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Motorcycle wiring connectors, wiring harness, tuning modules, O2 sensors, CAN BUS modules, wiring modules, control units, load equalizers, relays, fuses, ignition systems, ignition modules, spark plugs, batteries, coils, regulators, stator, rotor

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17062 17063 17061 17064 893227 893224 Fuses Holder 893224 30-Amp AGU fuses (Pack 5) 893225 40-Amp AGU fuses (Pack 5) 893226 50-Amp AGU fuses (Pack 5) 893227 AGU Fuse holder 893232 AMP Power plug kit Solid State Turn Signal/Hazard Flasher Stock replacement 12-volt, two pin solid state flasher. Can be used as a turn signal flasher or hazard flasher. Fits all models from 65-83. 640881 Replaces OEM 68543-64C 6 895418 19295 895419 Hazard Flasher D.O.T. approved stock replacement 12-volt, two-pin bi-metal (type) hazard flasher unit for all models from 65-90 (except 69-90 Touring models). 640880 Replaces OEM 68541-64B NAMZ Sealed ATO Fuse Holder 670857 For 14 gauge wires Circuit Breakers by Standard Top-quality electrical parts for a wide variety of Harley-Davidson applications from the manufacturer of Blue Streak Performance Products. Sold each. 17064 15 amp (repl OEM 74587-94) 17063 15 amp (repl. OEM 74589-73) 17062 30 amp (repl OEM 74599-77B) 617526 40 amp (repl OEM 74600-97A) 17061 50 amp (repl. OEM 74600-94) 895418 Circuit Breaker With 10-32 Stud And 2 1/4” Blade Terminals Spades, 30 AMP 895419 Circuit Breaker With 10-32 Stud And 2 1/4” Blade Terminals Spades, 40 AMP 19295 Circuit breaker clips/rivets. Pack of 10. 893246 4-Way ATC Fuse Block Sealed cap, this 4-way ATC fuse block allows you to connect your wiring using crimp-on spade terminals. 893246 4-way ATC fuse block Circuit Breaker Clips Reproductions of the stock zinc-plated parts. Includes aluminum rivet. Used many applications to hold the turn signal flasher unit and the circuit breaker. 19295 Circuit breaker clips/rivets. Pack of 10. Electric Terminal Plate A perfect reproduction of the Original Equipment part. Fits FX and FL models from 70-77. 35633 Replaces OEM 72300-70 Toggle Switch • 5-Amp 893304 893305 • Requires a 1/4” hole for mounting 893304 High/low beam 893305 Momentary ON & DUMP function (perfect air ride fill switch) Motor Factory Circuit Breakers American-made replacement circuit breakers for most models. 25200 30 amp. Fits FL models from 70-72 with mounting bracket (repl. OEM 74586- 70) 25201 30 amp. (repl. OEM 74559-77) 25202 15 amp. (repl. OEM 74589-73) 19295 Circuit breaker clips/rivets. Pack of 10. Electrical Junction Blocks Universal connection blocks have brass-nickel plated links and are rated for up to 30 amp loads. Available with four, six or eight connection terminals. 17707 Four connections 17706 Six connections 17705 Eight connections 17720 17728 Standard Fuse and Socket Kit comes with a 20 amp fuse and a socket with 4” leads. Designed for custom applications. 17702 Fuse and Socket Hi-Low Beam Relay Special 12-volt relay allows control of the hi-low beam from one wire using a momentary (horn type) button. Sold each. 17729 Hi-Low Beam Relay 17719 17727 Standard Toggle Switches Toggle switches are a high quality parts for custom applications. 17719 Small toggle switch on/off spade terminal 17720 Toggle switch 3 position 9” leads 17727 Toggle switch 3 position spade terminal 17728 Toggle switch on/off screw terminal 6.12

ELECTRICAL APPAREL Universal Toggle Switch Handles 6 or 12-volt applications up to 35 amps. It was used for the spotlamps on 4-speed FL models from 62-84 and Heritage Softail Classic models from 87-03. 26097 Toggle switch, replaces OEMs 67844-70, 67858- 89 RST toggle switches 687855 RST 3 position toggle switch 687856 RST 2 position toggle switch 619408 Stainless Steel Push Button Switch Made of stainless steel, sold each. 619408 Push button switch Stainless Steel Push Buttons Very small push buttons made of stainless steel for use in conjunction with 1" handlebars. Two versions are available that may be easily connected to horn, starter or lighting relays. Sold each. 686000 2-wire switch 686001 1-wire switch 683250 black 5/16'' 653382 MD Ground Clip This clip simplifies the ground connection to the handlebar and to the attached switches. Makes electric installation easier and safer. 653382 Ground clip 890142 Complete Motorcycle Wiring Harness • OEM color-matching harness with 11-second self canceling turn signal module • Fuse block holds a full size, commonly available & replaceable starter relay and (3) ATO fuses • A 30-Amp circuit breaker is installed and is ready for any regulator/ charging system • Harness provides running light and turn signal functions to the front turn signals, run, brake and turn signal functions for the rear turn signals • Oil, neutral, high beam, and turn signal indicator wiring • Color matching handlebar switch wiring like 96-13 models • Headlight wiring with headlight socket and terminals • Front turn signal connectors and terminals • Rear fender harness with connectors and terminals • Key switch wiring with ring terminals • Coil wire with ring terminals, tachometer, horn, oil sending unit, brake switch and neutral switch wiring with terminals • Sections of 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” ID heat shrink included • Heavy gauge 12 (+) power and (-) ground wires with terminals for battery connection 890142 Complete motorcycle wiring harness SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS Custom Chopper Wire Harness Wiring made easy for custom motorcycles. Custom Applications Only. Comes with keyed on/off start switch, hi/lo toggle switch, fused circuits and wire ends. 684043 Custom Chopper Wire Harness (custom Applications Only) 893346 893347 TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES Complete Wiring Harness Kits From front to rear, these harnesses include key switch, flashers and circuit breakers. They have easyto-follow wiring diagrams, and are complete except for handlebar wiring. For Split Tank Big Twins 65213 Fits most Softail and Big Twin models from 85-99 with ‘flatside’ gas tanks OEM Complete Ignition Harness Plug-n-Play with the 3-position Delphi connector and the 3 stand-alone mating male crimp terminals. 893346 OEM 32435-99 893347 OEM 32435-00 893348 OEM 32435-01 893348 EFI Harness​ • Match OEM H-D specs • Simple, plug-and-play installation • Made in the USA PART# FITMENT OEM# UNIT 897363 02-05 Dyna, 02-05 Touring, 02-05 Softail, 02-05 V-Rod, 02-05 Sportster 70233- 02 Each FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 6.13

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