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Tools, ramps, tie down straps, motorcycle locks, motorcycle lifts, shop dollies, battery chargers, tool kits (road side repairs), torque wrenches, specific engine tools, engine stands, bearing tools, diagnostic tools, screws

Motion Pro Clutch Tool

Motion Pro Clutch Tool Designed to hold clutch baskets, flywheels, gears, sprockets, etc. Jaws open to 5 inches wide. Made of medium carbon steel with hardened jaws. A very useful tool for holding any kind of mechanical work. 5008008 Clutch Tool Clutch Hub Puller Pulls the clutch hub on Big Twin and 45" models. Works with 3, 5 or 10 finger clutch hubs. Also pulls the motor sprocket on Sportster and Big Twin models, Sportster transmission sprockets and the rotor assembly on Big Twin models from 70-89. 20013 Replaces OEM 95960-41A Motion Pro Clutch Spring Compression Tool Made for compressing the diaphragm clutch springs on Big Twins from 90-97 and Sportster models from 91-03. 5008137 Complete kit 14965 14966 Barnett Diaphragm Clutch Spring Compressors Facilitates the removal and re-installation of the clutch plates on wet clutch models. Two different versions are available. 14965 Fits all Big Twins from 90-97, and all Sportster models from 91-03 (repl. OEM 38515) 14966 Fits all Sportster models from late 84-90 (repl. OEM 34761) Chain and Belt Alignment Tool The laser light makes the running direction of the rear sprocket directly visible on the belt or chain which allows fast and easy control of the belt alignment. This tool should be in the pocket of every serious motorcyclist. Get rid of your aluminum bars and get the new laser bike alignment tool. It easily clips to the front and rear wheel. The laser will show you any front to rear wheel misalignment. It will also show you the vertical misalignment on rubber mounted models in a breeze. 686361 Chain/belt alignment tool 686362 Bike alignment tool Clutch Hub Puller for Big Twins Pulls three-finger clutch hubs on all Big Twin models from 36-E84. Puller also includes four bolts for use with the puller to remove the clutch hubs on late-model Big Twins with diaphragm clutches thru 19. 20006 Replaces OEM 95960-52C 19 19.38 Clutch Hub Puller A tool that belongs in the toolbox of everyone that likes to turn his own wrenches on Big Twins. Made in America out of top-quality tool steel. 20269 Fits Big Twins from 36-89 BDL Clutch Lock Up Tool For use on all of our belt drive units which have the BDL round clutch dogs. This clutch lock-up tool is designed to help you properly torque the clutch basket & hub assembly to the main shaft of your transmission without the use of an Impact wrench that can damage the hub, basket or other components of your new belt drive. 612434 Clutch lock tool for BDL drives Motion Pro Chain Riveting Tool Designed to rivet chain links to form an endless chain. It can be used on drive chains, or as a chain breaker by pushing the pin out. Each kit includes three pin sizes to fit a variety of chains with replacement pins and tips available. 5008058 Riveting tool 5008059 2mm replacement pin 5008060 3mm replacement pin 5008061 4mm replacement pin

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT APPAREL SEATS & TOURING Motion Pro Hydraulic Brake Bleeder Aids in bleeding and servicing of hydraulic brakes. The unique check valve allows fluid and air to escape, while preventing air from re-entering the system. Instructions and hose included. 5008143 Hydraulic Brake Bleeder Master Link Installation Tool Turns the chore of installing press-fit master link plates into an easy job. Works equally well on both standard and O-ring chains. 20274 Master Link Installation Tool Motion Pro Chain Breaker Tool A tough tool designed for shop use, also makes a perfect tool kit item. Properly used, the tool will break hundreds of chain links without failure. Pushes chain link pin completely through link. Handle folds to fit small tool pouch. Replaceable pin is heat treated and hardened for long life. For shop use, tool may be used with an air or electric impact wrench. 5008001 Fits all 420 to 630 chains 5008002 Replacement pin FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE Chain Alignment Tool • Quick and accurate alignment • Tool body clamps squarely to rear sprocket so the alignment rod will indicate sprocket alignment to chain • Made in the U.S.A 5008048 Chain Alignment Tool, Sold each Motion Pro Quad Stake Chain Rivet Kit Use in conjunction with the Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool. This rivet kit will quad stake chain, so it looks like a factory job. 5008142 Complete kit Motion Pro Masterlink Pliers • Simplifies installation and removal of cliptype masterlinks • One tip is shorter and notched to be placed on the pin while the other is longer to easily push the clip 5008230 Master Link Pliers Motion Pro Chain Press Tool This tool will press on press fit side plates on all 520-530 size drive chain including O-ring types. 5008066 Complete tool 5008067 Press kit only Motion Pro Mini Chain Press Tool Tool box size and budget priced tool for the installation of press-fit side plates. Very easy to use, and easily fits into tool kit. Hex key wrench is included. 5008070 Fits all 520 to 530 chains Diamond Chain Breaker Compression screw uses a heat-treated steel tip to press out chain pins. It’s recommended that pins be ground off flush to avoid damaging the chain bushing. 33037 Replaces OEM 94480-89T JIMS Cleveblock Spreader Used to install the swingarm in 5-speed rubber mount frames. When cleveblocks are replaced they need to be positioned to installing the rear of the transmission. This tool spreads the cleveblocks permitting installation of the swingarm. 20951 For 82-94 FXR, 80-01 Touring Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool Kit • Ultra heavy duty tool for breaking and riveting roller chain • Fits all 520, 525, 530 and 630 standard or O-ring chains, plus industrial chains from #50-#80 • Pushes the pin completely through the chain link and rivets the same size chain with the included rivet adapter • Tool body may be mounted to a work bench for production work, held in a vise or by the handle • When bolted to a surface, an air or electric wrench may be used to break chain • Body bolt requires a 13⁄16" (21 mm) wrench and extractor pin uses a 9⁄16" (14 mm) wrench or socket 5008135 Chain tool 5008935 Replacement pin ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 19.39

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