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2017 BOAR Video AT NIGHT

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Custom Chrome Europe Promotion Video 2017 At Night


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE Simone prepares Eva for the „Eighties shot“ Simone also performed riding shots „At Night“ scouting for locations CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PROUDLY PRESENTS A MARCUS ARNOLDY PRODUCTION THE RIDE UNRIVALLED MOVIE 2017 STARRING EVA AND MARCEL MASARYK AND RUBY SHOCK AND CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE TEAM WWW.CUSTOM-CHROME-EUROPE.COM Hidden from view: BMW film bike Merve Özdag of CCE introducing another „victim“ to the „At Night“ move – Simone Messer aids in the rear.

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE Marcel and Eva in the „Eighties“ outfit... ...and „re-united“ in the presence. Sunday shooting at best weather near Pavlov... CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE FILM CREW As in the last years, CCE filmed the 2017 clip with own staff and friends, Marcus „Kalle“ Arnoldy rolling the action cameras (and drone), „Motographer“ Horst Roesler the static ones (and the locations and photography). Simone Messer and Merve Özdag of CCE created the „At Night“ move while Marcel Masaryk and wife Eva were „dragged“ into the filming, as were previous sales reps which played leading roles in „Sexy Thing“, „This Is“ and the Italo-Western „Ride Unrivalled“. Andreas Scholz, Axel Scherer and Stefan Willem rode „Hollister“, „Spyke“ and „Thunderbolt“ in the film sequences, Simone Messer als acting as „house dragon“ quite professionally. Quite unlike compared to her day job, where she is patient and nice to the clients. Discussing a riding sequence: Marcus „Kalle“ Arnoldy

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