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SHEETMETAL CUSTOM CUSTOM APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 632502 Steel “Twin Ribbed” Fender Putting twin ribs on their 4 3/4” fender, the boys at West Eagle have outdone themselves and just raised the bar for old school cool! Handmade in Japan, this fender is fabbed of 19 gauge steel, features rolled edges and end tip, retro-styled twin center ribs, and suggested for use with 16” or 18” Vintage Repro Tires. Shipped raw steel. 632770 Steel 4 3/4” Radius “Twin Ribbed” Fender. For 16” or 18” Vintage Repro Tires Roller FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS Arc Length LIGHTING 632504 ELECTRICAL EXHAUST 16 Polished “Ribbed” Aluminum Fenders These universal fit aluminum fenders feature a retro-styled raised center rib and are highly polished so you can mount them just as they are. Available in 3 sizes for use in both front & rear applications so you can choose the one just right for your bike. Fenders have a slight “ducktail” flip with rolled edges on one end for a very finished look. Fenders come un-drilled so you can position/mount them just where you want. A unique retro-style fender that looks out of sight on old school builds. Great on chopped Triumphs & BSA’s! Made in Japan by our buddies at West Eagle. 632502 Ribbed Polished Alum. Fender 5 3/4” wide for 16” tires. 15” Radius 632504 Ribbed Polished Alum. Fender 4 3/4” wide for 18” tires. 12” Radius 13377 Custom Rear Fenders for Santee Rigid Frames Plain steel straps support the rear fender on your wide-tired Santee-framed chopper. 180-Series Rigid Frames 13377 8 1/2"-wide rear fender with plain steel strap supports 16955 8 1/2"-wide without support 200-Series Rigid Frames 16956 9"-wide without support 700 mm 560 mm 1100 mm TXT Rear Fenders, Raw Thick rear fenders in raw steel to create your tail section of the bike. Available in different width and Arc Length. The Fenders are pre-heated and come with a solid wall thickness of 2,2 mm -3 mm for easy welding. The cut out fender pieces are from a 740 mm diameter unit. Arc Length 560, shaped The 560 shaped versions include a rear weld in reinforcement metal sheet (see 560 image). 890645 Width: 200 mm 890643 Width: 230 mm 890644 Width: 270 mm Arc Length 700 890639 Width: 200 mm 890637 Width: 230 mm 890638 Width: 270 mm Arc Length 1100 890642 Width: 200 mm 890640 Width: 230 mm 890641 Width: 270 mm Wide Fenders for Rigid Frames Custom flat fenders made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel in wide widths. 95073 7 1/2"-wide 95074 8 1/2"-wide 95075 9"-wide Custom Rear Fenders Wide to super-wide steel rear fenders are designed for custom applications. Be sure to check installation and fit before painting. ‘Steeler’ 13785 7 1/4"-wide 13786 8 1/2"-wide 13787 9"-wide ‘Tombstone’ 13788 7 1/4"-wide 13789 8 1/2"-wide 13790 9"-wide ‘Roller’ 13791 7 1/4"-wide 13792 8 1/2"-wide 13793 9"-wide Tombstone Steeler Stingray Fenders by Lowbrow The raised center rib, flared duckbill classic style at its best. • Available in 4-3/4” and 6” widths, in your choice of raw steel or aluminum. • Radius fits 18” tires as well as vintage-style 16” tires. Steel version 655846 4-3/4” 655844 6” 895112 7” Manta Ray Smooth Steel Fender • High quality fender with a flared duckbill and subtle stamped branding • Radius fits 18“ tires as well as vintage-style 16“ tires Steel version 895115 4-3/4” 895114 6” 895113 7” Steel “Ribbed” Fenders By popular demand....... steel versions of our polished aluminum Ribbed fenders are now available! Handmade by the crew at West Eagle in Japan, these fenders are made of 19 gauge steel, feature rolled edges and end tip, a retro-styled center rib, and available in a 5-3/4” width or a new, wider 7” width version. Universal fitment allows you all kinds of possibilities.........super cool on retro rides! Shipped raw steel. 632769 Steel 5 3/4” Radius Ribbed Fender. For 16” or 18” Vintage Repro Tires 632771 Steel 7” Radius Ribbed Fender. For 19” Vintage Repro Tires ‘Desperado’ Rear Fender You may have noticed it’s simplicity yet distinctive design. This rear fender is truly one of a kind. • Measures 9"-wide with 400mm-radius • Especially made for 16" and 18" wheels • For up to 200 series tires • Made of raw, heavy 18-gauge steel 699900 Desperado fender INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 16.42 for more details check 16.43

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