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2014 BOAR Video Sexy Thing

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Custom Chrome Europe BOAR Bike Promotion Video


CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE YOU SEXY THING - THE CCE VIDEO CLIP: As in the „real movie world“, scenes were shot wildly at random and due to the weather conditions. So the final „Leader of the Pack Ride“ was the first scene to be shot.

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE PRESS RELEASE - PUBLICATION FREE OF CHARGE or not, E-approved! CCE PB2 HI-Power LED turn signals are a tribute to German street homologation – in Germany, there is no way around it … N N N It is well established that “Old School” themed bikes don’t need a lot of horsepower – and any given “Twin Cam” already has three times the power and ten times the reliability what original “Old School” Flatheads or Knuckleheads could boast in their time. The 88 Cubic Inch Twin Cam B thus remained close to stock and was refined only in details: S&S Cycles Valve Spring Kit, S&S Cycles Roller Rockers and High Performance Tappets, S&S Cycles “Quickee” pushrods, S&S Cycles “Easy Start” Cams, S&S Super G, fitted with Cycle Kraft “5 Spoke”, Thunder Jet Kit, HD ignition in combination with ThunderMax and – last but certainly not least – Xzotic Rocker Boxes for the Panhead Style look. N N N Rinehart “2-in-2- Softail pipes give the look and the sound for this bobbin’ beauty – and yes: There might be a few horses more than in the stock version. The motor is coupled with the gearbox via the wider BDL 3” polished beltdrive, but that also remains a question of taste and look: The slimmer 2-Inch belt would do the job just as good. N N N Into a “rolling start” almost from the workbench, “Sexy Thing” performed flawlessly during the filming and beyond – as did the other custombikes of the 2014 “Bolt On and Ride” line-up, that either have features on the CCE website or also have small video-clips that show them “in action” or in detail. Like its predecessor, the “Lucky F*ucker” conversion kit has soon become a valuable base for custombike builders and will be seen in great variations in the coming years: The song says “I believe in Miracles”, but Custom Chrome Europe’s statement is equally bold: “We believe in the creativity of the European customizers …”, smiles Andreas Scholz, “and what they have created out of our parts never failed to excite and surprise us!” Text: HRF, Fotos: Horst Rösler, Models: Veronica Calilli, Jamie Sagrado, Sales Rep CCE Spain; „Build-Off“ images by Harley-Factory; Full parts catalogue (with alternative parts for other HD model lines!) available as downloadable PDF on the website!

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