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Tools, ramps, tie down straps, motorcycle locks, motorcycle lifts, shop dollies, battery chargers, tool kits (road side repairs), torque wrenches, specific engine tools, engine stands, bearing tools, diagnostic tools, screws

JIMS BETA Balancer Inner

JIMS BETA Balancer Inner Bearing Remover/Installer Accurately and safely install or remove the inner balancer bearing mounted in the left engine case. Designed for early or late Beta cases 00-17. 622043 Beta cases 00-17 JIMS Balancer Shaft Retention Pins Use this tool to secure the engine balancers on Twin Cam 88 “B” engines when servicing the flywheel assembly. This tool locks into the balancer’s sprocket pin holes to prevent the balancer from turning out of sync with the flywheel. 671017 For Twin Cam 88 Softail models from 00-17 JIMS Balancer Shaft Alignment Tool This tool is a must-have for maintaining a long life of your balancer’s drive chains and bearings. It takes the guess work out of setting up your sprocket and chain alignment on both early and late Twin Cam Softail engine and checks chain alignment between balancers and crankshaft. 671014 For all Twin Cam 88 and 96" Softail models from 00-17 FL Power Train Alignment Tool by JIMS This tool easily and safely aligns the Power Train, (rubber mounted engine, transmission and the swingarm assembly) to the correct position as found on most touring models. Alignment service must be performed when the engine, transmission, or swingarm has either been removed or repaired. The safety in handling and performance of the motorcycle could be greatly effected without the accurate alignment this tool provides. 640096 For use on 93-08 FLHT models 622064 622063 19 19.24 JIMS Fuel Pump Retainer Remover Tool This is a must use tool for removal or installation of the retaining ring otherwise you run the risk of developing a fuel leak. This tool safely removes the retaining ring holding the fuel pump. Use for quick and easy service of fuel filter and other fuel related parts. Sold each. 622055 For all FL models, with new fuel tank, 08-19 JIMS Twin Cam Engine Rotator Socket Use this tool to rotate the flywheel/piston assembly, with the engine still in frame or on a bench. This tool is used to rotate the flywheel assembly when doing pushrod adjustments, when building big inch engines, checking operating clearances such as piston to piston, or valve to valve. Can also be used to hold the flywheel assembly from rotating when torquing the cam drive sprockets retention bolts. This tool has been manufactured with a long socket design making it easier to use without the use of a 1/2” drive extension on your 1/2” driver. For engine bench work we recommend the engine be bolted in a JIMS engine stand. Sold each. Caution: Not for use with air or electric impact, this tool is only guaranteed for use with hand drivers, “not impacts”. 622063 For all 06-17 FXD & 07-17 FXST, & FL models 622064 For all Big Twins 55-06 models (except 06 FXD)

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT APPAREL SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS JIMS Twin Cam Inner Cam Bearing Installer Use this tool to press in the two inner cam bearings on all Twin Cams 99-17, except Touring 17 (replaces tool No.622038 & 20289). This tool has been designed to press from the letter side of the inner cam bearings. Putting all the pressure to the very outer wall of bearing shell, eliminates any damage to the bearings, cam, or cases. This tool will stop at the cases and set the bearing depth to .023” to .028” below the case surface. Use with JIMS tool, CCI part #622032 to remove bearings. 622067 Twin Cam Inner Cam Bearing Installer Inner Cam Bearing Removal Tool Used to easily remove the inner cam bearing. Insert puller collet into the cam bearing I.D. Insert dowel pin, place remover body over collet, lube threads and with hand tools the bearing is pulled from case. This precision tool will also keep all pin bearings from falling into the engine case. 622032 Fits all 06-17 Dyna's and all Twin Cam models 07-17, except Touring 17 Cam Locking Tool Permits the technician to lock the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets to properly remove, replace and torque the sprocket bolts. This tool is made from non-marring Delrin. Fits all 06 Dyna Glide and 07-17 Twin Cam models. Sold each. 622030 Cam Locking Tool Cam Clearance Tool Cutter Bit Twin Cam Engines 20143 Replacement cutter bit LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS RevTech Big Bore Cylinder Torque Plates Now you can repair your cylinder base threads with these easy to use torque plates. Used on RevTech cylinders. 651097 For 3 13/16” bore cylinders Cam Assembly Tool Use to hold both cams in an upright position while lowering the cam support plate over both guides. This tool has a non-marring material, that will not damage any of the cam’s surfaces. 622040 Fits all 06-17 Dyna's and all Twin Cam models 07-17, except Touring 17 Zipper’s Cam Lobe Clearance Cutter Can be used with the engine in the frame. Bolts to the engine case across the cam cover face, and has an adjustable cutter powered by any 1/2" drill. The cutter provides additional clearance for the front intake cam lobe in the pinion race area. 20143 Replacement cutter bit TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES JIMS Cam Removal and Installer Tool This multi-function tool will remove and replace front and rear camshafts and ball bearings. It precisely holds the camshaft to insure a smooth press in and out of the support plate. 20290 For Twin Cam 88 models from 99-06 JIMS Cam Chain Tensioner Tool Used to unload pressure on the primary and secondary chain tensioners to assemble and disassemble cams. Also checks spring loads on chain tensioners. 20293 For Twin Cam 88 models from 99-06 (except 06 Dyna) JIMS Camshaft and Crankshaft Sprocket Lock Tool Permits the technician to lock the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets to remove, replace and torque the sprocket bolts. Made from non-marring Delrin. 20294 For Twin Cam 88 models from 99-06 (except 06 Dyna) LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 19.25

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