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625229 625228 625226

625229 625228 625226 625227 625224 Choose Wisely! Only K&N Oil Filters Have Heavy-Duty Construction for Extreme Conditions To satisfy the demands of racers, our oil filter has many features over and above the requirements of most vehicles. We use thicker canister walls for extra strength and durability which reduces the risk of damage from loose rocks and debris. The heavy-duty construction will withstand higher oil pressures found only in racing environments without bursting. The drilled hole on the nut is for a safety wire attachment. Required for many types of racing, the safety wire prevents blown oil filters from falling on the track and representing a hazard to other race vehicles. This extra engineering offers peace of mind for mechanics, builders and riders who want only the best. • Drilled safety wire holes for racing in canister oil filters • Most have sturdy 17 mm wrench nut, where applicable, makes oil filter removal quick and easy • Heavy-duty construction • Resin-impregnated filter media provides maximum filtering surface for contaminant removal • Anti-drainback valve (where applicable) eliminates dry starts, prevents oil from draining back into crankcase during engine shutdown • Internally lubricated gasket provides positive seal while allowing easy on and off of filter • Rolled threads provide extra protection against stripping 35077 Magnetic Oil Filter 35079 29264 RevTech High-Performance Magnetic Oil Filters Each filter has a magnetic ring tower in the center of the filter to remove metal particles under 10 microns which might have traveled through the filter wall. They also have built-in, correctly-calibrated pressure relief valves and one-piece cans with fully-rolled and safety-crimped edges to protect against leakage. These high-performance RevTech oil filters have more paper folds than our Premium spin-on oil filters resulting in 30% more filtering surface and the filter paper lasts 30% longer. Great for those high-performance and stock motors. Short Filter Fits all Sportster models 80-E84, and 4-speed Big Twin models (except Softail models) with factory installed spin-on oil filters late 82-86. 35077 Chrome replaces OEM 63782-80 625227 Black replaces OEM 63782-80 Long Filters Fit all 5-speed models 81-99 (except 91-98 Dyna models), 02-17 V-Rod models, 84-19 Sportster models, and all 84-17 Softail models. 35074 Chrome fits Twin Cam and M8 Softail, 18-19 Touring models (replaces OEM 63798-99) 625226 Black twin Cam and M8 Softail, 18-19 Touring models (replaces OEM 63798-99) 35078 Chrome fits Sportster and EVO Big Twin models (replaces OEM 63796-77A) 625228 Black fits Sportster and Evo Big Twin models (replaces OEM 63796-77A) 625224 Chrome fits V-Rod models (replaces OEM 63793-01) 625225 Black fits V-Rod models (replaces OEM 63793-01) Extra-Long Filter Fits all 91-98 Dyna models, 84-17 Sportster models, and all 92-99 Evolution Big Twin models 92-99 (except Twin Cam models). 18 35079 Chrome replaces OEM 63813-90 625229 Black replaces OEM 63813-90 29261 270126 29262 629265 ‘Performance Gold’ Oil Filters by K&N These oil filters were designed for high-performance engines and synthetic oils. They feature a 17mm wrench nut for easy service in which the nut is drilled for safety wire security. Other features include thickwall construction, strong inner cores, heavy base plates with double rolled seals and improved pressure relief valves. The check valve prevents oil drainback and dry starts. The modern synthetic-blend filter media catches more dirt, while still permitting more flow with less pressure drop, and is unaffected by racing fuels. Sold each. Short Filter Fits all Sportster models from 80-early 84, and 4-speed Big Twin models (except Softail models) with factory Installed spin-on oil filters from late 82-86. 29261 For Sportster 80-84, 4 speed Big Twins 82-86 (except Softail) (repl. OEM #63782-80) 629273 for Buell XB9/XB12 models black (OEM 63806-004) Long Filter Fits all 5-speed models (except Dyna Glide models) from 80-Up, late 84-19 Sportster and Buell models, and all Softail models from 84-17, as well as most Harley-Davidson accessory oil filter kits. 29262 Chrome with Anti Drain Back Valve, TC Big Twin 99-17 & M8 18-19. KN-171C 629265 Chrome without Anti Drain Back Valve, EVO & XL (repl. OEM 63796-77A). KN-170C 29276 K&N Black without Anti Drain Back Valve (replaces OEM 63805- 80). KN-170 270126 Black with Anti Drain Back Valve, TC Big Twin 99-17 & M8 18-19. KN-171B 29266 K&N Fits all V-Rods (repl. OEM# 6379301K). KN-174C Extra-Long Filter Fits all Dyna Glide models from 91-98, Sportster models from late 84-03, and all Big Twin models from 92-99 (except Twin Cam 88 models). 29264 Chrome (replaces OEM 63813-90). KN-173C 18.14 Chemicals, such as Oils and Lubricants may be subject to legal restrictions in your country related to labeling. Please check availability of those products through our Dealer Store or contact your Sales Representative.

LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS APPAREL S&S Oil Filters S&S oil filters are constructed in a sturdy steel canister which houses the finest filtering media and internal components available. The canister is slightly smaller in diameter than stock filters to make them easier to remove and install. S&S filters are available in black or chrome finish. Nearly all oil filters are equipped with a bypass valve to keep oil flowing even when it can’t go through the filter media quickly enough, on cold starts for example. S&S filters are designed with a direct bypass valve that routes bypass oil directly to the filter exit. Direct bypass minimizes the amount of contaminants carried to the engine in the unfiltered bypass oil since the oil is not allowed to pick up contaminants by flowing over the "dirty" side of the filter media, as it is in some competitive filters. Model Years 84-99 Evo, 86-19 XL 614583 Black 614584 Chrome Model Years 99-17 TC & M8 18-19 Softail, 18-19 Touring 614585 Black 614586 Chrome SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE 913388 913389 913390 913391 913392 913393 GASKETS Oil Filter​ • Galvanised metal or otherwise treated to protect against corrosion • Pleated filter paper, hardened and mechanically joined • Metal end plates at filter element valve with bypass valve PART# FITMENT COLOR FINISH OEM# 913388 91-98 Touring, 84-99 Softail, 84-99 Sportster Chrome 63796-77A 913389 91-98 Touring, 84-99 Softail, 84-99 Sportster Black 63805-80A 913390 82-84 FL Shovel, 82-84 FX Shovel, 85-86 FX EVO, 80-84 Sportster,86 Touring, 84-86 Softail except Softail, early XL 1984 models only, 82-86 Big Twin (except Softail) Chrome 63782-80 913391 99-17 Softail, 99-17 Touring, 99-17 Dyna Chrome 63798-99A 913392 00-19 Softail, 99-19 Touring, 99-17 Dyna Black 63731-99A 913393 02-17 V-Rod Chrome 63793-01K TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL Oil Filter Wrench Fits all Harley-Davidson spin-on filters. 3/8" socket drive. 400503 Oil Filter Wrench INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 18.15

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