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2 Touring Hardbag Set by

2 Touring Hardbag Set by Rick’s Stretched versions in OEM quality made of ABS plastic. Quality, measurements and finish tops easy all fiber glas pendants and is much more reliable. Mounts are all like OEM and the serial covers needs to be re-used. They come prepared for 2 side exhaust systems. A perfect match to Rick’s rear fender for Touring models. 619436 Touring Hardbag set Rick‘s, FLT 93-13 893210 Touring Side Covers by Rick’s Perfect shaped side covers made of a special fiber composite material. They fit exactly because of a perfect shaped inner contour. They need to be glued on with a special adhesive material which is included in the package. No need of any screws which cause paint damages sooner or later! Including detailed mounting description. 619437 Rick’s Touring side cover kit, FLT 09-13 Rick’s Stretched Hard Bag Sets for Touring Models 14- Touring models 14- cases feature the same dimensions as the tailend: 4.0’’ extended downwards and about 1.5’’ stretched to the rear to continue the fender line – all of which can be used as storage space! The 2014 model year touring cases support the stock HD-covers, thus the fitting keys. 642952 Hard bag set by Rick’s for Touring models 14-17 Support Bracket Rick’s Touring Rear Fender for Touring Models 14-17 642956 Rear fender by Rick’s GFK for models 14-17 Rick’s Sidefiller Sets for Touring Models 14-16 Rick’s offers this option for extended side covers for a better and more arodynamic airflow around the cases and a cooler look too! Rick‘s „Sidefillers“ are manufactured from heavy duty fiber glass, thus offering great strength and a solid base for the paintjob. 642955 Sidefiller kit for models 14-17 Bagger Tail Conversion Kit for Softail Models • Baggertail Style permits to convert your Softail to a real Touringbike in Custom style • Available for Evo and Twin Cam Softail models • No drilling or welding necessary • The kit includes a rear fender, a pair of saddlebags with round lids and a black powder coated support bracket • Made of fiber glass and made in Germany 893210 86-06 FXST, FXSTC, FXSTB, FLSTC, FLSTF, FXSTS, FLSTS (Fits max. 150 mm rear tires) 893211 07-17 FXST, FXSTC, FXSTB, FLSTC, FLSTF, FXSTS, FLSTS, FLS, FXS (Fits max. 200 mm rear tires) Note: To use with Softail Staggered OEM exhaust pipes or FL Touring Style 2 in 1 and 2 in 2 exhaust system. Saddlebag hardware (lid latches, fasteners and latch covers) is not included and must be ordered separatly (#619760). 2.80

SEATS & TOURING APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING Arlen Ness Angled Bags Features: • Arlen‘s angled cut design gives you the ultimate look while providing maximum cornering clearance. • Each saddlebag is stretched 5“ longer than stock to cover your muffler from front to back and provide a stretched look. • These injected molded ABS saddlebags provide consistent quality, superior strength and rigidity. Perfect fit every time from a name you can trust. • Saddlebags have cutouts for dual exhaust applications. For custom applications with single exhaust or no exhaust exits, block off plugs are available separately. • Saddlebags are sold individually. Please order a right and left for each motorcycle 550000 Left side 97-13 FLT 550001 Right side 97-13 FLT 906765 Left side 14-18 FLT 906766 Right side 14-18 FLT Accessories 550002 Bag Plug Left Hand 550003 Bag Plug Right Hand Curved Tank Cover & Dash Kit This curved gas tank cover kit fits gas tanks on Road King models 08-17 and comes including dash, dash bracket and dash trim. The cover and dash are made of durable ABS plastic which offers a first class strength and only one hour preparation work for painting. To be glued with high strength adhesive (not included) to the OEM tank. No need to remove or mount the EFI pump and gas tank internals anymore. 619670 Curved tank cover kit 893968 For Road King 08-17, smooth sides ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH Ness Down-N-Out Fender Kits and Saddlebags Down-N-Out Fender kits are a direct replacement for 98-08 and 09-16 FLT Bagger models. These new super stretched fenders are designed to work and flow with our new Down-N-Out Saddlebags. The fender is constructed from high quality composite materials and oven cured over a wide heat range to insure stability. It is primed with a high quality polyester sanding primer and is ready to paint. Both versions come without cutout for license plates! Rear Fenders 654095 Down-N-Out fender kit for FLT models 97-08, dual exhaust 654096 Down-N-Out fender kit for FLT models 09-17, dual exhaust Saddlebags The Down-N-Out bags from Arlen Ness are 6“ longer and 2“ lower than our original Big Bags from Ness. They feature a patent pending taper on the lower section of the bag for a clean new look and an extra 2 inches of ground clearance. Constructed from high quality composite materials. No shiny get coat finish to sand and prime, every part comes finished, primed with a super high quality polyester sanding primer and is ready to paint. 654097 Down-N-Out Saddlebags for FLT models 09-13, dual exhaust Ness Fender Cover and Saddlebag Extension Kits for Touring Models Designed to fit over and clean up the gap between the OEM fenders and saddlebags on ‘Touring’ models from 93-13 with slight modifications. Saddlebag extensions can be bolted or fiberglassed to existing saddlebags. Include fender cover, two saddlebag extensions and all mounting hardware. Made of fiberglass construction. 05326 Complete kit for all Touring models from 97-08 05321 Fender cover ONLY for all Touring models from 97-08 05800 Saddlebag extensions ONLY for all Touring models from 93-13 (sold in pairs) 4,5” Stretched Saddlebags for all FLT models 93-13 Available with cut-outs for dual exhaust or without cutout in case you want to use a custom exhaust system. Bags are made of durable PPO/PA plastic and fits all fenders matching the OEM bags. They use all hardware which come with the OEM bags ore use CCI# 619760 saddle bag latch kit. 619858 No cut-out for exhaust DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 2.81

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