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Forks and shocks, lowering kits front and rear, fork braces, fork covers, billet fork lower ends, fork tubes, triple trees

Custom Chrome Shock

Custom Chrome Shock Absorbers Springs, adjustment cam covers and eyebolts and shock covers are chrome-plated. Longwearing, hard-chromed piston shafts. Spring preload is adjustable using standard shock tools. Cams are heat-treated and lock into place with a double-lock retaining collar. Sold in pair. Fit all 4-Speed Big Twin Models from 73-86 (except FX Softail Models) 28100 12.0" eye-to-eye without covers 28101 12.0" eye-to-eye with covers 28145 11.0" eye-to-eye without covers 28146 11.0" eye-to-eye with covers Note: When installing shorter-than-stock shocks , it is imperative that the fender-to-tire clearance is checked. Fit all 4-Speed Big Twin Models from 58-72 28089 13.5" eye-to-eye without covers 28099 13.5" eye-to-eye with covers For 57-74 Sportster Models 28087 14.5" eye-to-eye without covers ‘American Tuned’ Covered Gas Shocks with TÜV by Progressive Suspension Progressive’s popular Model 412 with fulllength covers, double-wall construction and 6-stage damping. Special cam adjusters permit easy preload adjustment, heat treated hardchrome rods, long-life seals and fade-resistant oil. Upper and lower bushings are included. Sold in pairs. Note: When installing shorter-than-stock shocks, it is imperative that the fender-to-tire clearance is checked. Fit 4-Speed Big Twins from 58-86 13.5"-long shocks fit 4-speed Big Twins from 58-72, and 12"-long shocks fit 4-speed Big Twin models with rear disc brake from 73-86. 28422 13.5" eye-to-eye 28421 12.0" eye-to-eye 28578 11.0" eye-to-eye Fit Dyna Glide Models from 91-17 Chrome 28457 11.0" eye-to-eye (standard-duty) 29897 11.0" eye-to-eye (heavy-duty) 28458 12.0" eye-to-eye (standard-duty) 29899 12.0" eye-to-eye (heavy-duty) 422 Heavy-Duty Adjustable Ride Height Shocks for Softail Models by Progressive Suspension Riding 2-up with stuffed saddlebags can quickly overwhelm your Softails suspension. Progressive has solved this problem by adding a higher rate spring to this already fully adjustable shock, providing better load and bottoming control. Combine that with variable ride height and tunable spring preload to setup your bike to fit your riding style. The 422 series shocks are based on a monotube damper system using and internal nitrogen charge, they are designed to eliminate oil cavitation and help create a consistent ride. Available in chrome finish only. Sold in pairs. 690184 Fits all Softail 89-99 690185 Fits all Softail 00-17 Chrome HD Adjustable Ride Height Shocks for Softail Models by Progressive Suspension High performance shocks to replace the Original Equipment units on Softail models from 89-12. They feature adjustable mounts that permit the bike to be lowered up to two full inches from stock ride height. Improved compression and rebound damping give you greater control with less bottoming out and the spring preload is adjustable. Available in chrome finish only. Sold in pairs. 680004 Fits all Softail 89-99 680005 Fits all Softail 00-17 15 Reinforced Progressive Spring Kit for Softail Models by Eibach German precision-crafted replacement progressive springs from Eibach, one of the leading spring manufacturers in Europe and the USA. Available in three stages for demanding riders. Simple installation, just replace the OEM part with them. The heavy-duty version with 1250-1400 lbs/inch rate provides an excellent ride for lowered bikes. The typical bottoming out when you ride with two persons or heavy luggage is history. Sold in pairs. 687087 Standard rate (950-1100 lbs/inch) 687088 Heavy rate (1100-1250 lbs/inch) 687089 Heavy-duty rate (1250-1400 lbs/inch) 15.62

FORKS & SHOCKS APPAREL SEATS & TOURING 911513 FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS Rear Lowering Kit • Stepless lowering up to 40mm (80mm for show purposes) • Comes with bearing • Adjustable when installed on the motorcycle - only Twin Cam • Twin-Cam suspension can also be set up to 30mm higher PART# FITMENT CERTIFICATION 911513 18-19 FXBR, FLDE, FLFB, FLHC, FXBRS, FLSB Assembly Requires Use Of Shock Compressing Tool. TÜV/TGA 911514 18-19 FXBB, FXLR, FLSL Assembly Requires Use Of Shock Compressing Tool. TÜV 911514 LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS ’Müller’ Lowering Kits with TÜV for Softail Models With these German-made kits you can lower your bike approximately 1" (25 mm) from stock. 84808 Fits all Softail models from 89-99 (Bushings included) 687086 Fits all Softail models from 00-17 Adjustable Lowering Kit for Twin Cam 88 Softail Models by Wild 1 Adjustable for ride height through a range of nearly 2-inches, this trick part from Wild 1 gets your bike lower! 19206 Fits all Softail models from 00-17 TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES Ness-Tech Lowering Kits for Softail Models Lowers the rear of Softail models up to two inches. Includes replacement shock studs, hardware and blue Loctite. 05992 Fits all Softail models from 00-17 FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL ‘Wild 1’ Adjustable Lowering Kit for Softail Models Adjustable spherical rod ends permit simple ride height control. 19279 Fits all Softail models from 89-99 White Bros. ‘Adjust-A-Ride’ Kits for Softail Models Fully adjustable versions of the popular ‘Lowboy’ lowering kits which don’t require any cutting, grinding, or irreversible modifications and can be installed in an hour. Permits the ride height to be adjusted up to 2" lower or raised from the stock height by 1/2" in minutes with a 3/4" wrench. They feature sealed heim joint bearings that require very little maintenance. Fits all Softail Models from 00-17 07895 Plain INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 15.63

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