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Tools, ramps, tie down straps, motorcycle locks, motorcycle lifts, shop dollies, battery chargers, tool kits (road side repairs), torque wrenches, specific engine tools, engine stands, bearing tools, diagnostic tools, screws

3/8” Drive 17 piece

3/8” Drive 17 piece socket kit by Gedore Another high quality tool kit by Gedore available in metric or inch. You can also choose between two ratchet styles, one with fine gearing which allows for movement of the ratchet in small steps in hard to reach spots and one with heavy duty coarse gearing that takes loads of tightening torque. 684854 Metric kit with fine geared ratchet 1/4” Drive 37 piece socket set by Gedore These kits include sockets, Torx bits and screw driver bits in common sizes. All tools are forged from Vanadium steel that is tempered and hardened. Available with inch or metric sockets. Kits come in a durable plastic box. 684852 Metric 37 piece kit 684853 Inch 37 piece kit Gedore MotorbikeTool Set This small tool set contents with 30 pieces all the necessary stuff a biker needs to feel well prepared in case of the case! 653084 Motorbike Tool Set Metric 653083 Motorbike Tool Set Inch Adjustable wrenches by Gedore One of the most useful tools ever invented, always the right size. Made according to DIN 3117 out of Chromed Vanadium Steel with polished heads. Available in two sizes. 684859 Eight inch overall length 684860 Twelve inch overall length Combination wrench set by Gedore This set of wrenches includes the most common sizes and is forged from the best quality steel that money can buy. Practical 8 piece set. 684861 Set with 3/8”-1” Sizes Gedore Combination Holder Tool A clever solution for difficult access, to fit nuts and washers in limited spaces. Usable from 3mm until 8mm nuts and washers. 653085 Combination Holder Tool Nutholder clip for wrenches by Gedore One of the most practical things we have come across in the tool world lately. This little gadget clips on to almost any wrench and holds your nuts with a built in magnet when you have to get into those tight spots. 684862 Nutholder clip Torque wrenches by Gedore Calibrated torque wrenches in three different sizes. Delivered with calibration certificate. 684863 1/4“ Drive 2-25 Nm 684864 3/8“ Drive 5-50 Nm 684865 1/2“ Drive 20-200 N Gedore Universal Pliers Multifunctional Pliers for mechanical and elec trical use. 653082 Universal Pliers 19 19.16

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 664122 APPAREL 645535 SEATS & TOURING 645536 CruzTOOLS 3/8” Drive Socket Bit Sets Quality is comparable to top professional tools, with a heat-treated chrome vanadium alloy that exceeds ANSI specifications. Topgrade hex and Torx bit socket sets include all the sizes you’ll need. Each set includes a socket rail with handle for quick organization and easy transport. Sizes are easy to read with reverse laser imprint on each socket. 645535 10-piece HEX Standard Inch Socket Set 645536 10-piece TORX Socket Set 685973 10-piece HEX Standard Metric Socket Set Molex MX-150 Terminal Removal Tool by Namz Cycle Products Molex MX-150 style removal tool. Removes both pins and receptacles. Made in the U.S.A. 664122 Sold each 664123 Delphi-Packard Terminal Removal Tool by Namz Cycle Products A great tool for when working on Delphi- Packard weather-pack terminal connectors. Made in the USA. 664123 Sold each TICKOPUR R33 Standard Cleaner Universal cleaner for carburetors, injection nozzles, injection system parts, tools, machine parts. It removes general soiling. 607710 5 L 607711 25 L Accel 300+ Perma Crimp Tool Used for crimping the ends on ignition wires. Features a precision ratcheting action for application of the perfect amount of force. Fully adjustable with 3 sets of replaceable crimping jaws for various tasks. 26919 Crimp tool FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH Flashlight Magnifier • Flashlight and magnifying glass in one • Perfect for reading spark plugs, jet sizes, and many other uses • Durable plastic head with chrome steel body 20155 Flashlight magnifier Ultrasonic cleaner ECON SONIC - ES 100 H • 240 x 140 x 100 mm (LxWxD), 3-litre content. • HF continuous peak power 2 x 160 W/Per. • Frequency 35 kHz. Timer 1 – 15 min and continuous operation. Heating 30 - 80°C • 140 W. drip-proof stainless steel housing. • Carrying handles. 607706 ECON SONIC ES 100 H 607709 Nozzle sieve for small parts Fuel Hose Pinch off Pliers Plastic 696806 DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL Terminal Pin/Receptacle Extractors Use with Molex style connectors on most models 80-13. 400376 Pin extractor 400377 Receptacle extractor TICKOPUR Tr3 Special Cleaner Acid special cleaner - with stronger cleaning power. For fuel residues, carburetors and injection nozzles, tools, machine parts. It removes mineral residues. 607712 5 L 607713 25 L Motion Pro Snap Ring Pliers • The right tool for the right job • Economical pliers that easily do both inside and outside opening snap rings or clips • Includes three extra sets of tips, one additional straight tip, and two offset or angled tips 5008186 Complete kit INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 19.17

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