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Tools, ramps, tie down straps, motorcycle locks, motorcycle lifts, shop dollies, battery chargers, tool kits (road side repairs), torque wrenches, specific engine tools, engine stands, bearing tools, diagnostic tools, screws

JIMS H-D Cruise Drive

JIMS H-D Cruise Drive 6-Speed Maindrive Gear and Bearing Remover / Installer Kit Complete Kit for servicing the main drive gear or the main bearing on the latest H-D 6-speed transmission. Removes or installs both parts correctly without damaging the case. 622057 All Twin Cam H-D 6-Speed Cruise Drive models, 06-17 Dyna's and all 07-17 Twin Cam models JIMS Starter Jackshaft Seal Installer Tool This tool is designed to easily align and install the starter jackshaft seal (H-D No.12066) without distorting or damaging the seal. This seal is located in the upper part of the inner primary of Big Twins. Sold each. 622059 For all Twin Cam FL models 99-06, FXST models 00-06 & FXD models 99-05, and on all Big Twin EVO 94-00 Gasket Locator Tool No. 968 by JIMS This tool will assist you in aligning the gaskets to avoid misalignment and oil leaks. Primary cover, cam cover, and transmission end cover gaskets are just a few of the possible applications. Install the locator tools into the gasket surfaces 1/4”-20 threaded holes, slip on the gasket and the cover over the pins. Next, install a few cover mounting screws and snug down. Recover the tools and finish off with the remaining screws. 3 piece set. 640094 For use on all models with 1/4”-20 threaded gasket surface mounting holes JIMS Right Side Drive Trap Door Puller This tool will remove the transmission door for service work without removing the complete transmission assembly. Sold each. 622065 For all aftermarket right side drive transmissions JIMS Inner Primary Cover Bearing and Seal Installer/Remover Tool Designed to safely remove and install the inner primary bearing, (H-D No.9135) without any damage to the new bearing. This is done by pushing on the outer perimeter of the bearing. Also removes and installs inner primary seal, (H-D No.12052A). This is the bearing and seal that the transmission mainshaft passes through. Sold each. 622060 For all Late 84-06 Softail models, 85-06 Touring models and 85-06 FXR & Dyna models JIMS 6-Speed Twin Cam Main Drive Gear Seal Installer This tool is designed to properly align and install, to the right depth, the main drive gear seal H-D No.12077 into the end of the gear. This can be performed while the assembled transmission is either on a bench or in the motorcycle chassis. Sold each. 622062 For all 6-Speed Twin Cam from 06-17 FXD, from 07-17 FXST & FL models, 17-19 M8 19 19.34 JIMS H-D Cruise Drive 6-Speed Maindrive Gear Remover Tool Removes the main drive gear from the main bearing correctly while in the transmission case. Eliminates the need of an arbor press and the risk of case damage 622054 All Twin Cam H-D 6-Speed Cruise Drive models, 06-17 Dyna's 17-19 M8 Models , 17 Twin Cam JIMS Flywheel Runout (Trueness) Inspection Gauge Check flywheel runout of the pinion shaft while assembled in engine case. Also check the amount of gear lash on gear driven cams used in some twin cam engines. By using a JIMS tire rotator No. 936 you can remove most all of the stress being applied to the flywheel by not rotating the engine with the electric starter motor. 622183 Use on 70-17 Big Twin, Shovels, EVO and Twin Cam

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT APPAREL SEATS & TOURING Main Drive Gear Bearing and Seal Installation Tool Use this tool to safely install new main drive gear bearings and seal, with use of a small 1-ton press. This tool will hold bearings and seal square to its bore, eliminating any marring of the bearings and seals and installing both to the right depth. 622042 Fits all 06-17 Dyna's and all Twin Cam models 07-17, Milwaukee Eight 19 Transmission Main Drive Gear Tool Use to remove the large 2 1/4" hex nut from the end of main drive gear, which secures the rear drive trans pulley. Just thread the inner support collar to end of mainshaft, place the socket over the collar with a 1/2" drive tool, and unthread (right hand thread) the locknut. 622037 Fits all 06 Dyna's and all Twin Cam models 07-17, 17-19 Milwaukee Eight JIMS Shifter Fork Gauges These American-made tools are ideal for setting and aligning shifter forks. Fit 4-speed Big Twin models from 39-86. 20001 39-E79 (repl. OEM 96384-39) 20108 Late 79-86 (repl. OEM 96385-78A) FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST Transmission Door Removal Tool Use this tool to remove (pull) the complete door with gears and shafts from the transmission. Just prepare the trans for disassembly, bolt this tool to the outside of door, and place the two supplied press pins into the two screw holes of trans case. Thread in two of the screws, securing the door to cases, and the door is pulled from case. 622036 Fits all 06-17 Dyna's and all Twin Cam models 07-17, 17-19 M8 Primary Chain Locking Tool Use to lock the clutch hub sprocket to the front engine sprocket. With the two sprockets locked together, engine and clutch nuts can easily be removed and retorqued. 622035 Fits all 06 Dyna's and all Twin Cam models 07-17, 17-19 Milwaukee Eight JIMS Mainshaft Sprocket Nut Wrench Extra-long, two-piece design with inner collar that keeps the wrench on the nut for safer service work. 1 7/8" hex (repl. OEM 94660-37A). 20691 Fits Big Twins from 36-06. Except 06 Dyna. INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH Primary Drive Lock Tool 894889 With step fits all models JIMS Primary Drive Lock Black Delrin plastic tool wedges between the primary chain and motor sprocket. 20823 For all primary drives DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES Cruise Drive (Late 6 Speed Trans) Main Case Seal Installer H-D’s new 6-speed transmission is a very stout piece of engineering, incorporating some of the best bearings made. These main case bearings are of such high precision that you must be very gentle when working in or around them. For this reason, JIMS has developed a driver style seal installer (not a pushing or pulling type, which could damage these bearings). This new tool installs the main seal to the correct depth, without applying any stress to the new precision bearings, or new seals. 622190 Use on all 6 Speed Cruise Drive 06-19 JIMS Trapdoor Puller Removes trapdoor with gears and shafts attached. Will not damage door bearing. 20835 For 5-speed Big Twin transmissions from 80-06, (exc. 06 Dyna) FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 19.35

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