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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

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6 640364 640365 with 640366 640365 640364 Handlebar Button Switch Mounts to any 1" handlebar. Two-wire style, and designed to run wires through the handlebar for horn or starter. 25533 Replaces OEM 71800- 26TA Vulcan Engineering Starter Switch This push button starter switch fits all of the Vulcan Engineering coil brackets and is made in the USA. It is a 15 amp switch with 15/32-32 UNS threads. 668126 Starter push button switch Standard Motor Products Ignition Sensors Anyone who has ever told you that the stock electronic ignition either works or it doesn’t, is WRONG! Thousands of dyno runs have proven to us that your stock sensor can be operating at less than 100% efficiency without you ever knowing it. 609994 For Touring models from 80-93, Softail models from 84-85, FXR and Sportster models from 80-94 (repl. OEM 32400- 80A) 609995 For Dyna Glide models from 91-95 (repl. OEM 32404-90) 609996 For Touring models from 94-95, Sportster models from 95-97 and XL 1200S models from 98-03 (repl. OEM 32400-94) Wire Plus Billet Ignition Switch Housings Mounts to any FXR-style top motor mount that does not have threaded mounting holes. It houses the 96-13 Fat Bob style ignition switch (removable barrel key style) usually found between Fat Bob style gas tanks (ignition switch not included). Chrome finish. 640364 Winged switch housing with start and hi-low switches installed 640365 Plain switch housing ONLY Note: Use your own Fat Bob ignition switch, or purchase a CC #17717 ignition switch separately. Wire Plus “Stealth” Ignition Switch Housing Mounts to any FXR style top motor mount that does not have threaded mounting holes. It houses the 96-13 Fat Bob style ignition switch (removable barrel key style) usually found between Fat Bob style gas tanks (ignition switch not included). Chrome finish. This housing has a provision for mounting ignition coils that do not have electrical connections on the ends, like Crane HI-4 Single Fire and Dyna 2000 Twin Fire coils. 640370 Stealth switch housing ONLY Note: Use your own Fat Bob ignition switch, or purchase a CC #17717 ignition switch separately. Universal 1" Handlebar Combination Switch High-lo beam switch with kill or horn button. 25991 Chrome Handlebar Light Switch Mounts to any 1" handlebar. Duplicates original-style, inside handlebar-wired switch perfectly. 25534 Replaces OEM 71840- 29T Drive Sop Grill PM FL Ignition Switch Cover Assembly For FL models 07-13 607465 Drive, contrast cut 607466 Drive, chrome 607467 Grill, contrast cut 607468 Grill, chrome 607469 Scallop, contrast cut 607470 Scallop, chrome For FL models 14-17 607473 Drive, contrast cut 607474 Drive, chrome 607475 Grill, contrast cut 607476 Grill, chrome 607477 Scallop, contrast cut 607478 Scallop, chrome Motor Factory Electronic Ignition Fits all cone motors and easier to install than points. Single and dual fire ignition with built-in timing light. Less dwell time promotes longer coil life and a hot spark. Operates on 10-17 volts and draws less than 1/2 amp. Front to rear timing is accurate to 1/2 degree. Can be used with 3 or 5 Ohm coils. Requires use of automatic advance unit such as CC# 632026. Made in USA. 632027 Electronic ignition. Fits Big Twin 71-99 and XL 71-03 Ignition Parts Direct replacement for stock parts 59725 Ignition rotor for many models from 83-02 (except models with fuel injection) replaces OEM 32402-83 59726 Ignition rotor screw and washer replaces OEM 2611B. Pack of 10. 6.38

ELECTRICAL APPAREL SEATS & TOURING Accel Single/Dual Fire Ignition This ignition unit works with both single or dual fire coils, eliminating the need to buy a new ignition when you change coils. Hours of dyno testing went into creating this ignition so that it is simple to use and delivers the premium performance you expect from Accel. It has 14 preset ignition curves to cover a stock engine through exhaust and intake changes to a full blown big inch, high compression motor. Other features include an easily selectable rev limiter and LED. timing light for quick static timing. The harness has a V.O.E.S. input, tachometer output and is externally grounded for better reliability, and the housing is machined out of aluminum for better heat dissipation. 668013 Fits Big Twins from 71-99 (except Twin Cam 88 models) and Sportster models from 83-03 Compu-Fire ‘Elite 1’ Digital Electronic Ignitions All circuits are contained on the timing plate. There’s no module or anything else to mount! The HDE-1 and HDE-2 have fixed advance curves and 6500 RPM rev-limiters to protect the engine. Model HDE-3 has eight advance curves and an eight-stage rev-limiter adjustable from 6000 to 7500 RPM or off. All models have the Accu-Ray timing LED for precise timing and system check. They work with the factory VOES switch (HDE-3 offers dual-range operation). Fit all carbureted Big Twins from 70-99 (except Twin Cam models) and Sportster models from 71-03. 17174 HDE-1 dual fire. Will not work on kicker models. 17175 HDE-2 single fire 17176 HDE-3 single or dual fire Compu-Fire Electronic Ignitions These digital ignitions use advanced Hall-Cell triggering and surface mount technology with a convenient built-in ‘Accu-Ray’ static timing LED. They completely eliminate the rev-limiter and have built-in adapters to correct the tachometer output. Fit non-EFI Evolution Big Twin models from 70-00 and Sportster models from 71-03. 17170 Dual-Fire ignition system for single plug cylinder heads 17171 Single-Fire ignition system for single plug cylinder heads Note: 80-10 models fitted with Original Equipment electronic ignition systems will require the additional purchase of a mechanical advance unit. FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE Compu-Fire Ignition System for High Compression Motors Eliminate pinging and misfire in high compression and large displacement engines. Advance curves range from fairly steep for near stock to more gradual for high-horsepower engines. All ignition circuits are contained in the nose cone and there is an ‘Accu-Ray’ static timing LED. Single or dual fire operation is switch-selected, and dual sensor circuits eliminate hard starts and give accurate spark timing even at high RPM. Eight advance curves, adjustable rev-limiter (6,000 to 7,500 rpm) and two VOES modes. 17178 Fits all carbureted Big Twins from 70-99 (except Twin Cam models) and Sportster models 71-03 23231 Similar to CC #17178 but designed for kick start models VT-I Electronic Ignition System by Daytona Twin Tec Dual fire electronic ignition. Designed for all Harley V-Twins except early magneto style and 99 and later Twin Cam models. Includes trigger rotor for use with mechanical points. Built in adjustable RPM limiter (5200-7000 RPM). Status LED for easy static timing. Electronic dwell control for maximum ignition energy at high RPM and reduced current draw at low RPM. Easy installation, simple two wire hookup. 672536 VT-I Ignition Mallory Unilite Breakerless Ignition Permits an easy conversion from point ignition to the self contained Unilite module which has no moving parts to wear out. Using Mallory's time tested breakerless ignition circuit, combined with modern surface mount Thermal Clad construction, the Mallory Unilite can drive any ignition coil or combination of coils with a total primary resistance of at least 2.0 Ohms. We recommend ignition coils with 2.0 to 3.0 Ohms for racing applications and 3.0 to 4.0 Ohms for street use. Conversion is an easy three-wire connection. 26915 Complete kit for 70-99 Big Twins with point ignitions (except Twin Cam) Daytona Twin Tec USB Interface Provides USB connectivity for all Daytona Twin Tec engine controls. Includes 6 foot USB cable and Windows 98/ME/XP drivers on CDROM. Not compatible with Twin Tec’s scan tool CC #672529 and WEGO II CC #672521. 672518 6 foot USB interface cable and Windows/ME/XP/Vista drivers on CD ROM for more details check 031003 Daytona Twin Tec Fully Programmable Ignition Systems These ignitions are an upgrade from the non-adjustable stock OEM unit, and feature advanced electronics set into a machined billet aluminum housing. Rotary switches are used to set the operating modes (such as single or dual fire), adjust the timing advance, and select the RPM limit. Two diagnostic LEDs indicate the status and the state of the vacuum switch (VOES). The status LED is also used to indicate top dead center (TDC) for easy timing set-up. A special feature allows use of the tachometer wire for a link to a laptop PC. Windows compatible software is freely available for download at the company website. For kickstart enthusiasts we have also included a kickstart mode. 031003 Fits most models from 70-99 (except Sportster models from 98-10 and Twin Cam 88 engines) using stock electronic ignition trigger rotor (not included) 672492 Internal Ignition 1500S for all 98-02 Sportster (except 1200S) Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. Note: Sportster models from 71-82 and Big Twins from 70-83 require that mechanical advance units and point ignitions, or early electronic ignitions and rotors be replaced by an OEM 32402-83 ignition timing rotor (CC #59725). GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 6.39

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