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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

668346 895426 25536

668346 895426 25536 17902 6 25464 895427 895428 Oil Pressure Switch 895426 For FX/FXE/FXS1200/FXEF80/FXS80/ FXB80/FXWG80 71-84, FLT/FLHT 80-83, FL 80-92, FXR 82-83 (repl. OEM 26552-72) 895427 For XL 77-13, Buell 06-08 (repl. OEM 26554-77,-77D) 895428 For FLH/FLT/FXR 84-85, FX 84-86, Softail 84-99, FXR 86-92, Dyna 91-99 (repl. OEM 26561-84) 668346 For Twin Cam and V-Rod 25463 25460 Accel Oil Pressure Switches American-made units with heavy-duty contacts, brass ferrule, thermoplastic insulator and a bright finish. 17901 658444 84899 658445 895425 Transmission Neutral Switches 25536 Fits 4-speed FL models from 59-64 and FX models with ratchet top from late 73-early 79 as well as Evolution Big Twin 87-97 and Sportster models 86-98 (repl. OEM 33900-59C) 17902 Fits 4-speed FL models with ratchet top from 65-E78 (repl. OEM 71507-65) 17901 Fits 4-speed FX models with ratchet top from 71-E73 (repl. OEM 71507-71) 84899 Fits 4-speed Big Twin models with ‘pancake’ top from 79-86 (repl. OEM 33901-79) 658444 Fits 5-speed Twin Cam Softail models from 00-06 and Dyna Glide models from 01-05 and Touring models 01-06 (repl OEM 33904-00) 658445 Fits Softail models from 98-99 and Touring and Dyna Glide models from 99-00 (repl. OEM 33902-98)895425 ... Fits FL 59-64, FX/FL 73-79, FXST 86, XL 86-98, FLT/FXR/FXST/FLST 87-97 Related Parts 54132 Fiber gasket for models from 36-79 (repl. OEM 25811-11). Pack of 10. 54130 Nylon gasket for models from 80-98 (repl. OEM 33043-80). Pack of 10. 75520 Connector for neutral light switch (repl. OEM 9905). Pack of 10. Chrome Oil Pressure Sender Cover Kit by Kuryakyn This rubber-lined, easily-installed, die-cast cover kit fits all Evolution Big Twins from 84-99 (except models equipped with 2-terminal sending units). 48265 Sold each 893424 Oil Sending Harness Slide over the 18-gauge wire. 893424 For all EVO engines 12943 15103 Fits Sportster and K models from 54-76 and Big Twins from 41-84 (except Evolution models). 25460 Replaces OEM 26552-72 Fits Sportster models from 77-03 25463 Replaces OEM 26554-77 Fits Evolution Big Twin models from 84-99 (except models with electric oil pressure gauge) 25464 Replaces OEM 26561-84 Oil Pressure Sender Covers by Kuryakyn The stock oil pressure switch is so plain looking it’s conspicuous. The simple addition of this finely sculpted chrome Oil Pressure Sender Cover adds life to the dull cast finish surrounding it. 605210 Sender cover for 99-06 Touring models 605212 Sender cover for all 99-16 Twin cams except Touring Universal Switch Plates Sold on a card of 12. 15103 Key switch bracket 12943 Single mount hole 6.36 Easy RFID Ignition Switch This new EASY RFID comes up with two parts: the box itslef and the separated antenna module. So it can be placed nearly unvisible. It has a much smaller power consumption in standby mode compare to other RFID devices without sucking the battery power. That‘s why it makes it to the first choice for bikes which are not moved every day on the street. Two power switches for ignition and starter relay (up to 20 Ampere) are integrated, what makes the installation clean and easy without the need of additional parts. • Single button-solution for powersaving (no „Standby-mode“!) • First press on the startbutton „wakes up“ EASY RFID • Electronic tag activates ignition • Second press on the start button activates start relay PART# HEIGHT LENGTH WIDTH 902042 15 50 50

ELECTRICAL APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 12251 12286 FOOT CONTROLS Chrome Ignition Switches Fits Sportster models 75-77 and FX models 73-77. 12251 Ignition switch (repl. OEM 70124-75) Fits FX models from 78-85, Sportster models from 78-93 and FXR models from 82-93. 12286 Ignition switch (repl. OEM 71425-77T) Universal Ignition Switch • 3 Position • Mounting Stem Diameter 5/8” and length 7/16” • 12V 5/10 AMP 895420 Universal ignition switch Ignition Switch Direct replacement for Dyna 93-02, FLHR 94-02 and Softail 96-02 (repl. OEM 71313-96, 71501- 93) 895421 Ignition switch HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL 25540 EXHAUST Three-Way Universal Ignition Switch 12289 Popular as an OEM replacement Heavy-Duty Ignition Switch A top-quality, heavy-duty ignition switch for all Softail, FXWG and FL models from 73-95 (except Dyna Wide Glide models). Also compatible with all of our custom six post switch dash covers. 25540 Ignition switch (repl. OEM 71501-73T) 26455 49211 49212 Late Style Ignition Switch Assemblies Switch assemblies feature round tumbler style keys for added security and simple hook-ups. INTAKE ENGINE Mini Ignition Switch Two position mini ignition switch for custom applications. Includes two keys. Sold each. 688193 Mini ignition switch Heavy-Duty Electronic Ignition Switch Totally electronic switching eliminates the troublesome pole-to-bar contacts of Original Equipment switches. The 6-pole terminal pattern is highly-resistant to vibration and corrosion. Includes two reversible keys and both the early and late-style ignition switch caps. 26455 Fits all models from 36-95 (except Dyna Wide Glide models) Fits Sportster models from 75-03, FXR models from 82-99, Dyna Glide models (except FXDWG) from 91-03, and FX models from 73-03 (except FXWG and FXST) as well as custom applications. 49211 OEM-style barrel key ignition switch, replaces OEM 71428-90B Replacement for Dyna Glide models (except FXDWG) from 91-93 as well as many custom applications. 49212 Replaces OEM 71421-90 GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES Custom Ignition Switch Made of durable plastic which makes it waterproof. Features off, run and spring return start with push button feature. Can be used without a starter relay. Made in USA. 12203 Ignition switch, water resistant, flat switch style with spring-return start, 12-volts 25535 FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES Doss Switch Mount Housing This ignition key switch housing is intended to be welded to your frame. 62344 Fits custom applications Note: Must use CC #12286 ignition switch. Convertible Ignition Switch 5-post ignition switch and lock assembly complete with both styles of caps. 25535 Ignition switch (repl. OEM 71500-36TA) Replacement Ignition Switch Cap Late die-cast style. Includes pins. Pack of 10. 25538 Switch cap Side Hinge Ignition Switch Chrome side hinge ignition switch with barrel style key. Fits FXDWG 93-11; Softail models 96-10; and Road King models 94-13. Includes two keys. 17717 Replaces OEMs 71501-93 and 71313-96 LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 6.37

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