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681988 6 motogadget

681988 6 motogadget m-Flash Relay • Incredibly small and lightweight - just a cable with a tiny device the size of a mint • Perfect for Custom Bikes with limited space – no more clumsy OEM flasher relay • Laying cables together with the m-Flash inside a handlebar, frame tube or directly on the wiring loom • Completely load independent (wide-range indicator relays) – always stable and correct flash rate • Suitable for all flasher types: LED, Micro size, 10 Watt, or 21 Watt • No bulky load resistors necessary • It works with 1 or 2 or 4 flashers in use • Instant, loss less flash light operation • Very easy to install – just connect the two wires • Completely waterproof • Short - circuit - proof • Automatic overload shut down • Safe against high voltage spikes • Generates no heat during operation • Operating voltage from 5V to 18V • Also suitable for 6 V vehicle voltage systems • Made by motogadget in Germany 681988 MG RELAY m-Flash motogadget m-Relay+ The m-Relay+ is a true combination of a load independent digital turn signal relay with push button functions. 4 modes are available by pushing the buttons in different time frames: • Changing lines: short fingertip on the button - turn signal flashes 3x, automatic shut off after 3rd flash • Turning: short push of the button - flashes 10x, automatic shut off after 10th flash • Permanent: push longer the button - will turn off after second push of the button when needed • Hazard warning flasher by pushing both buttons for left and right side together The m-Relay+ is load independent (1-100W) and works with almost every possible light combinations such as LED-turn signals, microturn signals, halogen-turn signals, 10W or 21 Watt filament lamps and delivers a constantly stable flash mode. Bright and efficient turn signal lights caused by a very efficient microelectronic. 653346 m Relay+ m-Relay - a small electronic relay to switch high current devices with tiny loads The m-Relay is a small, compact relay to switch almost all kind of devices like e.g. horn, ignition etc. The m-Relay moves high loads and currents directly to the switched devices (the front lamp for example). Thus enhances electrical reliability of your bike and reduces voltage drops in power supply significantly. The load und current at the handle bar switch gear and also at the ignition lock is reduced to a minimum. So you can use cables with very small diameter at the switch gear. Damaged and scorched contacts or cables will never happen again. The absence of voltage drops let shine your lights much brighter and enhances your security on the road. A threaded hole in the center of the housing enables fast and easy mechanical installation almost anywhere at the bike - especially when you use multiple units. The housing of the m-Relay is CNC machined and black anodized. It is internally molded and completely water proof and vibration resistant. Two red cables allow the connection of devices for 12V power supply and up to 20A load current. The two black cables allow the connection of the switch gear. Please note! the m-Relay is not intended as a control unit for push button gear. Outer diameter 19 mm, Hight without cable 19mm 682834 MG m- relay 12V 20A 682347 m-Lock The m-Lock is a contact free digital ignition lock with RFID technology and substitutes mechanical ignition locks or their electrical switching feature respectively. • RFID technology is tamper-resistant • each key has a unique code • the key first activates the m-Lock without touching it and then, via the relay, the entire on-board system • neither key nor m-Lock suffer from mechanical wear • the key requires no battery - failsafe • no overload or scorched pins possible due to indirect switching via the 40 A main relay • the m-Lock is very compact an can be mounted hidden in many places • water tight and vibration resistant because of the moulded-in construction • depending on the model, key sizes range from very small (key fob sized) to tiny (glass vial) and may be integrated into other objects like gloves, clothing, pendants (NON- METALLIC!) etc. • keys can be easily purchased and 'learned' to any m-Lock - your integrated locksmith • a switching distance of 4 - 5 cm ensures convenient switching while excluding the possibility of accidental engagement • An integrated LED shows the status of the m-Lock while mounting, connecting and 'teaching' new keys Dimensions and specifications Transmitter/receiver, diameter of installed assembly: 30 mm, Height: 14 mm, Cable length: approx. 50 cm, Weight incl. cable: approx. 30 g, Fixture: 2 x M3 threaded hole on back side, Operating voltage: 6V - 18V, Operating temperature: -20 °C... +80 °C Parts delivered Transmitter/receiver, diameter of installed assembly: 30 mm, Height: 14 mm, Cable length: approx. 50 cm, Weight incl. cable: approx. 30 g, Fixture: 2 x M3 threaded hole on back side, Operating voltage: 6V - 18V, Operating temperature: -20 °C... +80 °C 682345 m-Lock complete kit Spare parts 682346 m-Lock key teardrop 682347 m-Lock key glass tube 682348 m-Lock relay 12V 50A 682349 m-Lock backing capacitor 682346 6.20

ELECTRICAL APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS 686596 HAND CONTROLS Custom Chrome Load Equalizer II for CAN-Bus models The Load Equalizer II compensates the load differnce between the LED unit and the board system on all Softails 11-17. To be used with LED taillight, brake light and turn signals. 652728 Load Equalizer II Custom Chrome Turn Signal Load Equalizer Very small designed load equalizer exclusively for Custom Chrome. 686596 Sold each LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST 604920 INTAKE ENGINE 912596 912597 Intensifier HI/LOW Modules All Badlands Intensifier High/Low Modules are designed to provide an inexpensive method to convert a (1) wire incandescent, Halogen or LED light into a dual function or HI/LOW light. Example, if you are installing an old school tail light that has only (1) wire for illumination and (1) wire for ground you would need our IHL-01 Module. This module will allow you to have running and brake light illumination on that (1) single wire! If you purchased a new pair of turn signals and they only have (1) wire for illumination and (1) wire for ground, you would need our IHL-02 Module. You would install this module to the front or rear turn signal output wires and a protected switched 12+ power source. Then the output of our module would feature turn signal and running light functions on (1) wire per side. If room is an issue, (custom bike application) our IHL-03 Intensifier will perform the same functions of our IHL-02 but are only rated for 500-milliamps maximum. Type of Connection Description Part# Hard-Wired Single light intensifier (Universal) 604920 GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES Turn Signal Load Equalizer​ PART# FITMENT DESCRIPTION 912596 63-13 Sportster, 91-11 Dyna, 84-10 Softail, 86-13 Touring, 85-94 FX Model, 63-65 Panhead, 66-84 FL Shovel, 71- for use with LED Lights 84 FX Shovel, 02-17 V-Rod Without Can-Bus 11-17 Softail 912597 With Can-Bus for use with LED Lights Load Equalizer Universal 2-Amp Load Equalizer for use when stock turn signals are replaced with LED or other low-draw lights. One required for each pair of lights. 774810 Load equalizer FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 6.21

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