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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

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640281 630107 6 031005 Daytona Twin Tec Programmable Ignition Modules Special features: • More power with dyno tuning – optimized built-in advance curves and easy programming of custom curves • Full support of the new J1850 data bus used for communications with instrument cluster and turn signal/security module (TSM/TSSM) • Compatible with H-D scan tools, also allows recalibration of speedometer/ odometer to accommodate tire and gear changes • Built-in data logging for last 30 minutes of engine operation (engine builders will find this highly useful for tuning, diagnosing problems, and reducing unjustified warranty claims) • Free demo software available for download on Daytona Twin Tec web site and custom advance curves (must use USB interface cable) • Fits carbureted Twin Cam 88 and Sportster models with 12-pin connector from 04-06 640281 Programmable module ONLY (T/C 04-06, XL with 12 pin) 031005 Fits carbureted Twin Cam 88 models from 99-03 Ignition Wire Hold-Down Chrome-plated die-cast hold-down secures the wire from the electronic ignition to the nose cone on Evolution Big Twin motors from 78-99. Sold each. 78103 Ignition Wire Hold-Down S&S Intelligent Spark Technology (IST) Ignition Module The heart of the IST system is a sophisticated computerized ECU module that integrates data from sensors that other ignition systems are not designed to use. The S&S system makes use of crank position sensor, cam position sensor if present, MAP sensor, cylinder head temperature sensor, and an exclusive knock sensor that actually detects detonation or knock while the engine runs. The knock sensor allows the ECU to automatically adjust ignition timing to eliminate knock whenever it occurs. In addition, the system “remembers” the conditions that cause the engine to knock and automatically adjusts ignition timing to prevent it when those conditions reoccur. On the other hand, when conditions allow for increased ignition timing, the system will advance timing as far as possible without causing the engine to knock. In effect, the system “learns” the ignition requirements of a particular engine and writes a custom ignition map for it. This results in optimized power and fuel economy as well as reduced emissions, but perhaps more importantly, protects your engine from damaging detonation or knocks.The new S&S IST Ignition System can be installed quickly and easily without permanent modifications to the stock wiring harness on many models from 94-03. Sportster models from 86-93 and Big Twin models from 84-93 (and some 94 models) require minor wiring harness modifications. S&S wiring harness adapters plug directly into the stock wiring harness of late model carbureted motorcycles. Once the system is installed, it requires no adjustment. Ignition timing is automatic so you don’t even need a timing light. Features include: • Simple installation – installation kits plug into stock wiring harness • No timing adjustments – the system adjusts timing automatically • 6,240 rpm rev-imiter – adjustable to 7200 maximum with Guardian Diagnostic System • Single fire operation – requires two coils or dual coil package • High output – automatically maximizes coil output • Automatic dwell adjust – will optimize current for any coil of 0.5 Ohms or higher • Short circuit and reverse polarity protected • Diagnostics – scan tool, harness jumper, or Guardian Diagnostic System • Optional Guardian Diagnostic System allows engine builder increased flexibility and control. 601790 Ignition module ONLY Note: The S&S IST Ignition System is not recomended for kickstart applications unless a cam position sensor is used. Engines using crankshaft position sensors will be difficult to kickstart. 890545 890546 Dynatek 2000 for Carbureted Twin Cam & Sportster models • Single Fire ignition • Fully programmed • Stock OEM mounting • Stock OEM connectors • Reverse battery and Spike protection builtin 630107 Twin Cam carbureted 99-03 890545 Twin Cam carbureted 04-06 890546 Sportster 04-06 Chrome Ignition Module Cover Chromed steel cover replaces the standard black metal cover on Sportster models from 82-03. 25254 Replaces OEM 66328-82T Ignition Module Bolt Kit Secure the ignition module cover on Sportster models. Three-piece chrome-plated countersunk sockethead screw kit. 32049 Fits models from 98-03 6.42

ELECTRICAL APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 668236 Vulcan Engineering Twin Cam Ignition Conversion Kit and Cover CNC from 6061 billet aluminum and chrome plated Twin Cam ignition conversion kit comes with a Evolution Style, self contained ignition system. Requires no microprocessor, crank sensor, cam angle sensor, MAP sensor or BAS sensor. This kit is the solution for bike builders using Twin Cam motors in custom bikes, and don’t want to use the complex factory wire harness, and wants a simple solution for ignition timing. Includes: Chrome cam cover, camshaft sprocket, single / dual fire ignition system, auto advance, timing tool, stainless steel hardware and detailed instruction sheets. Made in the USA. 668236 For chain drive cams. Fits Twin Cam Dyna Glide models 99-05, Softail and Touring models 00-06. 668237 For chain drive cams. Fits Twin Cam Dyna models 06-17; Softail and Touring models 07-16 Mallory All Electronic Ignition Distributor All the features and benefits of an electronic Hall Effect ignition packaged in a distributor for early model Big Twins and for the old school customs. With electronic advance, rev limiting, and choice of Single or Dual Fire for 12-volt systems. Detailed instructions included. Installs without removing the cylinder heads. 668030 Fits Big Twins from 36-69 Mallory Unilite Distributor For faster, easier starting, Mallory’s 12-volt electronic ignition system delivers performance and reliability at an affordable price. The billet aluminum distributor utilizes the Unilite ignition module, and a heavy-duty fully adjustable mechanical advance unit. Includes detailed instructions and wiring harness. 26916 Fits Big Twins from 36-69 Note: When using stock heads, no head removal is required 25976 26380 Motor Factory Distributors These billet aluminum distributors are available to fit 36-69 Big Twins or 57-70 Sportster models. Single or dual fire electronic ignition with built-in timing light, and can be used with 3 or 5 Ohm coils. Front to rear cylinder is pre-timed and accurate to 1/2 degree. Operates on 10-17 volts and draws less than 1/2 amp. Sealed Hall Effect ignition is impervious to moisture and vibration. Less coil dwell time promotes longer coil life and a hot spark at any RPM. Same size as OEM auto advance distributors and installs without cylinder head removal. Features tool steel auto advance and all components are made in USA. 632020 Fits Big Twin models from 36-69 632021 Fits Sportster models from 57-70 632022 Replacement module (use with CC #632020) 632023 Distributor clamp for Big Twins (use with CC #632020) 25979 Ignition Distributors A complete line-up of top-quality ignition distributors for all Big Twins from 36-69. Both the 36-65 double-bolt hold-down and the 66-69 single-bolt hold-down style are available. Both versions are complete with advance mechanism, drive gear, points, condenser, breaker-to-coil wire, terminal adapter and a smooth chrome-finish cap. The 66-69 model also includes the hold-down clamp. The smooth style chrome cap is also available separately. 25976 36-65 complete distributor (2-hole mount) 25979 66-69 complete distributor (1-hole mount) Replacement Parts 25978 Chrome cap for CC #25976 25988 Weights and springs for CC #25979 (sold in sets) 25992 Timing shaft and cam for CC #25976 25993 Timing shaft and plate for CC #25979 25994 Shaft bushings for CC #25976 (sold in pairs) 25997 Timing cam for CC #25979 26380 Chrome cap for OEM distributor or CC #25979 (repl. OEM 32589-65) 651306 Round chrome cap for OEM distributor 651305 Spring clip for OEM or round CC distributor cap 26157 Distributor hold-down clamp (repl. OEM 32516-66) 26157 FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 6.43

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