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Forks and shocks, lowering kits front and rear, fork braces, fork covers, billet fork lower ends, fork tubes, triple trees

65274 65275 Fork Tube

65274 65275 Fork Tube and Slider Assemblies for Big Twins Value-priced alternatives to the single disc leg assemblies listed, complete with polished or chrome-plated lower sliders. Includes hardchromed fork tubes, sliders, springs, caps, and A all internal components, completely assembled and ready-to-install. Sold in sets. Fit all FL Softail Models from 86-99 (except FLSTS) 09238 Chrome, stock length 09236 Polished, stock length Fit FX Softail, Dyna Wide Glide and 4-Speed FXWG Models from 84-99 09239 Chrome, stock length 09139 Chrome, +2" over stock length 09237 Polished, stock length 09260 Polished, -2" under stock length 09264 Polished, 4" over stock length Fork Tube and Slider Assembly for Drum Brake Front Ends Assembly replaces the stock length FL 49-67 fork tube assembly with left side drum brake. Each assembly comes complete with hard chrome fork tubes, springs, and all internal components. Drum Brake Fork Tube and Slider Assemblies ONLY 160615 Polished lower legs 160715 Chrome lower legs A C E Chrome Billet 41 mm Fork Boot Caps by Pro- One Cover the plain rubber dust boots with great-looking custom billet pieces. Smooth or ball milled. Fit FXWG, Dyna Wide Glide and FX Softail front forks (except Deuce models) from 84-11. Sold in pairs. 65274 Ball milled 65275 Smooth F Custom Chrome Fork Sliders for Late Model Motorcycles Unlike our competitors products, our polished legs are buffed to a mirror-like finish. The chrome legs feature high-qualityAmerican chrome-plating for a durable show bike finish. The fork legs for FX Softail models duplicate the style fitted to bikes since 91 with thru-bolts to mount the fenders. Kits include sliders, seals, bushings, and hardware. Sold in sets. 15Fit Single Disc FL Softail Models from 86-99 09620 Chrome fork sliders for single disc FL Softail models from 86-99 (sold in pairs) Individual Polished Fork Sliders Replacement fork legs for 49-E77 FL models, made of polished aluminum and clear lacquer coated. Upper and lower bushings are installed and reamed to fit. Fork seals have been updated to the late-style double-lipped seal and the leak-prone drain plugs have been totally eliminated. These fork legs are reproductions of the Original Equipment parts and require the use of 49-E77 fork dampers. 09600 Left drum brake fork leg for 49-68 FL models (repl. OEM 45805-50) 09601 Fork leg with pinch cap for 49-E68 FL models (repl. OEM 45800-50A) 09628 Axle pinch cap (zinc-plated) for FL models from 49-84 (replaces OEM 45836-48) sold each Polished and Chrome Fork Leg Sets Polished and chrome fork leg sets for most Wide Glide forks from 49-99. These sets include all bushings and seals, and have the late-style double-lip fork seals. The polished legs for FL models have had the drain plugs eliminated. Fit FX Softail, Dyna Wide Glide and 4-Speed FXWGs from 84-99 09298 Fork sliders, polished for single disc 84-99 FXST, FXSTC, FXDWG, FXWG 09621 Fork sliders chrome for single disc 84-99 FXST, FXSTC, FXDWG, FXWG Application Chart Individual Sliders Illus. Polished Chrome Application A) 09601 n/a 1949-early 1968 FL models C) 09600 n/a 1949 - 1968 FL models G) 09628 n/a 1949-early 1977 pinch cap Fork Slider Sets Illus. Polished Chrome Application E + F 09298 09621 1984 - 1999 FXWG, FXST, FXSTC, Dyna Wide Glide single disc 15.34

FORKS & SHOCKS 651852 APPAREL 160063 SEATS & TOURING Fork Boot Covers These covers fit easily over the rubber dust boot without disassembling the front end. Each 2-piece cover is held together with 2 interlocking springs. Available in either a chrome-plated or gloss black finish. Fits all 84-15 FXST, 91-05 FXDWG, 80-86 FXWG. 651852 Black, fork boot covers 160067 Replacement springs for CC #160063 (pack of 10) 160057 651851 . t- Rubber Fork Boots by Cult Werk Black fork boots for Sportster models with 49 mm forks 16-19 893779 Fork boots FOOT CONTROLS HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL Chrome Fork Boot Caps Fit over the stock boots. Sold in pairs. Fit Sportster, FX and FXR models with 35 mm Showa forks from 75-87 28073 Replaces OEM 45350-84T Fork Boots with Dust Shields Here’s just what is needed to perk up a tired set of forks. Supple rubber fork boots with chrome-plated or gloss black dust shields help make your forks look like new. 160057 Chrome, fits, 91-05 Dyna 88-05, FXR, Sportster 88-15 models with 39 mm forks 651851 Black, fits 91-05 Dyna 87-94 FXR, Sportster 88-19 models with 39 mm forks EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS Fork Dust Caps • CNC machined billet aluminum • Replaces caps on OEM forks • Design matched to existing product lines • Not compatible with fork boots Fork Cap, Misano 895930 39 mm, Contrast Cut, XL 00-19 (except XL883N, XL1200N, XR1200, XL1200X 16-19) 895931 41 mm, Contrast Cut, FXS 11-13, FXST 07-15 895932 49 mm, Contrast Cut, Dyna 06-17 (except FLD) 895933 49 mm, Black Ops, Dyna 06-17 (except FLD) Fork Cap, Tracker 895934 39 mm, Contrast Cut, XL 00-19 (except XL883N, XL1200N, XR1200, XL1200X 16-19) 895935 41 mm, Contrast Cut, FXS 11-13, FXST 07-15 895936 49 mm, Contrast Cut, Dyna 06-17 (except FLD) 895937 49 mm, Black Ops, Dyna 06-17 (except FLD) Fit 4-speed FL models with 41 mm forks from 49-E77 28080 Sold in pairs Fits FXWG models from 80-86 and Softail models from 84-15 except FL Softail and Springer Softail models 160059 Sold in pairs Fork Boots These are replacement items for the stock fork boots. Sold in pairs. 25454 Fork boots for FX and Sportster models from 77-15 (replaces OEM 46001-71) sold in pairs 12920 Fork boots for 4-speed FL models from 49-E77 (sold in pairs) 12921 Fork boots for Softail 84-15, FXDWG 91-05 and 4-speed FXWG models from 80-86 (except Heritage Softail & Fat Boy models) sold in pairs 26104 Fork boots for 35 mm Showa forks from 75-87 (replaces OEM 45404- 75T) sold in pairs Eazy-On Fork Boot Covers Nothing looks cleaner on an old school ride than a set of rubber fork boots. But, until now, you had to disassemble your front end to put them on... not something you really look forward to doing. Well, the people at Kijima have listened, and added an Eazy-on solution to their popular 39mm & 41mm rubber fork boots. Split down the back they can be easily slid over the forks, aligned, then attached together with the interlocking system/glue provided. Now, a super Retro look, in far less time! Sold in Pairs. 682761 EZ-On Black Fork Boot Covers, 39mm. Pair 632806 EZ-On Black Fork Boot Covers, 41mm. Pair Jammer Rubber “Gator" Fork Boots Old school “gator” fork boots in 39mm, 41mm and now, 35mm & 49mm as well! Available in basic Black, or kick-ass Red… that look so sweet with our Red grips! The 41mm boots measure 9" extended, approx. 4-1/2" collapsed, 1-58" upper I.D. (41mm) and 2-9/16" lower I.D. (65mm). The 39mm fork boots measure 7" extended, approx. 3-1/2" collapsed, 1-1/2" upper I.D. (39mm) and 2-9/16" lower I.D. (65mm). The new 35mm fork boots measure 182mm X 35mm X 60mm and fit early XL’s and many others. The new 49mm- Short versions fit FXD Dyna Glides thru ’06. The new 49mm-Long versions fit FXDWG Dyna Wide Glides thru ‘06. A way cool look for that retro inspired scoot! Note: Must remove fork tubes to install. Sold in Pairs. 150125 Black Fork Boots-41mm 632043 Black Fork Boots-39mm 632044 Red Fork Boots-41mm 632045 Red Fork Boots-39 mm 632804 Black Fork Boots-35mm 632800 Black Fork Boots-49 mm Short. Fit FXD Dyna 632802 Black Fork Boots-49 mm Long, FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT for more details check 15.35

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