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2017 BOAR Video AT NIGHT

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Custom Chrome Europe Promotion Video 2017 At Night


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE „On the road“ with the five „stars“ of the clip, CCE‘s 2017 „Ride Unrivalled“ bikes.

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE rolled out the new „Ride Unrivalled“ bikes – four outstanding customized Harley-Davidsons and one Indian „Scout“– these bikes were destined to become the real stars of the music video, as were the then „Bolt On and Ride“ bikes of 2014, 2015 and 2016. Ridabilty and style played a major role in this year´s creations by Fred Kodlin, Thunderbike, Harley-Davidson Würzburg Village, Zassels Custom Bikes and SK-Bikes. Fred Kodlin Motorcycles and Harley-Davidson Würzburg Village created the two Sportster-based custombikes, Fred and his son Len a Café Racer type sportbike, the „Village“ a „Cross-over“ dirt track style radical based on the „Forty-Eight“, both representing two customizing themes of the many variations in the 60th anniversary of the Sportster model line. This year´s „Touring-Steamer“ was created by Thunderbike at Hamminkeln and performed quite well at the „riding sessions“, even in the „road chase“ scenes. Turning the heavy bike around on the narrow roads after each shoot was a different story. But riders embraced the performance and reliability of CCE‘s first „Milwaukee Eight“ powered custombike. No such handling problems had Zassel´s „Hollister“, the „Deuce“-based Softail custom which really felt at home on Czech roads. For the first time, the 2017 „Ride Unrivalled“ line-up feature an Indian motorcycle: SK-Bikes of Bad CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PROUDLY PRESENTS A MARCUS ARNOLDY PRODUCTION THE RIDE UNRIVALLED MOVIE 2017 STARRING EVA AND MARCEL MASARYK AND RUBY SHOCK AND CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE TEAM WWW.CUSTOM-CHROME-EUROPE.COM Kreuznach modified the „Scout“ into a cool looking „Bobber“ type custom which caught considerable attention even in the Harley crowd. Lightweight, well handling and quick, „Spyke“ soon became a favourite ride among the team. While CCE is adding more Indian customparts to the program, Harley-Davidson service, maintenance and custom parts still play the major role in the business – as did the four Harley-powered bikes in the „At Night“ clip. % % % With the last chords of the „Ruby Shock“ performance at the Superrally 2017 fading out, filming was completed and the cutting work began. Surprise news came just the same week as „At Night“ went online June 22nd: Harley- Davidson will celebrate the European 115th birthday event at ... Prague! So the „Factory“ is also acknowledging the importance of the East European markets. Guess who was already in Prague checking for locations? Text & photos: HRF, Motographer; Full parts cataloges and features of bikes (with alternative parts for other HD model lines!) soon available as downloadable PDF on the website! Video „At Night“ see www.Custom- website and/or youtube!

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