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Forward controls, footpegs, floorboards, shift linkage/rods, brake pegs, shifter pegs, extended controls

3 Tour Ease Passenger

3 Tour Ease Passenger Floorboards These passenger boards provide excellent comfort, and have a unique universal mounting system that promotes easy installation. Made from 12-gauge steel with rubber pads, and triple chrome-plated. 05104 Set of two floorboards Joker Machine Serrated Floorboards • Super strong, yet light-weight. • The comfortable serrated foot surface area gives you a good “bite” onto the bottom of your shoe. • Has our exclusive pitch adjustment that enables you to change the angle of the floorboard in order to adjust it to a “level” riding position. • Available in Hard Black or raw aluminum finish. • Mounts with stock mounting hardware. • Dimensions: 4.75” wide x 13.5” long x .75” thick 607874 Floorboard kit, raw 607875 Floorboard kit, black 607876 Brake pedal cover, raw 607877 Brake pedal cover, black Adjustable Driver’s Mini- Floorboard Kit Fit into the stock female footpeg clevis’ on models with forward controls. In addition to 7/8" of fore-to-aft movement, they may be rotated in a 360° arc. Kit includes everything necessary for installation and features flawless chrome-plating on the individual components. 09910 Fits Dyna Wide Glide, FXST, FXSTC, FXSTS, FXSTSB, and 4-speed FXWG models from 83-16 651805 775652 775654 05103 Adjustable Floorboard Kits 26568 Chrome, oval ‘shaker’ floorboards 651805 Black, oval floorboards 26569 Chrome, oval floorboards (shown) 651806 Black, oval ‘shaker’ floorboards 777614 775650 Spear Floorboards for Indian • Indian Motorcycle heritage with modern technology • Provide comfort and vibration reduction • To match with the Spear grips 775650 Driver floorboards for Indian models 14-16 (except Scout) 775656 Passenger floorboards for Indian models (not pictured) 775652 Passenger mini boards without adapters* 775655 Shift & brake peg for 14-16 Indian models (Shift Peg Only) and 15-16 Scout (Shift & Brake) 775654 Brake pedal pad for Indian models *Note: Required model specific splined adapter (sold separately) 651808 Tour Ease Mini Floorboards May be installed in any clevis-style footpeg mounts, including as passenger floorboards for Softail models, or to replace the stock rider pegs on FXR or Softail models. Additional holes permit them to be rotated 15° for increased comfort. 05103 Chrome, pair (measure 8"-long x 4"-wide) 651808 Black, pair (measure 8” long x 4” wide) Note: When used in place of highway pegs, these floorboards should not be used under normal stop and go conditions. 05100 Replacement bolt and spacer set (sold in pairs) 05101 Replacement mounting blocks (sold in pairs) Retractable Passenger Cruise Pegs for Victory • Designed to mount to the OEM passenger footpeg or floorboards • Flip them forward for use, or back to be stowed out of the way 777614 For 10-16 Cross Country, Cross Roads, Magnum & Hard-Ball with OEM passenger foot peg mounts (not for Cross Country Tour or OEM passenger board applications) 3.50

FOOT CONTROLS 688291 APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 26566 FOOT CONTROLS 631224 190504 Floorboard Heel Guard These new rider footboard heel guards avoid damage to your boots and prevent melted rubber & scuff marks on your exhaust. This heel guard mounts to the right-side footboard and protects your boot from contact with the hot exhaust/shield. The subtle curved shape keeps the boot heel away without restricting fore & aft movement of the rider’s foot. Kit includes chrome or black heat resistant steel guard with all mounting hardware. Easy to install & sold each. HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL 09888 Adjustable Passenger’s Mini- Floorboard Kits for Softail Models Designed to bolt to the passenger footpeg mounting points. Mini “Shaker” floorboards have vibration-absorbing dampers. Both kits have 7/8" of fore-to-aft movement and may be rotated in a 360° arc. Kits include everything necessary to make the conversion, and fit all FX Softail models and FLST models from 84-99, (except FLSTC models). Floorboards measure approx. 7 1/4" x 3 1/2". 09888 Kit with “Shaker” mini-floorboards fits all FX and FL Softail models (except FLSTC) 09904 Kit with “Shaker” mini-floorboards for all FXR models 82-00 26488 Vintage-Style Floorboards for Touring and Softail Models Chrome plated vintage style floorboards feature raised footpad and antivibration dampeners for a comfortable ride. Fits all Touring models from 80-Up, and FL Softail models from 86-Up. Replacement rubber pads and vibration dampener kits are also available separately. 190504 Floorboard set (repl. OEM 50599-89T) 26488 Black replacement pads for oval floorboards (Sold in pairs) 26566 Replacement bumpers (repl. OEM 50620-74) set of 8 Fits: 12-16 FLD models, 80-17 Touring & 86-17 FL Softail models equipped with traditional and swept wing footboards. 688290 Floorboard heel guard, chrome 688291 Floorboard heel guard, black 651809 05150 EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE Chrome Undercovers for Passenger Floorboards Look good even when passenger floorboards are folded up. Simple installation limited to drilling mounting holes in the floorboard bases. Sold in pairs. 05150 Chrome, Fits all Touring models 87-17 651809 Black, Fits all Touring models 87-17 WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES TourEase Custom Floorboard Pads Feature non-slip rubber pads, chrome slotted covers. Ready for mounting on stock floorboard bases. 14319 Sold in pairs, fits 80-17 FLH/T, 86-17 FLST, 12-16 FLD Colored "Oval" Floorboard Mats These "Oval" Floorboard Mats fit stock 40-65 FL models plus any aftermarket oval floorboards fitted to custom Bobbers. Available in red, black or white. A super trick way to class up your ride! Affix with adhesive or rivets. A great look when used along with our Solo Seats, vintage style grips and kicker pedals which are also available in matching red, Black or white! Replaces OEM#50614-40. Sold in pairs. 632356 Floorboard Mats, Oval - White 632357 Floorboard Mats, Oval - Red 26488 Black replacement pads for oval floorboards (Sold in pairs) for more details check 778829 Splined Passenger Board Mount Adapter For Victory 778829 For OEM Passenger Board Mount on Cross Country Tour models FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 3.51

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