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2016 BOAR Ride Video Ride Unrivalled

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Custom Chrome Europe Promotion Video 2016 Ride Unrivalled


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE With blazin‘ guns and smokin‘ exhausts: Filming Custom Chrome Europe‘s new music-video took place in Pullman City/Harz-Mountains/Germany.

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE Lonely streets, wind blows dust through deserted side alleys, lanterns rattle in the wind – Carson City in August 1886? A deep rumble is rolling along, but it ain‘t a thunderstorm, approaching with the long expected and needed rain to Nevada‘s deserted landscape, relieving the gold diggers from thirst and draught. The rumble comes quick. The Sheriff looks out of the office window, four strangers come into town. Relaxed and cool, he rolls the drum of his Colt Sixshooter, checking the weapon. Will there be trouble in town today? His eyes meet the clock: 5 to 12 – High Noon. A drop of oil to the drum, turns smoothly as silk. The barrel is polished – and the last „troublemakers“ left the town lying on their back. Only up to Boot Hill ... J J J „Two basic ideas formed the concept of the 2016 videoclip“, explains „Boss Man“ Andreas Scholz, who also envisioned the basic plot for the music clip, „first we wanted a „new start“, which means a completely stand-alone new story that would have nothing in common with the 2014/2015 videos which were succeeding stories, but we also wanted to give the Italian Sales Representative Ivano Segato the leading role, since Italy is an important market for CCE. This is also a reason why we opted for a parody of the typical Spaghetti-Western.“ J J J Pullman City near Hasselfelde in the eastern Harz Mountains was found perfect to film „on location“ – and a themed Western town that is open to bike riders, too: Every June, The scenic Western Town offered everything the team needed for cool shots! Better, cooler, funnier – and even crazier than last year: The 3rd music video of Custom Chrome Europe will set new standards for „Custom-Promotion“. Following „Sexy Thing“ (2014) and „This Is!“ (2015), „Ride Unrivalled“ continues the series of short CCE-clips, which promote „Customizing“ in general. The „message“: Customizing is adventure, individual as every rider – and great fun! We don‘t give away the plot – as you may want to see the video yourself, but the „scene shots“ of CCE certainly raise curiosity: Custom Chrome Europe goes Wild West!

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