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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

12690 604909 890080

12690 604909 890080 604908 6 36924 890078 890081 890082 699997 604924 890079 Load Equalizers I, II, III and for CAN/BUS Models All Badlands Load Equalizer Modules are designed to provide you the ability to use small incandescent bulbs, Halogen bulbs or LED style (module operates both front & rear) turn signals without a rapid flash. (INSTALL OUR MODULE BEFORE YOU INSTALL YOUR NEW LIGHTS!) A “rapid-flash” is caused by the factory turn signal module not seeing the specific amperage draw that the factory installed 1156/1157 bulbs provided. Whether you have a Plug-n-Play module or the hard-wired version, Load Equalizer Modules all work the same. Load Type of Equalizers Connection Description LED Ready Part# I Hard-Wired All models 73-99 No 12690 II Hard-Wired All models 73-99. Same as the version 1 but with emergency flasher capability , when the bike is shut off. No 36924 III Hard-Wired All 91-13 models Yes 699997 III Plug-n-Play FLH 96-13 (except Street & Road Glides 10-17), FX & Dyna 97-13 (except Rocker), XL models 99-03 Yes 604908 III Plug-n-Play XL 04-13 Only Yes 604909 III Plug-n-Play Street Glides and Road Glides 10-13 Only Yes 604924 For CAN/BUS Models Front use ONLY CAN/Bus Plug-n-Play Softail 11-17 Dyna 12-17, all HD 14-17 Yes 890078 Rear use ONLY CAN/Bus Plug-n-Play Softail 11-17, FXDF 12-17, FXDB/P 12-17, FXDWG 12-17, FLD 12-17, FXDC/L 12-17, FLSTC 12-17, FLSTF/B 12-17, FLSTN 12-17, FXST 12-17 Yes 890079 CAN/Bus Plug-n-Play FXSB 12-17, FLS 11-17 Yes 890080 CAN/Bus Plug-n-Play XL 14-17 Yes 890081 CAN/Bus Plug-n-Play All Touring Models 14-17 Yes 890082 Plug & Play Illuminator Module Like all Victory Motorcycles, Indian front nor rear turn signals have the running light feature. The module installs in minutes and adds the running light feature to front turn signals. PART# FITMENT 900899 15-17 Indian Bagger, 14-17 Indian Cruiser, 15-17 Indian Touring 900900 15-17 Indian Midsize 6.22

ELECTRICAL APPAREL 604904 SEATS & TOURING 36944 604925 FOOT CONTROLS 604900 604906 604907 631761 890160 890159 Badlands Illuminator Pro Module This new module is a custom builders dream, and it also works perfectly on stock models. It has several of our existing modules built into one to control every feature you would want your turn signal system to do. Automatic canceling, front running lights and turn signal on single filament halogen or incandescent bulbs and LED’s, rear running lights, brake light function and turn signals on single filament halogen or incandescent bulbs as well as LED’s. A built in load equalizer runs LED’s and up to 70 watts per corner / each station. You can cancel at any time for a quick lane change and this module has emergency flasher mode that does not build up heat. • Built in automatic canceller • Built in load equalizer • Front run & turn signal for single filament bulbs, halogen bulbs & LED’s • Rear run, brake and turn signal functions like our “Illuminator” module • Emergency flasher without heating up • Cancels at any time for quick lane changes 604904 Illuminator Pro HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE Illuminator Run, Brake and Turn Modules All Badlands Illuminator Modules are designed to provide you running light, brake light and turn signal functions to each rear turn signal. These modules also have a built-in Load Equalizer which is perfect when switching out factory turn signals to halogen or LED versions. 12675 604902 ENGINE GASKETS Type of Connection Hard-Wired Plug-n-Play Plug-n-Play Description All Big Twin and Sportster 73-84 models, Customs with modified wiring or without factory connectors All models 97-17, XL 00-03, (Except Rocker, Street & Road Glides 10-17, Softail 11-17, Dyna 12-17 and FL 14-17 FL 85-90, FXST & FXR 86-95, Dyna 95-96 and XL 86-90 models, with running lights. Part# 36944 604900 604906 Plug-n-Play XL 04-13 models Only 604907 Plug-n-Play All Rocker models (when changing OEM turn signals only) 604925 Hard-Wired All V-ROD models & security system compatible 631761 Hard-Wired Plug-n-Play 75567 Softail 11-16, Dyna 12-16 and all HD 14-16 (Except bikes with Run/Brake/Turn functions on rear turn signals) Softail 11-17, FXDF 12-17, FXDB/P 12-17, FXDWG 12-17, FLD 12-17, FXDC/L 12-17, FLSTC 12-17, FLSTF/B 12-17, FLSTN 12-17, FXST 12-17 75566 Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Modules These are Original Equipment items. Excellent for stock replacement or custom projects. 75567 Replaces OEM 68540-96 75566 Replaces OEM 68537-83G 890159 890160 604901 TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES Self Cancelling Modules Designed to provide a less expensive alternative to the factory flasher module. This modules are not only a built in 11-second flasher but are FRAMES also a Load Equalizer which allow you to use small incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or LED’s without any rapid-flashing issues. They also have a 4-way flasher feature for safety or parade mode just like the factory flasher unit. Whether you have a Plug-n-Play module or the hard-wired version, they all work the same. FORKS & SHOCKS Part# Type of Connection 12675 Hard-Wired Description Universal on 73-90 models without self canceling or Custom Bikes 604901 Plug-n-Play FLH 87-93, FX 90-93, XL 92-93 604902 Plug-n-Play 604903 Plug-n-Play 604903 All 94-99/2000 models (until Delphi TSM system with 8-Position MALE Deutsch Connector) All 94/2000 models (Until Delphi TSM System) SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 6.23

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