenser mounted on the plate, with advance weight assembly and cam ready-to-install. All of the necessary studs, washers, terminals and wire are included and even new chrome point cover screws. Fits 70-E78 Big Twin models, 71-E78 Sportster models and many models from late 78-03 when converting to point style ignitions. 12320 Complete kit (not shown) replaces OEM 32515-85T Replacement Parts 12327 Complete advance unit assembly including bare points plate and cover timing bolt 12321 Circuit breaker base assembly with imported points and condenser (repl. OEM 32577-70) 12322 Circuit breaker cam (repl. OEM 32542-70TA) 12323 Breaker springs (repl. OEM 32605-70T) pack of 10 12324 Breaker assembly weights (repl. OEM 32522-70T) 12325 Advance unit shaft and plate (repl. OEM 32629-70T) 12326 Timing screw (repl. OEM 3570T) pack of 10 12328 Circuit breaker studs with screws and washers (repl. OEM 32601- 78) pack of 10 12335 Point terminals (repl. OEM 32670-70) pack of 10 21199 Advance unit Chrome Antique-Style Coil Covers Designed after the popular covers used in the mid-1940s. The two openings in the front permit easy access to the plug wires, and the inside of the covers features a heavy-duty mounting bracket. 15206 Fits all Softail models 84-99 Note: These coil covers may not be used in conjunction with CC #’s 25410 or 25411 due to interference problems. Coil Cover for Dyna Glide Models Chrome steel cover fits all Dyna Glide models from 99-05 Sold each. 09879 Replaces OEM 31644-99 MW Coil Cover for Twin Cam Models Billet Aluminum coil cover for Twin Cam models. Black powder coated. Sold each 681424 Black coil cover for crane single fire coil Chrome Coil Cover for Sportster Models Show-chrome two-piece coil cover. Beautifully constructed from stamped steel for a perfect fit on Original Equipment or aftermarket coils from 71-81. 25024 Replaces OEM 31611-83T 26378 688075 Chrome or Black Coil Covers A variety of styles to add the perfect custom touch to your machine. Fit 4-speed Big Twin and Softail models from 65-99. 26378 Louvered chrome coil cover (repl. OEM 31610- 83T) 688076 Louvered black coil cover (repl. OEM 31610-83T) 15210 Plain chrome coil cover (repl. OEM 31606-65TA) not shown 688075 Plain black coil cover (repl. OEM 31606-65TA) Coil Cover for FXR Models A beautiful chrome-plated coil cover for all FXR models from 82-94. 15207 Replaces OEM 31625-82T APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE 776567 WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES BEFORE AFTER FORKS & SHOCKS Mesh Manifold & Injection Cover​ • Construction includes die-cast aluminum frame, stainless steel mesh, and sturdy steel back plate • Easy to install with included steel bracket and bolts that mount to threaded holes in the heads • Multi-piece design easily disassembles to apply custom finishes 776566 on any of the components • Styled to match all components in the Kuryakyn Mesh collection PART# FITMENT COLOR FINISH MATERIAL 07-19 Sportster, except 07-18 XL1200C, 12-16 XL1200V, 13 Aluminum, Steel, Steel/Stainless 776566 Chrome XL1200C ANV, 14-17 XL1200T Steel 776567 07-19 Sportster, except 07-18 XL1200C, 12-16 XL1200V, 13 XL1200C ANV, 14-17 XL1200T Black Gloss for more details check Aluminum, Steel, Steel/Stainless Steel SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 6.45

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