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2017 BOAR Video AT NIGHT

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Custom Chrome Europe Promotion Video 2017 At Night


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE Beside filming, press rides with East European magazines took place during the events, this one with Polish „Custom“ magazine.

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE TOP: For the Eighties „Cold War“ dream-scene, Marcel and his wife Eva were retro-styled to Czech „Eighties fashion“ – and a fitting 250 cc Jawa „Californian“ two stroke served as transport. Since Eva could only spend one day at Euro Bike Fest, all of her scenes had to be finished by Saturday, also the main event day! always keeps a close ear to the demands of his clients – and to the scene of all his countries, stretching over a bigger area (and more languages!) than any other CCE Sales Rep. Soon after the first event, which from the start was supported by CCE, EBF became a popular and permanent event on the annual CCE timetable, also thanks to the scenic countryside where numerous photo sessions and press rides with magazines took place! Naturally, the scenic landscape, this year visited for the nineth year, and the empty roads made Southern Moravia a natural filming scenery. The popularity of Custom Chrome Europe with Eastern European customizers and Harley-dealers dates back to the times of the European Championship in Mainz and the legendary CCE Dealer Shows, which TOP: Back to the Eighties: Marcel and Eva in Eighties hairstyle BOTTOM: Not far from the former „Iron Curtain“, tank obstacles are still there. were frequented by numerous eastern customizers, presenting their outstanding handcrafted bikes – but how to introduce them in a Music Video with no spoken words? % % % Thus, the idea of the „At Night“ Dance Move was born. Easier said than done, the move had to be recognizable but simple, for it had to be taught in a very short time, to people

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