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Headlamps, turn signals, taillights, running lights, handlebar turn signals, sidemount license plates, license plate mounts, license plate lights, LED lights, 3-in-1 taillight/turn signal/brake lights, bulbs

LIGHTING APPAREL 26399 5 12506 12504 Chrome Headlight Assemblies 5-3/4" Headlights Show-chrome custom 5-3/4" headlights are available with side or bottom mounts. They all have high-beam indicator lights, and include mounting hardware. 12504 12-volt bottom mount 12506 12-volt side mount Replacement Parts 12960 Chrome outer ring only 19643 Bottom mounting hardware only 12520 High-beam bulb (#53) pack of 10 Custom Chrome 4-1/2" Mini Lights Designed for extra lighting on safety bars. Rated at 30 watts with 10,000 candlepower. 12-volt with high-low beam and indicator light. Includes swivel stud mounting bracket. 26399 Sold each 26400 Replacement 4 1/2" 60/60W sealed beam Custom Chrome Headlight and Spotlamp Housings for European Countries Chrome-plated headlight and 4-1/2" spotlamp housings that permit the use of Custom Chrome headlight assemblies with ECE approved inserts in European countries. To properly install the 4 1/2" spotlamp inserts, you must also purchase one of the O-ring sets listed separately. Each housing comes with mounting block, outer and inner ring, bulb socket and blue high-beam indicator light. Without inserts. Sold each. Housings ONLY 85036 Chrome 5-3/4" bottom mount headlight shell only 85037 5 3/4" headlight housing, side mount 85034 4 1/2" late-style spotlamp housing Parts for Headlight Housings 12960 Chrome outer ring only 19643 Bottom mounting hardware only Parts for Spotlamp Housings 85022 O-ring set for aftermarket late-style spotlamps E-Mark approved) 85021 O-ring set for Original Equipment spotlamps (E-Mark approved) 30123 12721 30124 Custom Scalloped Headlights Creative designs have builtin visors in the headlight rim and decorative scallops in the chrome-plated stamped steel bodies. Bottom mount brackets are included for most FXWG, FX Softail (except FXSTS), and Dyna Wide Glide models from 80-17 as well as many custom applications. The 6-1/2" and 5-3/4" lights include 55/60 watt H-4 halogen bulbs. Also available in a 4-1/2" mini-headlight for use in dual headlight applications. Sold each. 30123 5-3/4" headlight 30124 6-1/2" ‘Springer’ headlight 12721 4-1/2" mini-headlight with 12-volt hi-lo sealed beam for use in North American countries Replacement Parts 26400 Replacement 4 1/2" 60/60W sealed beam 640385 Headlamp replacement for 30123 640386 Headlamp replacement for 30124 CCE Chrome Headlight 6 1/2“ E-Mark 681341 H4 55/60W 619307 Replacement insert for 681341 Antique Headlight with E-Mark A modern rendition of the headlight fitted to Springer front ends from 36-54 with modern technology and E-Mark approval. It features a 12-volt H4 halogen bulb, parking light, clear lens with prism reflector and adjustable mounting block. Fits all FXWG and Softail models from 80-17 and any custom application with bottom mount Bates headlight. Available in chrome or high gloss black powdercoated versions. E-Mark 687667 Chrome 687668 Black 681899 Black with chrome trim ring 653942 6,5” Springer headlight, satin black Replacement parts 685980 Headlight lamp reflector with H4 bulbs 685981 Socket with wiring 685982 Gasket 696223 Headlight insert Springer Headlight for Early Models Exacting 6-1/2"-diameters replicas of the stock headlamps used from 36-54. Perfect fit of the complete unit, or use any of the replacement parts for restoration. Chrome or black-painted finishes with chrome bezels. 12-volt. 12537 Chrome, 12-volt 12539 Black, 12-volt Replacement Parts 12541 Headlight lens 12542 Headlight trim ring with screw 12545 Headlight lamp reflector 12543 12-volt replacement bulb 12544 6-volt replacement bulb Note: Will not fit Springer Softail models from late 1988 thru 2003. Use CC #09754 instead. Doss Custom 7" Headlights Innovative design by Rick Doss has interesting raised rib detail on the sides of the housing to match up with those on the Original Equipment fork tins. Includes mounting block and hardware for a bolt-on fit to FL Softail models from late 86-17. Also available in a smooth version to replace the stock unit. 30120 Ribbed 7" headlight 30121 Smooth 7" headlight Halogen 6-1/2" Springer- Style Headlight A modern rendition of the headlight on Springer front ends from 36-54. High-power 12-volt, 55/100 watt halogen bulb, and heavy-duty mount with adjustable mounting block and hardware. Fits all FXWG and Softail models (including Springer Softail models) from 80-17, and any custom application where a Bates 5-3/4" headlight would be used. 09754 Headlight assembly Replacement Parts 12541 Headlight lens 12542 Headlight trim ring with screw 12529 55/100W H-4 halogen bulb 12527 55/60W H-4 halogen bulb 7" Headlight Components The precision of our 7" headlight reproduction allows use of component parts for restoration. 26466 7" headlight housing 26463 7" headlight inner ring 26464 7" headlight outer ring 26491 Headlight bracket, Fits 4-speed FL models from 49-84 (repl. OEM 67810- 48) 26420 7” Halogen sealed beam (12-volt) 15090 7" 12-volt sealed beam Chrome Headlight Housing for European Countries Permits the use of Custom Chrome headlight assemblies with ECE approved inserts in European countries. Each shell comes with mounting bracket, outer and inner ring, and bulb socket. Sold each without inserts. 85004 7" headlight housing ONLY Headlight Inserts with E-Mark for European Countries ECE-approved inserts for all headlights and spotlamps for use in European countries. Available for right hand traffic also. Units do not include the bulb. Sold each. 85795 12V, H4 unit (SAE/DOT) with parking light, without ECE V-Rod Headlight OEM V-Rod headlight, raw, sold each 619486 V-Rod OEM Headlight, raw Custom Chrome V-Rod Headlights E-approved V-Rod style headlights with chrome or black housing. 653860 Chrome Oval Head Light V-Rod Style 653861 Black Oval Head Light V-Rod Style BA1 Headlight Set With Clamps 655801 For 38-41 mm forks incl. bracket set 655802 For 50-54 mm forks incl. bracket set LSL Urban Headlight Kit, E Approved New headlight with MT-03 optics, low beam, high beam and parking light. E-approved version with aluminum front fork bracket to fit diameters listed below. 685811 LSL Urban headlight for 39 mm front forks 685812 LSL Urban headlight for 41 mm front forks 685815 LSL Urban headlight for 50 mm front forks UB1 Headlight Set with Bracket and URBAN Headlight, E-Approved 655797 For 38-41 mm forks, black 655798 For 50+52+54 mm forks, black 5.12 for more details check 5.13 SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

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