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610322 24512 6 24548

610322 24512 6 24548 6.40 S&S HI-4N Ignition • One piece machined aluminum housing reduces vibration an improves heat dissipation and reliability • Improved kick start algorithm designe to start as easily as points • BCD switches with solid detent and legible marking allow easy andrepeatable adjustments of mode, advance rate, and rev limit • Single-fire and dual-fire function built into a single module • Flexible wiring harness makes installation easier • Initial timing marks allow precise adjustment and reinstallation • Sensor covers integrated into housing to provide protection during installation 24512 84-99 Big Twin & 71-02 Sporster, Ignition only 24548 70-98 and some 99 Big Twin w/ Evolution engine, (non-fuel inj.) and 71-02 Sportster. Includes Cams HI-4N Ignition, S&S Single-Fire Coil and S&S 8.5 mm double silicone, premium quality spark plug wires. Daytona Twin Tec Ignition Kit for Twin Cam 88 Models Kit includes the programmable ignition module (CCI #031005), Twin Tec ignition coil, and Universal Wire Set. The Twin Tec ignition coil has low resistance primary windings and is compatible with all OEM, Screamin’ Eagle, and aftermarket ignition systems intended for carbureted Twin Cam 88 models. Fits all carbureted Twin Cam 88 models from 99-03. 640280 Complete kit 672518 6 foot USB interface cable and Windows/ME/XP/Vista drivers on CD ROM Dyna ‘S’ Ignition Systems Systems use magnetic rotors with Original Equipment spark advance mechanisms to retain the factory advance curves and replace points and condensers with a highperformance dual or single-fire system. Dyna ‘S’ ignitions change timing less than 3° from 0-8,000 RPM and feature improved performance, easy installation and a 3-year factory warranty. Dyna recommends using 5.0 ohm coils on Dynas’ dual and single fire ignitions. Completely self-contained, and install behind points cover. Big Twins -99, XL -03. Note: For proper results, matching high-performance coils must be installed in conjunction with the CC #’s 12302 and 12369 single fire kits. Complete Ignition Kits with Dyna Coils Complete solution with Dyna S ignitions, Dyna high-performance coils, wiring and detailed instructions. 12097 Dyna ‘S’ single fire kit 12098 Dyna ‘S’ dual fire kit Kits without Advance Unit Assembly Fit Sportster models from 71-79 and Big Twins from 70-79 using OEM advance unit. 12319 High-performance dual fire system (MFG #DS6-1) 12302 Single-fire ignition system (MFG #DS6- 2) Daytona Twin Tec Nose Cone Ignition Kit Replaces the Original Equipment ignition system, and mounts in the gear case cover using the standard H-D timing rotor (not included). Ignition offers adjustable advance, adjustable RPM limit settings in 100 RPM increments, and switch selectable single or dual fire modes. Single fire mode improves starting, reduces the occurrence of backfiring at low RPM, and improves power at high RPM. Red LED flashes when the engine reaches top dead center (TDC) permitting easy static timing. The status LED also provides diagnostic information. A green VOES LED illuminates when the VOES (vacuum switch) input is active. A special feature allows use of the tachometer wire for an RS-232 link to a laptop computer when the engine is not running. Individual units can be programmed with a custom advance curve and other engine parameters such as rear cylinder timing offset. The use of the tachometer wire for the PC link eliminates the need to remove the outer cover plate. Kit includes Single Fire ignition coil, 8.5 mm universal plug wire set, and a nose cone ignition. 672528 Fits all Big Twin models from 70-99 and Sportster models from 71-97 insert Compu-Fire Complete Single Fire Ignition Kits Get the complete setup with matching coil and plug wires to optimize performance. These systems fit all Big Twins from 77-99 except Twin Cam. 610322 Ignition system for electric start, single fire 610323 Ignition system with retard for high stroke motors, single fire ‘Stand-Alone’ Ignition System for Twin Cam Models by Thunder Heart Performance This innovative ignition is designed for use in custom bike applications were a twin cam motor and crank sensor is going to be used. It consolidates all ignition components into a small easy-to-mount package. Wiring the ignition system is a snap, because it includes components needed to hook up the ignition to custom bike application. No factory ignition harness required. Includes 'Smart Link' software that allows the user to fully program the front and rear spark timing and rev limit with a lap top computer. • Simplifies the installation of a Twin Cam motor into a custom bike • Complete ignition system: Ignition module, Ignition coil • Consolidates all ignition functions in a compact, easy-to-mount package • Integrated high-output single fire operation • Real-time diagnostic features aid in trouble-shooting and tuning • Utilizes the factory crank trigger for improved starting and performance • Billet aluminum housing is weather and vibration-proof • Includes comprehensive instructions for installation • Custom mounting using 1/4"-20 bolts at 2" center-to-center hole spacing • Fits custom bikes using Twin Cam engines and Evolution engines with crank sensors 640330 Complete kit

ELECTRICAL APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 630103 FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING 630102 630101 Dynatek 2000iP Programmable Ignition Systems Dynatek has upgraded their popular 2000i ignitions to be fully programmable when used with the optional programming kit. • Completely self-contained under the cam cover for a clean look • Heavy-duty billet aluminum construction for long life • Single fire operation down to zero rpm for easier cranking and kicking • Operates all combinations of single fire or dual fire with single plug or dual plug heads (when used with appropriate coils) • Eight advance curves to cover a broad range of engine configurations and riding styles • Engine over-rev protection adjustable from 6.000 to 7.500 rpm • Adjustable timing retard for nitrous and turbo applications • VOES indicator tells you at a glance, the status of the VOES switch • Built-in tach driver can be used to activate shift lights and auto-shifters • Easy static timing with built-in timing indicator • Intelligent over-current/short-circuit protection, active dwell control and over-voltage protected • Fits Sportster models from 70-03 and all Big Twin models from 70-99 (except Twin Cam 88 models) 630108 Dyna 2000i module ONLY 630101 Complete kit for single plug/single fire applications (includes one DC6-5 'Twin Fire II' 3 Ohm coil) 630102 Complete kit for single plug/single fire applications (includes two DC3-1 single tower 3 Ohm coils) 630103 Complete kit for dual plug/single fire applications (includes two Dyna DC1-1 dual tower 3 Ohm coils) Optional Programming Kit for Dynatek 2000iP Ignitions Adds full PC programmability and data recording to Dynatek 2000iP ignitions. • 8 point fully definable wide open throttle curve, 8 point fully definable part throttle curve • Rev limit programmable in 50 RPM steps • Programmable dead cranking revs 0-5, Programmable rear cylinder offset, total of +/- 10° • Programmable rev limiter • Maximum RPM and Seconds near rev limit • Total engine hours/time at wide open throttle • Number of engine starts (two minutes running counts as one) • Longest time operating at wide open throttle 630100 Programming kit Dynatek 2000 Fully Programmable Digital Ignition Systems These programmable digital ignitions are now fully programmable and adaptable to the performance level of any bike using the optional software. The ignitions themselves still offer adjustable advance curves, rev-limit, VOES switch on or off, retard mode for use with nitrous or turbo bikes, and single or dual fire triggering. Options are set using switches on the back of the unit. Designed to be plug-compatible with connectors on factory ignitions on most models made since 1984. All of these ignition systems and modules use stock ignition pick-up, but will not work on fuel injected engines. Ignition Modules Only With 8-pin ‘Deutsch’ connector for carbureted Touring models from 94-98, Softail and FXR models from 96-99, Dyna Glide models from 96-98, and Sportster models from 94-97. 630109 Dual or single fire (MFG #DD2000-HD1E8P) 630110 Dual fire ONLY (MFG #DD2000-HD2E8P) With 7-pin ‘Cannon’ connector for Sportster and Touring models from 91-93, or Softail, FXR and Dyna Glide models from 91-95 (can be fitted to earlier models with the additional purchase of a CC #12419 wiring harness adapter). 630111 Dual or single fire (MFG #DD2000-HD1EP) 630106 Dual fire ONLY (MFG #DD2000-HD2EP) Optional Programming Kit for Dynatek 2000 Ignitions Adds full PC programmability and data recording to Dynatek 2000 ignitions. • 8 point fully definable wide open throttle curve • 8 point fully definable part throttle curve • Rev limit programmable in 50 RPM steps • Programmable dead cranking revs 0-5 • Programmable rear cylinder offset, total of +/- 10° • Programmable rev limiter • Maximum RPM and Seconds near rev limit • Total engine hours/time at wide open throttle • Longest time operating at wide open throttle • Number of engine starts (two minutes of running counts as one) 630097 Programming kit for CC #’s 630111, 630106 (Mfg #DIPK-2) Wiring Harness Adapters 12419 Permits the installation of Part #’s 630111 and 630106 ignition modules on all Evolution Big Twins from 84-90, and Evolution Sportster models from 86-90 12568 Seven-to-eight pin adapter. Permits the installation of modules with 7-pin ‘Cannon’ connectors on late model bikes with 8-pin ‘Deutsch’ connectors ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 6.41

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