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Tools, ramps, tie down straps, motorcycle locks, motorcycle lifts, shop dollies, battery chargers, tool kits (road side repairs), torque wrenches, specific engine tools, engine stands, bearing tools, diagnostic tools, screws

Throttle Control Limiter

Throttle Control Limiter Throttle control limiter is an useful option for VE maps measuring. This tool helps in setting of constant throttle position during acceleration or deceleration. 888125 Throttle control limiter 888126 Lambda Installation Set This set is an option to the AFR Tuning Monitor. It allows you to install a pair of wide band lambda sensors on all exhausts without the possibility to simply replace the installed lambda sensors (M18 thread). Installation on: • Exhausts equipped with M18 fitting without enough space for longer wide band lambda sensor • Exhausts equipped with M12 fitting lambda sensors on newer H-D bikes • Exhausts without any fitting The set contains a powerful double pump, which ensures high accuracy and measurement speed of real AFR in each cylinder. The pump is powered from 12V supply and can therefore be used also for a road test. Necessary tool (but for drill) is included. 888126 Installation set lambda (Eu) 890085 Installation set lambda MINI (Eu) 888127 Kit-Adapter for lambda sensors for open pipes 890085 888127 Smart Power Bench II (SPB) Power bench for bike diagnostics and tuning • Simulates engine load for equivalent to road test • Simulates double load for comfortable tuning measurements (VE maps) • Provides measurements for both power and torque curves • Facilitates measurement of VE maps for engine tuning • Provides the opportunity to carry out engine diagnostics whilst under load • Utilises built-in fan for engine & rear tire cooling 888128 Smart power bench Note: This is not a stock item, for more details visit our Dealer Store! 19 19.50

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS Steel “Round Bungs” and “Round Nuts” by Hell’s Kitchen Choppers These Round Nuts are CNC machined for use as Sissy Bar mounts, Fender mounts, Gas Tank mounts and a hundred other applications. Paint, Chrome or Powder-coat as desired. Every person putting a bike, or a street rod together needs a selection of these handy puppies on their workbench! Use along with the “Round Bungs” for allen head bolts also available in this catalog. Sold in Pairs. 632701 Round Bung: 1/2” long, 1/2” O.D., 1/4” I.D. For 1/4” socket allen head bolts 632702 Round Bung: 5/8” long, 1/2” O.D., 5/16” I.D. For 5/16” socket allen head bolts 632703 Round Bung: 3/4” long, 11/16” O.D., 3/8” I.D. For 3/8” socket allen head bolts 632704 Round Bung: 7/8” long, 7/8” O.D., 7/16” I.D. For 7/16” socket allen head bolts 632693 Round Nut 1/4-20 UNC x 1/2 632694 Round Nut 1/4-20 UNC x 1 632695 Round Nut 5/16-18 UNC x 1/2 632696 Round Nut 5/16-18 UNC x 1 632697 Round Nut 3/8-16 UNC x 1/2 632698 Round Nut 3/8-16 UNC x 1 632699 Round Nut 7/16-14 UNC x 1/2 632700 Round Nut 7/16-14 UNC x 1 Steel Iron Cross Plates by Hell’s Kitchen Choppers These cool Iron Crosses are water jet cut from 3/16” cold rolled steel. You can weld them on your sissy bar, use as brackets, make custom foot pegs or lots of other uses. Sold Raw. Paint, Chrome or Powder-coat as desired. Sold each. 632690 Steel Iron Cross 1x1 632691 Steel Iron Cross 2x2 632692 Steel Iron Cross 3x3 500452 Chrome Sockethead Screw Plugs Individual Sizes 32351 Fit 1/4" screws (pack of 100) 32352 Chrome 5/16" sockethead plugs. Pack of 100 32354 Fit 7/16" screws (pack of 100) 32355 Fit 1/2" holes (pack of 10) 32356 Chrome 17/32" hole plugs for spotlamp bar (pack of 10) LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE HKC stainless steel Iron Cross and Spades design washers Complete the style of your bike with matching design stainless steel washers from Hells Kitchen Choppers made in Germany. The versions for hex type screws are a little bit wider than the versions for socket screws. They are polished and available in several sizes. Spades design washers 682129 1/4" hex 682130 1/4" socket 682131 5/16" hex 682132 5/16" socket 682135 7/16" hex 682136 7/16" socket 682137 1/2" hex 682138 1/2" socket Iron Cross design washers 682144 3/8" socket 682145 7/16" hex 682146 7/16" socket 682147 1/2" hex WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 19.51

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