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Headlamps, turn signals, taillights, running lights, handlebar turn signals, sidemount license plates, license plate mounts, license plate lights, LED lights, 3-in-1 taillight/turn signal/brake lights, bulbs

LIGHTING Buttcrack 618458 APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS 5 26890 Doss Headlight Conversion Kits for FL Softail Models • These are the original kits – still the best and most popular with builders. Other kits on the market are but poor imitations of Custom Chrome’s attention to detail, excellent fit and craftsmanship • Each piece is hand-polished and chrome-plated Includes the two-piece aluminum head lamp housing, all mounting brackets, headlight bucket, hardware, chrome slider covers, covers for the lower triple tree and handlebar risers. Bolts directly to the existing Original Equipment triple trees. Lamp not included. Kit For FL Softail Models For all FL Softail models from 86-17 (except FLSTS models). Optional Spotlamp Mounting Bar kit replaces the OEM spotlamp bar on Heritage Softail Classic models to mount existing spotlamps and turn signals to the headlight conversion kit (includes mounting bar, spacers, spotlamp/turn signal clamps and chrome hardware). 26890 Headlight housing conversion kit. 26899 Optional spotlamp mounting bar kit Replacement Parts 26892 Mounting brackets (sold each) 26893 FL headlight mount (black) 26894 FL headlight bucket (black) 26895 Chrome riser cover 26896 Chrome lower triple tree under cover 26897 Chrome right slider cover 26898 Chrome left slider cover 26526 Sealed beam retaining ring 26535 Chrome outer trim ring and seal 26536 Chrome FL head lamp housing 12555 Spotlight mounting bar ONLY Note: Early style windshields and brackets should be used with aluminum headlight kits. Headlamp Housing Kit for FL Models This kit features chrome-plated components that are accurate reproductions of the polished Original Equipment parts fitted to most 4-speed FL models from 60-84. It is also a natural for customizing any bike fitted with an early FL-style front end. Topquality components make the kit a snap to install, with all needed hardware and a 7-inch halogen sealed beam that’s included. 26531 Fits 4-speed FL models with Original Equipment or Custom Chrome triple trees 60-84 (handlebar clamp cover is for non-damper models) Replacement Parts 26536 Set of left and right chrome-plated housings (repl. OEMs 67847-60, 67848-60) 26535 Chrome outer trim ring with rubber seal and four retaining clips (repl. OEMs 67712-60A, 67716- 60A and 67779-60) 26526 Retaining ring for sealed beam (repl. OEM 67765- 60) 26893 Inner headlight mount with two adjusting screws for FL models from 60-69 (repl. OEM 67702-65) 26894 Outer headlight bucket for FL models from 60-84 (repl. OEM 67766-60) 25234 Set of left and right chrome slider covers (repl. OEM 45964-49T) 26537 Chrome handlebar clamp cover for use with steering damper (repl. OEM 58589-60) 160095 Adjusting screw (repl. OEM 67767-60) sold each 26538 Chrome handlebar clamp cover for use without steering damper (repl. OEM 58590-60) 330071 Top Spring, fits all FL, FLT models 60-14 with 7" headlight (repl. OEM 67778-60) 330072 Bottom Spring, fits all FL, FLT models 60-14 with 7" headlight (repl. OEM 67780-60) Custom Chrome Headlamp Nacelle Kit Fits 86-17 FLST, FLSTF/B and FLSTC models (repl. OEM# 67907-96C). 642380 Chrome 642381 Glossy black Touring Headlight Nacelle for Ricks 7° Triple Trees Rick‘s fiber glas headlight nacelle made in Germany for Road King triple tree conversions. The nacelle is aligned to the 7° triple tree front fork conversion and does not light up the sky. All 4 mounting points feature laminated aluminum distance spacers which allow a perfect fit without hassle. Compare to the OEM unit this one has a 2” stretch to look cooler. 619433 Headlight nacelle 7° down for Road King models 94-13 642953 Headlight nacelle 7° down for Road King models 14-19 Headlight Fairing for Sportster and Dyna Models Made of ABS plastic including brackets. Fits Sportster and Dyna models with 39 mm forks. 619898 Custom headlight fairing, 87-19 Sportster, 87-94 FXR, 91-05 Dyna Stealth 3D Buttcrack Raked Accent Nacelle • NYB polymer injection molded with hidden mounting for a clean fresh look. • Choose between the Butt Crack or Stealth 3D Cap. • For Road King 94-19 893964 Buttcrack 893965 Stealth 3D Prison Fairing for Sportster and Dyna Models Fits Sportster and Dyna models with 39 mm forks. Perfect for a cool Cafe Racer built! 619897 Prison Fairing, 87-19 Sportster, 87-97 FXR, 91-05 Dyna Headlight and Spotlamp Inserts for European Countries ECE-approved inserts for all headlights and spotlamps for use in European countries. Available for right hand traffic also. Units do not include the bulb. Sold each. For 4 1/2" Spotlamps and Headlights 85019 Replacement 4 1/2" 35/35W Bilux insert for CC #85857 (E-Mark approved) 85018 12V, H3 Fog Light unit 85020 12V, H3 High Beam unit 85022 O-ring set for aftermarket late-style spotlamps E-Mark approved) 85021 O-ring set for Original Equipment spotlamps (E-Mark approved) For 5 3/4" Headlights 84838 12V, H4 unit For 7" Headlights 85795 12V, H4 unit (SAE/DOT) with parking light, without ECE 682425 12V, H4 unit (SAE/DOT) with parking light, with ECE Sealed Beams Fit all Custom Chrome or Original Equipment headlight housings. Sold each. 12508 5 3/4" 12-volt 26425 5 3/4" 12-volt halogen 15090 7" 12-volt sealed beam 26420 7” Halogen sealed beam (12-volt) H4 Inserts with Clear Lens Available as 5 3/4” and 7” headlight insert with parking light and E-approval. 653700 5 3/4” clear H4 insert with parking Light, E- Mark 653701 7” Clear H4 Insert with Parking Light, E- Mark 604951 604950 Halogen Spotlamp Sealed Beams These replacement 4 1/2 inch clear non-fluted sealed beams are SAE and EC approved and come with a stepped ABS or smooth steel reflector. Sold in pairs. 604950 Stepped reflector 604951 Smooth reflector Screw Terminal Type Replacement Halogen Spotlamp Sealed Beams 12-volt halogen sealed beams fit most 4 1/2"-diameter spotlamp and mini-light housings, and have screw terminal wire attachments. Sold each. 15085 70,000 candlepower/37.5 watts. Beam spread is 7° horizontal and 4° vertical (clear non-fluted lens) 15086 110,000 candlepower/50 Watts. Beam spread is 7° horizontal and 5° vertical (clear non-fluted lens) *Note: The high power requirements of these bulbs may cause excessive drain on charging systems. May not be legal in your state, check local regulations before installation. Halogen Headlamps and Bulbs Dual-filament halogen H-4 bulb with a precision-ground lens. 12-volt. 12525 7" (repl. OEM 67755-81T) 12526 5 3/4" 12527 55/60W H-4 halogen bulb 12529 55/100W H-4 halogen bulb 894520 894521 Headlight Insert Typ3 • 7” • Black or chrome inlay • High-low beam and parking light 894520 Chrome 894521 Black HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 5.16 for more details check 5.17

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