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Tools, ramps, tie down straps, motorcycle locks, motorcycle lifts, shop dollies, battery chargers, tool kits (road side repairs), torque wrenches, specific engine tools, engine stands, bearing tools, diagnostic tools, screws

Dealers opportunity for

Dealers opportunity for full service on all kinds of fuel injected H-D, Buell, Indian and Victory Models! DIAG4BIKE Serial Diagnostic System Our aim is to provide the user of DIAG4BIKE with a diagnostic tool that is comparable to the original diagnostic equipment for the brands in terms of common diagnostic operations. It enables the user to perform diagnostics of electronic fuel injection modules and others (i.e. security modules, ABS etc.) through the diagnostic connector on the vehicle.The kit contains a communication interface with the necessary adapter(s),a USB cable for connection to your laptop (or PC) and diagnostic software that is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. There is also a wireless Bluetooth version of the communication interface available. Motorcycle diagnostics for model year 2019 and older • Overview of the Harley-Davidson® models • All models since 1995 (Delphi, Magneti Marelli, VDO IGN, Thunder MAX EFi) Overview of control units that can be diagnosed and functions • Ignition Module • EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection Module) All models • TSSM (Turn Signal Security Module) Key FOB with button • HFSM (Hands Free Security Module) Key FOB without button • BCM (Board Control Module) Key FOB without button • SCM (Security Control Module) • Gauges (Speedo, Tacho and Instrument Module) All models • ABS Module (Delphi + CAN models) All models • Radio, Thunder MAX EFI (models with 4-pin Datalink connector) • Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes All models, updated trouble codes, parameters and texts • Limits of measured parameters • Read Identification data (parts number, VIN number) All models • Monitoring real-time data (throttle position, temperature, oxygen sensors, turn signals etc.) Test actuators (injectors, coils, main relay, fuel pump, idle, turn signals, tachometer, lamps etc.) Buell diagnostics is incorporated in Harley-Davidson diagnostics • Unit of measure selection metric/american • Communication interface is CAN ready (models with 6-pin Datalink connector) • Motorcycle report (search for and identify all embedded control units, read fault code memory, erase fault code memory by one button, generate and print a diagnostic report, odometer reading, the diagnostic report is printed into pdf file after successful motorcycle report). • Toolbox (special functions in one place with description of the functions) • Module replacement (TSSM, HFSM, BCM) • ABS Service (Bleeding and configuration, Delphi + CAN models) • ACR (Automatic compression release during starting) Cruise Control, Exhaust actuator, EITMS enable/disable • Side Stand Switch configuration - All models • Intake solenoid valve configuration on CAN models (6-pin Datalink connector) 653745, 653746 653747 • Radio customization - All models • J&M Audio configuration • ABS Telltale configuration on CAN models • Radio pairing, Buell TPS adjustment, Speedo pairing (CAN models) • Reset AFV (all models and Buell®) • Idle speed adjustment - all models with Delphi Electronic Fuel Injection Module up to 2017 • for models 2018-19 is idle speed adjustment available in advanced or professional tuning TSSM Customization PIN read/change, Auto arming disable/enable, Key FOB assignment instruction • HFSM Customization Key FOB assignment/replacement, PIN read/ change, disable/enable: Auto arming, Sidecar, Service mode • BCM Customization Key FOB assignment/replacement, PIN read/ change, disable/enable: Auto arming, Sidecar, Service mode, Lights configuration, Keyless ignition Disarming (HFSM/BCM module) PIN read/FOB assignment on armed bike (for BCM modules a CAN disarming cable is needed) • TPMS configuration BCM, Speedo, Radio • TPMS valve assignment • Fork Lock Switch configuration • Wireless Headset configuration • Odometer units settings KM / MIL - All models • Adding a button with a direct link to the On Line Help (www.doc- • Displaying battery voltage 653747 Diagnostic Software, 4/6-Pin adapter included (6-Pin CanBus) (includes one free tuning dongle!) requires 653745 or 653746. 653745 USB serial interface (including Hardcase as shown) requires 653747 653746 USB & Blue Tooth serial interface (including Hardcase as shown) requires 653747 CAN Disarming Cable For disarming /BCM Modules. PIN read / FOB assignment on armed bikes. 888130 CAN disarming cable 890084 Software for Indian & Victory includes: • Adapter Indian and Victory • SW Installation on USB stick • SW license code 890084 Serial Diagnostic-SW Direct Support by Manufacturer for all Retail Customer. CAN Disarming Cable 19 For disarming /BCM Modules. PIN read / FOB assignment on armed bikes. 888130 CAN disarming cable 19.46 Tech tip: See section 8 for actuators and sensors from Standard Motor Products

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT APPAREL 619080 SEATS & TOURING 653752 FOOT CONTROLS 653749 HAND CONTROLS 619081 LIGHTING 914797 653750 ELECTRICAL EXHAUST 653759 INTAKE ENGINE Dealers opportunity for full service on all kinds of fuel injected H-D, Buell, Indian and Victory Models! Diag4Bike Parallel Diagnostic Systems Professional diagnostic tool for Harley-Davidson & Buell workshops and tuning centers. Parallel diagnostics is designed for measuring input and output signals from the electronic fuel injection module (EFI) and other modules. Measurements can also be made on running engines. The system consists of a set of adapter cables and a breakout box. The breakout box is inserted between the EFI module and the motorcycle’s wiring harness so that the system continues to function as normal. Monitoring points for all connector pins of the EFI module are clearly arranged on the breakout box. It is possible to measure signals and waveforms from all systems and actuators. Disconnecting the ECU from the breakout box allows quick and reliable check of the integrity of the wiring harness in respect to continuity, and leakage currents. 653749 Breakout Box 62 Pin 619080 36/48-Pin adapter harness for 12-14 FXST/FXD models 619081 18/18-Pin adapter harness for BCM on CAN equipped models 653750 36-Pin adapter harness for Delphi EFI models 653751 73-Pin adapter harness for Touring EFI models 08-11 (not shown) 653752 35-Pin adapter harness for Magneti Marelli EFI 653759 Universal connector kit includes common adapters (73 connectors) for non destructive diagnostic operations on the wiring harness 914797 T-Adaptor 3x18 PT for H-D ECM onTouring 14-19 and Softails 18-19 Direct Support by Manufacturer for all Retail Customer. GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer Specifically for applications in and around the vehicle. Exhaust pipe, cooling water, tyres, brakes, engine housing (oil temperature), asphalt, etc. 607715 Thermometer Infrared -50 - + 550 607716 Thermometer Infrared -50 - + 1000 SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 19.47

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