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2017 BOAR Video AT NIGHT

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Custom Chrome Europe Promotion Video 2017 At Night


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE For almost 10 days the weather stayed sunny and warm, allowing superb filming conditions – and great parties for the visiting riders of EBF and SUPERRALLY.

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE the choreography, they were also given the task to teach the „At Night Move“ to the participants „on-site“ during the event, for Merve, just successfully finished her CCE apprenticeship, her first event experience at an international Custombike event. „At Night“ comes from Ruby Shock´s „Love me love my dogs“ album – the third time the Stuttgart-based cult band delivered a song for a CCE music video – and it was performed „live“ at the Superrally 2017, when the band performed on Saturday before the Harley-Davidson bike drawing took place. % % % By then, all of the other filming had already been performed, the most limiting factor the availability of the „stars“, CCE East Europe Sales Rep Marcel Masaryk and his wife Eva, who not just had their „day job“ duties but also „family business“ to attend. That some of the most important scenes had to be filmed in the heat of the EBF‘s main event days didn‘t make the task easy, but somehow it worked out. As did the many „Dance inserts“ that included visiting Czech and Polish CCE Dealers, EBF pole-dancers and even a delegation of „Zombies“ from the now established Euro Bike Fest „Zombie Run“ which has become a permanent attraction of the festival. Marcus „Kalle“ Arnoldy, renowned music-video specialist, again took the helm in filming and commanding the film efforts, script and plot again written by CCE Managing Director Andreas Scholz himself. % % % When the Euro Bike Fest crowd jumped their bikes to return home Sunday, the scene-table still featured a lot of shoots not yet performed – time for some serious riding action. Since 2009 visiting Euro Bike Fest, sometimes even riding the then „Bolt On and Ride“ bikes some 1.000 km down to Pasohlavky, the team knew the area – the Mikulov highlands and the Nové Mlýny reservoirs that dam the Thaya river offer plenty of empty roads running through a landscape that is yet almost untouched by modern „additions“ like logistic centers or windmill-parks. Filming locations were either already known or „scouted“ while Euro Bike Fest was going on. Monday‘s schedule also included the necessary 250 km round trip to Trnava/Slovakia, where the „in house“ and opening sequences were filmed at Masaryk‘s home garage. % % % „It is essential not to overlook any scenes, shots and angles that might later be missing“, knows Marcus „Kalle“ Arnoldy, „so we filmed scene after scene from different angles to have enough material for the riding and detail sections“ – all this while the SUPERRALLY was preparing to heat up and CCE‘s team had the additional task to organize a ride-in type bike show for the event. There was little time to relax. % % % When in May 2017 Custom Chrome Europe

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